May 28, 2010

One Rule

When trying to decide if you should risk watching the live webcast of the masters just think WWCWD.

*what would courage wolf do

***update*** ok so the .gif does not work. so check it out here.

Masters on the webz

We here at the CRB were discussing what the best thing to do at work on a Friday in late May is.

ODBF: so guys, its friday and we are all at our respective places of employment. What should we be doing today?

CRB Minion: Sell crack?

ODBF: ummmm, ok how about we limit this to the CRB employees that are not hard core drug users...

Life Jacket: SURF BRA!!!!!11!!eleven!!!

ODBF: well said...but thats not what I'm thinking

Dig Dug: /digs

Dig Dug: /dugs

Rowboat abides: send a telegram to the new client about the widgets. /falls back asleep in rocking chair

ODBF: man you guys are worthless

Paul in sales: /hookers

ODBF: Paul your fired

ODBF: Are you guys all stupid? WATCH THE MASTERS WEBCAST!!

May 24, 2010

Vid Day Monday - Hella Wootable Vid

If I have not posted this vid before then I do not deserved the big bucks I have been pulling. Adam Sedlmajer has posted quite a few youtube vids and this one is one of the best. It starts with a great view of a...wait...HOLD ON ONE DAMN MINUTE!!! Where are the big bucks I'm supposed to be making????!!!11!!!!!eleven!!!????

Vid Day Monday

So there are a fair number of barefoot vids out there right now. Most are bull shit cheater vids with the boom set 10 feet high so it looks like the footer is doing cool stuff when in fact any average footer with basic boom skills could do most of it. So I will not post any of that sally sissy weak stuff. Instead we here at the CRB like to keep things INTENSE...or so I've been told.

First Up today we have some sold old school footing.

Toe ups in an old Casad suit were not easy. Let me* tell you!
*not me as I would break my leg then cry like a baby for 6 weeks

Now this next vid keeps the boom at a legit height and does not try to pull any of that fake crap. Not only does this vid have Keith St. Onge who makes his turns look so easy he could be on a pair of tricks, but it has two girls back footing in bikinis at the same time. So you may not hear from me for awhile as I may just watch and rewatch this whole* video for the rest of the day.
*only the parts with girls

May 22, 2010

CRB Brings the Sexy - CPR

I am here to tell you that sometimes
It seems that some people have not been trained properly.

So I have included this very helpful instructional video

Super Sexy CPR from Super Sexy CPR on Vimeo.

Wait...Is that what nurses wear now these days?

/breaks own leg

May 20, 2010

"Is that a Wakeboard?"

Two things to take from this vid.

First off 94% of the worlds news reporters make me want to club baby seals.

2) Ericka Lang will stomp flips all over you.

and D:
/flips while flipping
/flip flip flip flip
/flip with a reverse flip
/flip while kicking camara guy "JOHN MOVE IT BACK" in the flip

If I skied with this girl everyday I would quit and take up curling or some other sport that fat guys who like beer can do. I would just be so disheartened with my complete lack of skills that I would just give up.

/suicides self

oh..hello there


May 19, 2010

Lake Trout Carry Out

Lake Trout Carry Out is what we are currently calling the random link heap/dump/thing/whatever.

Its been awhile but I guess we can throw another link dump at you cats. And many of you may be saying "but why not write full posts about every one of these oh so interesting articles?" Well we say "Because we do this for free and don't really care about you lowly people. Now if you want to send us dolla dolla bills y'all* then we would be more inclined to do what you want.

All donations can be sent to

CO/ The Interwebz
Al Gore's basement
some address on some street
somewhere in the USA

The Collegiate Wakeboard Nationals were held recently in some place much warmer then here. This probably deserves its own post but then I would have to delve into the whole mess that is the USAWB vs Empire Wake mess. And well that whole thing is just a mess.

Right back to the wakeboard nationals that it appears Chico State won. I would have known that if I had read the whole article from Alliance but reading alliance makes me think of reef girls. And well that leads to me watching the first CRB Brings the Sexy video about 14 times........WAIT ITS GONE??? SCREW YOU VIMEO!!!

Hi! My name is Amy Winehouse. I'm crazy and love cocaine, and I'm from Blakepool England.

Fun Sporting mag tells us that Blackpool in the north of England has a new wake park. Man these things are popping up all over the place. Nothing by me yet but thats cuz noone likes Al Gore so they wont put one here.

New contraption allows wakeboarding in swimming pools. Yea what he said. Crazy new contraptions "GET OFF MY LAWN"

New wake park in Ohio. What is this this wakeboard day on the CRB? Cuz if it is I'm going to need to bust out the knee braces and go kill some wicked sweet Fashion Airs.

go to 1:20 point in the vid. peeps = stupid

I love* to bass fish as much as the next guy and I'm guessing its bass fishermen and other assorted jack asses that don't have a clue how to drive on the lake that leads to stories like this.
*love = hate it with a passion

/reads random stuffs...
ODBF: oh a new guy over at JJ marine...wherever the hell that is...
//reads more random stuffs...
ODBF: oh and Seminol brand has a new manager of the Sailfish division...stupid sail boats
///reads more random stuffs...
ODBF: oh USAWS hired a new exec director...wait...HOLD ON ONE DAMN MOMENT!! I don't remember the CRB being consulted on this one. Who was in charge of this? Not us and that is a damn shame and a complete travshamocory!! yea I said it!!
/calms down
ODBF: ok, it was probably a very good idea not to seek our council as I would have suggested they hire whichever hot chick I was currently googling. oh and good luck to our new exec. Heres to hoping he can do some of that great growth and exposure that speed skating has seen in the past few years.

Figure 8 barefoot tournaments are a good time all around. Great parties, fun skiing and good people. And I hate them with a passion.../misses step off

Now here is some good news. A fund raising auction to help out one of our fellow skiers, Kyle Eade, who suffered a ugly back injury while training for Moomba. So go here and buy lots of stuff. Help a brotha out!!

May 18, 2010


This guy scares the hell out of me. I don't think I will travel thru Alabama ever again for fear that I might be an illigal and he will drag me behind the bar and shoot me. Or feed me to the pigs or some not awesome ending like that.

ODBF: /pleading "but I am a citizen!! I swear!!"

Dale: /intense "You sound like some sort of Yankee ghay, and dont you swear around me boy"

Dale: /spits tobacco

ODBF: /whimpers "want to go noodling?"

Dale: "Well hell son why dident you say something earlier"


ODBF: "ok........"

Dale: /catches 7 catfish at once "want one you pussy Yankee ghay? WELL YOU CANT HAVE ONE, THESE ARE ALABAMAS CATFISH. ROLL TIDE ROLL"

ODBF: "can I go now?"


ODBF: "You sure about that? What about the president or even the governor?"


ODBF: /moves to Alabama //votes for Dale Peterson


Its always cool to see skiing get some play in broader markets. And apperantly country music is a pretty big market.

I like water...

I stole this vid straight from Tales from the foot. They beat me to the punch. Some pretty good vids over on that site.

I had to post this to get that local news hating post down. "so she likes the penis more now" /bitch slap

May 17, 2010

Vid Day Monday - Off Topic

Some people need to die slow and agonizing deaths in fires. In that group I would put rapists, NAZIs, morning drive time DJs (seriously STFU and play music), mimes and local news anchors.

Why local news anchors you ask...well, because I really dont want to have to watch some jack ass named Stormy Wetdry take 10 minutes making bad jokes and showing me nothing that my phone could not tell me in 15 seconds. Or Mike Shatter telling me about the great new bullshit that someone is doing in town and saying it with a smile while the story is smashed between 3 stories about murders and fires.

I could probably go for about 30,000 words about my unending hatred for all things local news...but I'll spare you my unrequited hatred for them and instead show you some vids of news anchors that just need to go do a job they would be good sleeping on railroad tracks.

Yes...she got the "G-shot" because she likes the penis. Seriously dude? I mean could a story about that make you think anything but I need to keep my mouth shut?

...errrr...Can I pass? Is that an option?

Only people I hate more are morning drive time DJs. And if you dont understand my hatred for them then I hate you to.

Oh I cant lie, I love you.

Vid Day Monday - Christmas Time?

What better way is there to start off May 17th then with Santa getting his sky ski on? And don't say with some morning loving, because I did not get any so no one else is allowed to either.

And to top it off with a bit of the Run DMC Christmas story

May 16, 2010

CRB Hottie Contest: Julie Benz

I am back beyotchs! I was busy over in Somalia catching boats and shit until some Russians got pissed that we stole there oil tanker. So they captured us and released us in a dingy without any navigation equipment, dick move guys. Well they thought everyone died, you can't kill the Minion I am like a Phoenix rising from the ashes, I will not die! Before they threw me over in the dingy I jacked some Russian dudes lap top, after looking at his very extensive Russian porn collection, let me tell you Russians are creepy mofos I connected to a Starbucks WI-FI. Yes there are Starbucks everywhere even in the middle of the ocean.

After I realized Starbucks now has frap happy hour and I scored a sweet chi tea frap with extra whip for half off, I began dwelling over the CRB. I have come to realize that like 90% of the good stuff on this site involves hot chicks and sometimes skiing. So I the genius minion have come up with an idea, a contest, open to the CRB staff and readers. It is called: CRB Hottie of the Week. Readers can submit it to the CRB POS. Rules: you get three pictures, one video and a short bio to make your case. Also can not use a hottie that has been presented before. Voting is done by readers, readers pick which is there favorite in the comments at the end of the week. Winner gets a 6 pack of Hamm's!

So I introduce my first hottie: Julie Benz. She played the wife of a good serial killer on Dexter, is in some stupid show called Desperate Housewives (sounds like a porno to me), was in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Rambo IV. She is the hot ass detective in Boondock Saints II and will be the hottie in Rambo V. She played a pretty frumpy woman in Dexter but is actually ubber hot. The fact that she can kick your ass in most of these movies is awesome too. She is a wopping 5'4" tall, is 38 years old and enjoys long walks on the beach with me. She also competed in the 1988 ice skating championships.

BRING IT no one can top my Julie.

May 15, 2010

CRB Brings the Sexy

We here at the CRB have a deep hatred for PWC. Well most of the time, they are the cats pajamas when we are driving them. And when we are on one then all you damn waterskiers better get out of our way!! YOU THINK YOU OWN THIS LAKE OR SOMETHING!!

/gets wicked 2 inches of air off slalom wake

Oh and we also like them when Kristen Berset is on one.


Ok these guys know how to advertise...


May 14, 2010

Busy Busy

The CRB crew has been a bit to busy to post. But we will be back on fire starting tomorrow morning when we bring you all that is sexy.

And we would have more to write about if you lazy bums would just hit up the contact CRB POS emailz!

May 12, 2010

Dem Girls Can Yump

So I completly stole this from the La Night Jam website but its cool so whatevs. And also it shows why the woman with the coolest name in all of waterskiing will not be competing at the LA Night Jam.

Oh and it shows June rubbing it everyones face that she scored herself a royal. Oh sure, like your so special. I had a royal once...a royal pain in my ass...

/silence I will just show my self out then

Liquid Mountaineering?

If you dont belive you can walk on the water its not going to happen...


Thats what the guy who taught me how to barefoot told me to. He was dumb, cuz I totally think I can walk on water buy I suck something awful at footing.

yea...nice viral marketing campaign. Well it already has a million and a half views, so yea, they win. They only have about 15 times as many hits in a few days as the CRB has in its life time. So what does that mean? It means you jack asses are not checking in often enough. What do you think we do this for free? do...and your right.

WAY WAY Off Topic and Pointless

The caption says "Cute...but Amanda Seyfried" HAHA Burn!!!

Dr. Muff. No really thats her name.
Thats all Ive got.
Good day sir.

May 11, 2010

Don't Go In There for 35-45 Minutes...

So the boys over at Alliance Wake have posted a vid of a guy throwing what appears to be a toe side whirlybird 720. Which as we all know wakeboarding can not use names that even remotly describe the trick, so instead they have named it a Big Perm. As a Big Worm is a toe side whirly 5 this would be the big perm.

This would be a big worm. and freaking gross.

This would be big perm. and one scary mo focca

While this would be neither of the above, because those are both the stupidest names in the history of sport. Attempt to put some sort of description of what is being done into the name of the trick. Every sport is allowd a few eccentricities but good gravy* guys give us a break.

*MB thinks we are too loose with our foul language, so that one is for you Marcus.

Its like I need a damn interpreter to talk to wakeboarders. ex "I threw a sweet stalefish into that twitty bird bra" When I hear shit like that I want to stab you in the eye with my foot. (how does that work? hell if I know) Instead he could have said "I threw a air mobius with no handle pass and tweaked it out with a cool grab by my back foot". (mobius is an acceptable term as its a sweet trick and been around since the begining).

Ok really my sentance structure and terms suck, so my argument appears somewhat invalid, but then I looked up a wake board terms website and wanted to light my head on fire.

Alliance guys,

We still love you, you have the best site in all of watersports. Well except that one that the minon found that one time. yea that one was cool...

love you always,


May 10, 2010

Vid Day Monday YOUR NUTS

We here at the CRB love all types of waterskiing...but we took a vote and have decided that speed skiing is not skiing so much as pure insanity.

See! Thats crazyness, one of those falls and i would spend the rest of my days chilling in my bass boat* eating sardines and enjoying fine tobacco products.
*local bar

WTF LADY?? Your going to do it again? This is our point, this is not skiing, its boat racing with some suicidal person straped to the back.

Vid Day Monday

We here at the CRB have much love for the old school skiers. And here is one of the best ever.



Wake up everyone!! Its freaking monday! Lets KILL!

May 8, 2010

CRB Brings The Sexy - Mothers Day Edition

This is normally the odbf's dumb little pet project post. Because odbf is a lonely lonely person and spends all day looking at pictures of hot girls/guys/hermaphradites on the tubes.

Well, turns out the early mother days celebration held at CRB HQ may have been to much for odbf so here I am to help out.

To celebrate mothers day in CRB style, here are a couple notorious moms.

First of all, we have mega-hot Kate Beckensdale.

Kate Beckinsale shot for Esquire HD from Greg Williams on Vimeo.

Second we have a more infamous version, Ms. Spears, celebrated in song.

Happy mothers day everyone. To celebrate, go to your nearest Malibu boat dealer and buy the first boat you see without a trailer. Why? Because fuck trailers. Thats why.

May 7, 2010

Transferable Skills

We have all seen major pro athletes when they retire, they don't really have any discernible skill set that applies in the real world, other then maybe a job that they get because of who they are, or having their name attached to a business while other people run it.

Many of these people have spent their whole lives focusing on JUST basketball or just football or something and don't have a built up skill-set to navigate the business world successfully.

Now, you rarely feel sorry for these people, as they have banked a ton of money and can live comfortable for the rest of their days, just being rich and famous and cool.  Think of someone like, Hulk Hogan, he has effortlessly moved into the world of reality entertainment with a stable family life, good kids and with total integrity.

Haha, just kidding.

We put our CRB investigative team on a mission recently to find some of the skiers that are at the top of their game, but, may be contemplating taking a break from the fast paced, jet setter, champagne and cheese-its lifestyle that pro-skiers have become accustomed to.

We read somewhere awhile back that Jaret Llewellyn was either contemplating retirement or maybe it was just something briefly covered in an article, either way, it behooves him to at least think of a life after wrecking jumps for money...and that was all our team really needed to investigate.

So, what does the future have in-store for one of the best jump stompers in memory??  Well, as luck would have it, his skill set from skiing will make his transition into the private sector smooth. 

In fact, it appears he is already hard at work with his new endeavor, Llewellyn Demolition!

Seen here in this picture with one of his employees, Bruce, at a worksite north of Toronto.  His employees universally praise him as a hands on type boss, getting dirty with his employees and really having a nose for the job.  He isn't all fancy pants in an office drinking coffee and looking at internet porn all day like the rest of us.

In fact, he has taken his jump ability and really gotten into the demolition of a building in Omaha, Nebraska.

Yep, that is Jaret, attaching himself to the wrecking ball crane and destroying the building on his own!  Always wear your helmets children, you never know when a piece of steel beam or concrete may be in your way when you are self-demolishing a building!

One of the things that we have also unearthed is that Llewellyn Demo does more then just knock down buildings, they can do more precise demo, as evidence here from a de-construction of a bridge just outside of Charlston, SC.

We all hope that Jaret skis at the elite level he has established for years to come, but, it is good to know that once its time to hang up the speed suit and put away the jumpers that he will be well positioned to move into a life of even greater prosperity!


Stephen Colbert = funny.

Stephen Colbert = wakeboarder

wakeboarder = funny ??

The Colbert ReportMon - Thurs 11:30pm / 10:30c
Nashville Flood Wakeboarder
Colbert Report Full EpisodesPolitical HumorFox News

May 5, 2010

The Proper Use of Flood Water (AKA Improper Use Of The Police)

CNN posted a vid of some wakeskating awsomeness. I have driven for wakeskating and wakeboarding in flood water and I have actually trick skied in flooded ditches as well. Now how this is an arrestable offense I am not sure. Not smart? well probably, but did the cops in bullet proof vests really need to slap the handcuffs on these guys? How about just telling them "hey guys, we are out here looking for looters and other such nonesense, its time for you guys to go home". Now I have nothing against the police, but come on now!

*edit* Because I cant effing stand auto-play videos, here is the link to the video instead of it being embedded.  Link  */edit*

At the very end you hear someone watching say "hahaha, whoops, you know they are going to find some dope in there". Well thats a good point, they are wake skaters and wake skaters are all pot heads. Its science, its on the internet and the internet has never lied to me.

May 4, 2010

Jimmy Siemers Provides a Guiding Light

Would you like to know what a world class waterski athlete does on a daily basis?  What do they do that is so much better then anything that us mortals do?  You would think, "hey, they are only human, they are not that different from you or me."

STUPID!  That is dumb and so full of fail.  We sent out our CRB-TMZ staff to get the dirt and find out what these elite athletes do on a daily basis that you may be able to use in your daily life.

Subject #1.  Jimmy Siemers.

For those of you that don't know.  Jimmy is a world class level waterskiier.  THATS ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW!  To the photos.

8:00 AM.  We see here that Jimmy is back in bed sleeping with his smoking hot model caliber wife/girlfriend who just so happens to be both a gymnast and an aeronautical engineer.  Nice snag Jimmy!

They look so cute at that age.  Probably still in the honeymoon phase.

10:30 AM.  After a heatlthy breakfast and a quick walk through the neighborhood to help out his neighbors with some various tasks.  For example, Mrs. Pendergrast down the street always grocery shops on Tuesday mornings, so, Jimmy makes sure that he just happens to be walking past her place when she gets home so he can help her take her groceries inside.  Its the little thing people.  Anyways, after this he relaxes a bit and jams out on the guitar.

Pete Townshend would be proud of his disciple.  Its a little known fact that at the age of 5 Jimmy found an old electric guitar in a storage shed outside a music studio.  He put it on and proceeded to, while never having played guitar before, peel off a face melting solo that caused Jimmy Page's hair to turn white.  We have also been told it did cause two or three spontaneous pregnancies.  (citation needed)

3:00 PM.  Currently not satisfied with the state of the world and specifically the United States foreign policy or our dependence on both foreign oil AND domestic oil, Jimmy has also ventured into the world of politics.  It was a touch and go situation for awhile, as many people were afraid of turning over the reigns to the most powerful nation on earth to a relatively unproven political figure.  Those fears were diminished when he ripped a 10,000 point trick run in just a sweater vest and khaki pants.

Never the less, his work is never complete as he ventures to the state capital to speak to an assembled mass about his plans for nationalized ski lakes.  Its the American Dream he states with the conviction of a seasoned pro.  A car in every driveway and a cable park in every back yard.

6:45 PM.  Following a thunderous ovation after his speech and many proposals for late-night rendevous, from both men and women, Jimmy exits stage right into a waiting vehicle parked out back that is pulling his customized ski boat.  Turns out it is powered by a combination of solar energy and bad-ass.

He makes it to the lake about 7:15 and having changed inside he is ready to go.  However the weather has taken a slight turn for the worse as there are a few rain clouds over head and people are advising him that maybe its not the best idea to go out skiing right now.

"Oh, now now, I understand your concern," Jimmy was overhead telling a worried eldery lady as he comforted her with a reassuring smile, "but, I am not afraid of what the weather will do, it is the weather that should be afraid of what I do to it"

Following this awesome display the assembled masses that witnessed the event were ushered to the gates of the Siemers, but, before they left he imparted this bit of wisdom for them all to live by.

"Take what you have seen today, what one person can do when they set their minds to it, they focus and do everything they can to make the world a better place, do what you can with the power that you have to affect change for the better in whatever way that you can and we will all reap the rewards"

Transfixed by this bit of logical way of life thinking, the people then dispersed to their cars with this knowledge, each and everyone with a new outlook on life, a new desire to do good, to affect change in a way that would turn the world on its ear.

One of the people began volunteering to help those less-fortunate, an elderly lady finally put aside years of petty arguments and re-connected with her daughter, a young 15-year old kid who had spent the majority of their life on the streets finally decided to make good on life and started going to school again, a middle aged man took these lessons and finally put down the bottle, and one person decided to draw mspaint dicks on pictures of celebrities.

Not even Mystical Jimmy can eliminate all the douche.

We Hate Fish. All Things Fishy.

This summary is not available. Please click here to view the post.

May 3, 2010

Late night Yay Vid Day Monday

Ah the 70s, such a great time. There was disco and big hair and body parts were all real...

and they had swivel bucket seats.

oh and they had Ed McMahon covering ski shows. And as he jabbers on he proves that he is a damn idiot. WTF is he talking about staying dry. Dudes barefooting, he is nowhere near dry.

CRB reminder

The Dreaded one will be hosting his web tv show again tonight at 9EST/8CST. The show is really good and only getting better.


Has recieved the CRB

Check it out here

And some day you might even get to catch a glimps of the CRB crew in action. MB has asked us multiple times and we continue to hide in our secret hide out* trying to figure out how to make sock puppets.

*Al Gores basement

Vid Day Monday

ASU may be the greatest university in the country. Now this has nothing to do with the quality of the education as I have no clue where they rank in that regard. But they are the greatest because not only do they have a kick ass ski team but they have girls that look like this:



/moves to Tempe

Oh and the local news shows some love to the ski team too.

May 1, 2010

CRB Brings The Sexy

Mad Men is one of the best shows to be on any channel other then HBO in quite some time. If your not watching it then your lame and the CRB has no need for you. If you want to know who the ODBF is then think Don Draper but ripped...or the exact opposite of that. But not only does the show have cool ass dudes but it has some serious hotness in the form of Christina Hendriks and Allison Brie.

Christina Hendriks

Allison Brie

Its to Dang Cold!

Enjoy this weather you hot piece of ass! Dispatch from the CRB weather desk Guess what???  ITS COLDER THEN A WELL DIGGERS ASS OUT THERE KIDS...