Aug 21, 2013

This Is How You Do A Crash Video

Lets get one thing out of the way, right away, Air Chair crashes are SO AWESOME!

Second, this video from Seth Frase, check out his vimeo channel for more goodness, but, this video is basically four minutes of waterski crash porn.  Its phenomenal.

Now, if we could figure out how to make a gif, the third air chair crash would play on a loop for eternity, maybe should be on redesigned $100 bill.  Its at the 2:40 mark.  But, don't skip ahead.  You will miss all the fun!

Also, is it called an Air Chair or a Sky Ski, i can never remember which is which.

Aug 19, 2013

Vid Day Monday - Frickin Sharks Man

It has been documented throughout this sites existence that I have a strong anti-fish / underwater creature stance. Mostly fish and other creatures and seaweed are all gross and slimy and basically give me the heebie jeebies, but, out in the ocean where there are bigger scary slimy gross creatures full of NOPE, there are some moments that are quite awesome.

It goes without saying this is best viewed from the comfort of my desk at work and not under water with these guys, but, its pretty cool...and in a strange twist, this video comes from They have TV stuff on there. Right? Weird, I know. Was really just going to look to see if the weather was going to be nice enough this week to look longingly at my ski equipment in the garage not getting used enough. does have some other cool videos as well, but, man...hammer head sharks.  You know they come into the shark bar and talk to great whites and other and be all like, bro, do you even shark?

Aug 15, 2013

Footstock 1992

Footstock, the national barefoot figure 8 endurance tournament, will be back this year for its 25th year. The vid below is from 1992 and everything about it is awesome. This is back before a bunch of cry babies burned holes in their feet and started duct taping their feet so they could go longer. I say for the 25th anniversary they go old school, no tape, no clinchers, let the best footer win fairly. So what if you can't walk for a month after the tourny because you have a giant hole burned into your foot. Go big or go home.

Aug 14, 2013

Wakeboard Wednesday

About 10 years ago I was working in North Carolina when a hurricane hit and flooded much of the town I was in. A group of us loaded up a jeep with a few wakeboards, trick skis and ropes and headed out to find some a good spot to ride. We mostly just rode in ditches and in fields, nothing like these guys who hit the streets in Budapest Hungary.

Just a thought...I really hope these guys enjoy swimming in shit, as flooded cities mean flooded sewers which means shit floating down the streets.

Aug 12, 2013

Aug 7, 2013

In Which We Discuss Tort (?) Laws And Waterski Accidents

A Galveston County couple has filed a lawsuit against a sports company and two distributors, alleging they were negligent for providing a "dangerous" water ski that caused a serious head injury.
Sherry H. Hill went waterskiing on Aug. 8, 2011, and fell while crossing the wake of the ski boat that was towing her, according to the lawsuit. 
"During the fall the aft top end of the ski with the protruding metal piece struck her in the back of the head causing her to bleed profusely from the back of her head and immediately rendering her lifeless, unconscious, and not breathing," the lawsuit states.
Basically what happened was, a lady was skiing, wiped out, the ski hit her in the head and she is suing HO Sports for the building the ski that hit her.

In the story it describes a "protruding" piece of metal is what hit her.  We are assuming it was the fin, but, below is our skype conversation about this, becasue, we have a very thin grasp of law and wonder how you can sue a company for making something you are using and assuming that risk.

[12:24:49 PM] Dig Dug: wouldn't really be a rant, more of a huh?
[12:24:57 PM] Dig Dug: how can someone sue over an accident like that?
[12:24:58 PM] ODBF: yea
[12:24:59 PM] ODBF: do that
[12:25:15 PM] ODBF: people sue over spilling hot coffee on themselves and win
[12:25:29 PM] Dig Dug: hahaha
[12:25:38 PM] Dig Dug: that would be a tort law i think
[12:25:41 PM] ODBF: tart reform is needed as well.  I mean, that candy i had a few days ago was not very tart
[12:25:46 PM] Dig Dug: they would have to prove negligence on HO's part.
[12:25:59 PM] ODBF: the ski has a fin
[12:26:31 PM] ODBF: that fin could be designed out of a soft flexible rubber instead and thus not injury anyone.
[12:26:36 PM] ODBF: it would not be skiable
[12:26:46 PM] ODBF: but they also could not get millions from ho
[12:27:06 PM] Dig Dug: ha, but, wouldn't that...basically, be like suing a car company because slamming your hand in the door should have been not being dumb?
[12:27:20 PM] ODBF: i bet these people win
[12:27:31 PM] ODBF: people are stupid
[12:27:35 PM] Dig Dug: there HAS to be some sort of personal accountability for things.
[12:27:54 PM] Dig Dug: i can't sue jack daniels because I got drunk and subsequently hung over and do shitty at my job.
[12:28:23 PM] ODBF: sure you could
[12:28:28 PM] ODBF: you might not win though

[12:29:02 PM] Dig Dug:  :(

I am very curious as to how this turns out, I can't imagine they would win, but, at the same time...if they do?

The New Prostar Is Pretty Awesome

swerve swurve swerk twerk twerve #lessbuoysmorerope

Mastercraft, a boat company located in america, has a facebook page.  Its pretty full of boat stuff.  Recently, like today, they put more boat stuff on there in the form of the Prostar.

Which, for some reason doesn't have a tower on it.  WHAT?

Is this a paradigm shift, are we right-shoring the seamless integration of value added services by benchmarking the collaboration cloud service?


Anyways, in a bit of get off my lawn type stuff it is nice to see a "real" ski boat and not a big X-type boat, which are awesome, but, the actual CRB SkiMasterBu is an older, smaller "regular" ski boat and we have a certain fondness for that style of boat and not the gigantic wakeboard/surf only boats.

/sits on porch, spits, drinks grainbelt beer

There are a couple other pictures that mastercraft has put on the fb page, lets take a look, shall we?


Mastercraft tagged this on with "Long Hair Don't Care"  Us neither Mastecraft!

mmmm pickles
This is pretty cool, the cap or cover or whatever its called to cover up the open bow part.  Its a pretty neat feature, for all the engineering and thought that goes into boats, sometimes its little things that make a difference.

From Mastercrafts actual website,, they have a picture of the inside.  please view it below these words.

Looks pretty good!  We were skeptical of the v-drive type boat at first, but, being world class beer drinkers and floaters, it doesn't matte a hell of a lot to us, but, we suppose the actual "good" waterskiers wouldn't go for it if it sucked, so, we take their world for it.

Plus, not having a big engine box in the middle, provide ample room for our coolers of modestly priced beer and cheez its.  So, thats a good thing.

Long story short?

Dear Mastercraft,
Hi again, this is the CRB people, can you please send our sample Prostar, in all red please, to:

c/o blog
Poopyhead, WV.


Aug 5, 2013

Vid Day Monday

I have been a part of a couple disabled water ski clinics over the years, they are always a great time. If you have never spent a day at one of these clinics you are missing out. The joy on the face of someone who may have thought that water skiing was not possible for them is worth more than anything else you could have possible been doing that day.


Vid Day Monday

An aluminium wakeboard boat??  No idea how this thing rides but it looks sweet!  Plus they get brownie points for not smacking the dipshit interviewer from

And here is the boat in action.  Unless the ride is much better than a traditional fiberglass boat I am not sure why anyone would buy one of these as they are going to be much more expensive.  But...You would have the sweetest looking boat on the lake!

Pavati Wakeboarding Boats - Breaking The Mold from Pavati Wakeboarding Boats on Vimeo.

Its to Dang Cold!

Enjoy this weather you hot piece of ass! Dispatch from the CRB weather desk Guess what???  ITS COLDER THEN A WELL DIGGERS ASS OUT THERE KIDS...