May 8, 2010

CRB Brings The Sexy - Mothers Day Edition

This is normally the odbf's dumb little pet project post. Because odbf is a lonely lonely person and spends all day looking at pictures of hot girls/guys/hermaphradites on the tubes.

Well, turns out the early mother days celebration held at CRB HQ may have been to much for odbf so here I am to help out.

To celebrate mothers day in CRB style, here are a couple notorious moms.

First of all, we have mega-hot Kate Beckensdale.

Kate Beckinsale shot for Esquire HD from Greg Williams on Vimeo.

Second we have a more infamous version, Ms. Spears, celebrated in song.

Happy mothers day everyone. To celebrate, go to your nearest Malibu boat dealer and buy the first boat you see without a trailer. Why? Because fuck trailers. Thats why.


  1. i agree with jon. I would tap brits ass any day.

  2. furthermore. the song in the kate video is terrible. not sure how they did it, but, they ruined the sexey of kate with that damn jet song.

    and. my monitor has melted. thanks kate.


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