May 5, 2010

The Proper Use of Flood Water (AKA Improper Use Of The Police)

CNN posted a vid of some wakeskating awsomeness. I have driven for wakeskating and wakeboarding in flood water and I have actually trick skied in flooded ditches as well. Now how this is an arrestable offense I am not sure. Not smart? well probably, but did the cops in bullet proof vests really need to slap the handcuffs on these guys? How about just telling them "hey guys, we are out here looking for looters and other such nonesense, its time for you guys to go home". Now I have nothing against the police, but come on now!

*edit* Because I cant effing stand auto-play videos, here is the link to the video instead of it being embedded.  Link  */edit*

At the very end you hear someone watching say "hahaha, whoops, you know they are going to find some dope in there". Well thats a good point, they are wake skaters and wake skaters are all pot heads. Its science, its on the internet and the internet has never lied to me.

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