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Our Life

This is how it starts, this is how they get you.  You are just a youngster, not a care in the world.  Just out there on the water with your parents enjoying yourself. You don't know where this may lead. Yay! This is fun WEEEE!!! Check it out dad!  Im doing it all by myself!! life is here to ruin you.  eat it. Are you sure kiddo? Are you really fucking sure that you are "enjoying" this? Because if you are, then we are going to have to have a conversation in the near future about what constitutes enjoyment and what constitutes a contractual agreement with the law about what you can enjoy about this sport and what this sport requires out of you. um, yes, i am like...4 years old.  Things are supposed to be fun.  Not filled with contractual obligations you weirdo.  I mean, look at me!  My parents love each other.  I am learning to ski, i get to play all the time.  Make sand castles, i have a healthy image of what a family dynamic is supposed to be...its

Legalize Waterskiing

Thank you Bunny Colvin, you are a good man.  Fight the good fight.

Baby Its Cold Outside