May 28, 2010

Masters on the webz

We here at the CRB were discussing what the best thing to do at work on a Friday in late May is.

ODBF: so guys, its friday and we are all at our respective places of employment. What should we be doing today?

CRB Minion: Sell crack?

ODBF: ummmm, ok how about we limit this to the CRB employees that are not hard core drug users...

Life Jacket: SURF BRA!!!!!11!!eleven!!!

ODBF: well said...but thats not what I'm thinking

Dig Dug: /digs

Dig Dug: /dugs

Rowboat abides: send a telegram to the new client about the widgets. /falls back asleep in rocking chair

ODBF: man you guys are worthless

Paul in sales: /hookers

ODBF: Paul your fired

ODBF: Are you guys all stupid? WATCH THE MASTERS WEBCAST!!


  1. Anonymous1:51 PM

    Hope you boys/girls enjoyed the webcat. Sorry about the lack of a shoutout on friday. didnt see your email till we were off air. check out the lanightjam and text me, I will be sure to throw a CRB slam in there somewhere! TS

  2. its all good. we know you still love us.

    /group hug


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