Apr 29, 2013

Vid Day Monday

When you tell a non skier that you water ski they almost always say something about barefooting.

Me: Sorry I'm late to work, I was out skiing.
Boss: I have a friend who is the best water skier in the state, he can ski on his bare feet.
Me: Sure, best ever I bet, please don't fire me

Apr 22, 2013

Vid Day Monday

So, yea, this is a video of jump roping.  But this girl is hella good at it and pretty...

Vid Day Monday

I love these kind of videos, just make you feel good about people in general.  Especially after some dumb shit heads thought it would be cool to fuck with the Boston Marathon.  When bad things happen the good in most people comes out.

And to the 1640 people who disliked this video...go fuck a electrical socket.

Apr 17, 2013

Lets Get Tricky

Adam Sedlmajer is not just the lucky guy dating Alex Lauretano, but he also makes bad ass videos.  It definitely helps that he is a damn good skier.

Epic Cameras - Sledgehammer's Sick Trick Edit from Adam Sedlmajer on Vimeo.

Wakeboard Wednesday

Wakeboard skillz.  

Also, I learned the hard way that hitting sliders on a trick ski is a bit more difficult than it is on a wakeboard.  

Apr 15, 2013

Lets Build Some Boats

Future CRB Boat Building Plant

Its current owner, Brunswick Corporation of Illinois, has cut the property’s for-sale price from $20 million to $10 million for the 60 acres and 336,435-square-feet of built space, as announced by the separate Brunswick County Economic Development Commission (EDC) on April 1. 
It went on the market in 2009 with an original listing of $29 million. Jim Bradshaw, executive director of the county’s economic development office, said Friday he could not reveal details about the three companies now interested in the property, per the sensitive nature of high-dollar property negotiations.
Not saying that one of those three parties in negotiations with Brunswick is the CRB, but, one of those parties negotiating with Brunswick theoretically could be the CRB!

Its totally reasonable, it was initally 29 million, now its 10 million, by our math thats almost 1/2 off!  Like any smart consumer, if you see a deal that good, you have to go for it!

So, hypothetically speaking, if this deal went through, that picture up top would be the new location of CRBHQ and we would be building the most sick boat ever built by mortals, the CRBoat.

 While we are still white boarding the idea's for the CRBoat, here are a few ideas that we are fast tracking for a paradigm shifting game changer killer app boat thing.  buzzwords.

  • Power from the Hybrid Ferrari LeFerrari.  (yeah, that's a real thing link)
  • Two Pylons.  WHAA???
  • Ballast system in the front AND back
  • WiFi hot spot on the platform for optimal web surfing whilst wake surfing
  • Tri-pickle front end
  • Integrated sun-deck / hammock
  • See-Through Tower bimini top
  • Wet-Bar integrated into dashboard
  • L-Drive
Its going to be so cool you guys.  

Vid Day Monday

Ace is a beast and shows how crazy good he is with this world record run from 2 years ago at the Isles of Lake Hancock.

Apr 8, 2013

Vid Day Monday - Wakeboard Bike? Wakeboard Bike.

This is pretty awesome.  I have a feeling that there could be the possibility of serious injury on this thing, but, dang it, that looks really fun.

Vid Day Monday

Natalia has come a long way since she first came to the US as a commie ruski back in the early 2000s, now she is a threat to win jump and trick at any tourny she enters.  I still think she is a KGB agent here spying on us for the USSR.

Few people know that Keri Russel's character in The Americans is based on Natalia's life.  By the way its a great show, so...watch it and find out how to beat her in tournaments.

Apr 5, 2013

Its Warming Up, Lets Find A Sweet Ski Site (16 pics)

For the past few months those of us that are not lucky enough to live in Florida have had something similar to the above pic to look at when we take a look at our ski sites.  But winter is coming to an end so its time to scout out a sweet ski spot.  

Lots more awesome water to tear up after the jump.

Apr 3, 2013

Wakesurf With Dolphins Wednesday

If you have never swam with a dolphin you are missing out.  I had the chance to swim with a wild dolphin recently and its amazing.  So basiclly what I am saying is my life rules and you are a loser sitting at a desk wasting away into nothingness.  You suck at life.

Hey look!  Dolphins!

Oh, and by the way Mr. Video uploader guy...

Aspect Ratio
Thank you xkcd for saying this so well.

Apr 1, 2013

A Perfect Day


As we progress throughout life, you make changes to your life to make it for fulfilling, more healthy, more fun, etc.  Its rare that you have life changing events where you go from one extreme to the other, no, its more like you make small course corrections as you go.

Think of a big ship on the ocean coming into port, it doesn't make drastic 90 degree turns all willy nilly, no, there is a tug boat helping out, bumping it a little right, or a little left...course corrections, until its safely docked.

Thats life.

And throughout this life, we have done the same thing, slight corrections, which, over time have lead to where we are now.  Rich, handsome, talented and often-sexed.

Here is a breakdown of how our ideal day would go.

5:30 AM - Wake up, brush teeth, eat a grapefruit, stretch
6:00 AM - Go Running, usually through the park with the dog, end up by the beach.  Mellow out for a minute or two
7:00 AM - Meet friends, take a couple sets, drink a few bottles of water, eat a granola bar, ski into 35 off...the usual
8:30 AM - Grab a shower, throw on suit, head to office for a 9:00 meeting with someone important that will net more money
9:00 AM - Meeting with someone important who will net us more money
10:30 AM - Review spreadsheet projections on fancy couch in the office.  Have secretary bring me a green tea
11:00 AM - Check emails...notice one from Mastercraft that they are going to give us a boat for free because we are awesome
12:00 PM - Attractive girlfriend shows up at office.  make the sweet sweet love on aforementioned couch.
1:30 PM - Yeah, we are that good.
1:45 PM - Go grab a quick bite a local deli
2:00 PM - Meet with bros at the lake, quick surf sesh.
3:00 PM - Get a text from secretary, no need to come back to office.
3:01 PM - Slaloming
5:30 PM - Pack up boat
6:00 PM - go pick up attractive girlfriend at oddly cliche townhouse in nice neighborhood
6:30 PM - Eat Kale and Apple salad w/ sparkling water and grilled chicken breast
8:00 PM - Head home
8:30 PM - work out for a bit.
9:30 PM - Bed time at a reasonable hour.

Wouldn't that be the perfect day?

Its to Dang Cold!

Enjoy this weather you hot piece of ass! Dispatch from the CRB weather desk Guess what???  ITS COLDER THEN A WELL DIGGERS ASS OUT THERE KIDS...