May 30, 2012

GTF Jutta Lammi (19 pics 1 vid)

Jutta Lammi is the May GTF of the month.  Jutta is from Finland, a place I have never been which makes me sad.  If there are more girls that look and ski like her there then it is time for the CRB crew to pack up the CRB jet and head on over.  

Many more pics of Jutta after the jump.

May 29, 2012

Vid Day Tuesday

Yesterday was memorial day which means the CRB was busy doing important* things. So we will throw you a vid today instead.


This one is older but still solid.

May 26, 2012

2012 Masters Haikus

may you fly like bird 
crush jump ramp into little pieces 
achieve god like super power

carve lake into bites 
you can eat with family 
fondue satisfies all

Ballerina style
spin, twist, flip people in awe
of your stunning skill

board shorts hanging low
whirlybird stuck straight to face
ride off with the trophy

unattached to feet
board has a mind its own
skilled rider owns

53rd Masters

If you have not been watching the masters all day you are missing out on one of the best tournaments in our sport.  Bo Callaway would likely enjoy what his tournament has become.

Tadd as usual is killing it on the mic and the webcast besides a short computer crash has been very good.  Tadd's music selection here is certainly more family friendly then it was at the Michigan pro tour stop last year...

Check the webcast here

May 24, 2012

Surfing Hottness (15 pics 1 vid)

Surfer girls are...well...crazy hot.  If you don't like sexy girls then go away, I don't like you.  If your issue with this post is that its surfing instead of water skiing then call all the skiing girls and tell them to stop slaking off.  We can't just do post after post of Alex Lauretano now can we?

Wait...could we do that?

Hey Alex!!  Whats the haps girl?

The level of awesome in the vid is somewhere in the range of a velociraptor riding on a killer whale.

Lots more pics of amazing surfing hotness after the jump.  

Animals On A Ski Blog (19 pics 1 gif)

Lots more pics of cuteness after the jump

May 22, 2012

Watery Places To Go (17 pics)

Without water we would all die, which would suck.  So I spend 90% of my time planing on visiting places with awesome water.  If your one of those people that travel to the desert then just go away, you are stupid. There is nothing better then sitting on a dock next to an awesome glass calm lake...then tearing that lake up on a ski.  

Lots more pics of awesome places after the jump.

May 21, 2012

Vid Day Monday

Pro skiing is returning to downtown Orlando's Lake Eola later this summer.  First time an event has graced the waters of lake Eola since 1986.  Love seeing some of these old sites back in use.

Vid Day Monday

This vid is from the BLWSA waterski team in the late 50s early 60s.  Sold old school vid set to crappy music.

Watch BLWSA Original Skiiers in Sports  |  View More Free Videos Online at

May 17, 2012

Nature, Its Whats For Dinner (22 pics)

Highest quality pic ever taken of the earth.  The colors are ultraviolet colors given off by plants

Lots more pics after the jump

May 14, 2012

Vid Day Monday

Natalia set a new women's world jump record this weekend, so her weekend was pretty good. But she was not satisfied with that so she went and stomped a huge trick run and ran into 38 off to set a new overall record as well. The girl has hella skills.

Vid Day Monday - Natty's Record Jump

May 11, 2012

Billy Idol is your new coach

Seth: Ok kiddo, you were doing great out there.  I like how you have gotten comfortable behind the boat.  

Sammy: Thanks Mr. Stisher, that was really fun.  Sorry I was only able to only get around a couple of those buoys, its harder then it looks.  My arms are tired. 

Seth:  Ha, I totally understand, it gets pretty tiring, you have been skiing all day. 

Sammy: My mom says that when I get big like you I will be better then Patrice Martin, do you think thats possible?

Seth: Anything is possible buddy, you just have to practice and work hard, eat right, all those kind of things...speaking of which, its almost 12:30, lets get some grub.  I think the chef here made pinnapple burritos and pulled pork gazpacho.  

Sammy: Those don't even sound like real foods

Seth:  Maybe, I dont know, your right, that sounds weird...unless the tortillas were made with....

Sammy: Whats that weird noise?  

Seth: I don't know, its terrible though...

*Orange Lamborghini screeches to a halt*

*Door opens*

May 8, 2012

ODBF Stinks Like Really....

The ODBF has one task in life, that is the CRB.  Well I guess drinking crappy beer and fishing too...  I send him stuff and he is supposed to post it.  I am a busy man, I'm a pirate, a cocaine runner, and suspected Freddy Krueger impersonator.  But this warrants time out of my busy schedule.  Saw this video of the HO Wakeski team and was highly impressed.  If you were lucky enough to be at the LA Night Jam last year you saw all three of the guys ski.

Boom sickness.... ODBF you need to shower and do your job lazy arse!!!

Minion out

Get Outside NOW (19 pics)

Lots more amazing nature pics after the jump

May 7, 2012

Vid Day Monday

Wade Cox...hella good skier and now in the hall of fame. His name is up there with the all time greats in this sport. Congrats!

He also had one of the best segments from "Edged in Water".

Vid Day Monday - To The Tick Tock Ya Don't Stop

Tony Klarich was/is a sort of tricky / slalom hot dogger type dude from back in the day.  How do we know?  Watch the video, thats some hella cool HO ski action, you guys.

Anyways, he has the youtube thing figured out and has a bunch of videos posted on tips for being extra hot dogerific whilst you are skiing.  The video below is of him showing you how to do a tick - tock.  Surface 180 trick.  Pretty sure snoop dogg said it best, "to the, ahhh, tick tock ya don't stop, to the, ahh, tick tock ya don't quit BEEYOTCH!"

Truer words have never been spoken snoop.

Speaking of hot dogs, im hungry as hell

Vid Day Monday - The Krista Edition

The Krista sent us a poster a while back where she was modeling bindings.  Bindings, as we know now, are critical components in waterskis, it allows your feet to stay connected to the ski.  Otherwise, it would be groin injuries aplenty.  If memory serves correctly, she signed the poster with the caption, "i want to marry the ODBF"

Naturally, when we ran across this video of her and Ron Goodman being interviewed it had to be posted, pretty sure that is in the CRBylaws.

Also, where is that lake?  It looks hella nice, I think its high time we loaded up the Chevette and towed the CRBontoon boat out there and enjoyed the finer things in life.

May 3, 2012

Ballad of a Lonely Buoy

A lonely Buoy
Waterskiing at its core is a sport about pushing yourself and the limits of your ability, its also a sport that is strongly rooted in the communal / team / friend aspect of life.  You can't ski alone, you need someone to drive and occasionally someone to spot.  In basketball you can go work on your jump shot or your dribbling all by yourself, in football you can run patterns or throw a football through a tire, in golf you simply hit a driving range, or work on your putting, its a sport based on solitude. 

So, while we all have our friends or team along when we are out on the water, having a good time, encouraging you to make your whirlybird to blind roll to tumble turn trick or get that extra few feet on a jump, everyone is sharing in the experience.  Despite all this, sometimes we do tend to forget about people / things and one of those things is the lonely slalom course buoy.

Follow us past the jump for more from the buoys perspective

A FewPlaces I Would Rather Be Right Now (16 pics)

Lots more pics after the jump

Its to Dang Cold!

Enjoy this weather you hot piece of ass! Dispatch from the CRB weather desk Guess what???  ITS COLDER THEN A WELL DIGGERS ASS OUT THERE KIDS...