Mar 29, 2013

Have you ever been this happy??

Take a look at that dude in the picture above, Aleksander Gamme, an Arctic Adventurer type, he did a three-month trek to the south pole, alone.  Along the way he would leave himself stashes of stuff, he would gradually leave his things along the way as he got tired or needed to be lighter.

That picture shows him near the end as he is exhausted and hungry, having lost 25 Kilos (I believe I heard that right, i was tipped to this from the Radio Lab show on NPR HERE)

Quick side note: he did a bunch of these little 3 minute videos along his trek, but, this one in particular is fantastic.

As he digs through the stuff he buried he is finding a bunch of junk, stuff he doesn't need..and then....

If you aren't smiling and happy for this guy, you have no soul. Even though you don't understand a word that he is saying, that right there is pure joy. Thanks Radio Lab for turning us onto this, so awesome.

Update: when you finish watching this video, listen to this song, then go out and dominate the world

Mar 26, 2013


Scene: Inside a high school auditorium, Principle Hagman steps to the microphone whilst all the random kids are milling around like jerks.

Principle Hagman...natch
*Taps microphone*

*feedback noise*

Hagman: "Attention everyone, may I have your attention please??  Stewie!  I see you, can you please take your seat??  Stop trying to touch Maggie, she isn't interested in you, haven't we all ready had this discussion???""

*kids still talking and carrying on*

Hagman: /shoot pistol in the air

*everyone shuts their damn mouth and sits down*

Hagman: "Thank you, I know we are all restless and ready to go support our team, the Blizzard Dwarfs in the big sports game this evening, led by star quarter man Smily McSmimmelman!!!"

*everyone hoots and hollers*

McSmimmelman: /makes pistols gesture at Amanda the hot cheerleader girl

McSmimmelman: "pew pew pew"

*Everyone just totally loses their shit*

Hagman: "HAHA, oh McSmimmelman you are such an all-american hero, hell son, you can date my daughter...or son...whatever, I don't judge"

*Hagman makes a serious face...everyone gets really quiet*

Hagman: "But folks, there is a reason I brought you all in here today...and its something of the utmost importance, our great community of Creve Coeur Lake in St. Louis is about to take a giant leap into the future of sporting sports....this goes beyond baseball, beyond footballs, beyond whatever that is with ice and sticks."

*Someone yells out 'Hockey'*

Hagman: "LOL, like thats a real thing!!....ANYWAYS, on September 14th of this year of our great lord and savior we will be hosting.....can you guess?"

*Everyone yells out nonsense, "Space Shuttles!!"  "Zero Gravity Boxing?"  "Haunted Pig Roast Sport?"*

Hagman: "No, good guess's, especially you Larry with the upside down cow pie eating contest but no...A WATERSKI NIGHT JUMP!!!"

*Everyone goes absolutely bonkers, falling all over themselves, some even start to openly weep*

Hagman: "Thats right!!!  Its going to be called Mid West Night Fly!!  CAN I GET A AMEN!!???"

*Everyone Amens*

Hagman: "I encourage everyone to check out for more information!!"

Hagman: "Now, Let me get a go Blizzard Dwarfs on 3.   1.....2......3!!"

Everyone: "BLIZZARD DWARFS!!!"

*Everyone goes apeshit running out of the gym*


There will be another night jump this summer at Creve Coeur lakes in St. Louis this summer on the 14th of September, it would be in your best interests to go to these various web links


Mar 25, 2013

Vid Day Monday

So it turns out we actually have to pay for our domain name...oops!  Sorry if you were unable to get on the site this weekend, but we are back now.  And to start off Vid Day Monday we bring you crazy old school free style jumpers.

Mar 23, 2013

CRB Brings The...Animals? (14 pics 5 gifs)

Well we posted the sexy yesterday as our NCAA bracket went to shit pretty quick...So today you get animals.  If you want the sexy its the post right before this, I know that is hard to find for some of you...

Lots more animals after the jump.

Mar 20, 2013

Wakeboard Wednesday

The tricks this guy pulls off are insane, Harley Clifford is on his own level in the sport of wakeboarding right now.

Mar 18, 2013

Vid Day Monday

The level of stupidity in this video is epic.  Also, the shrinkage factor would also be epic...

But from this same uploader there is a kind of cool view of a cable ski jumper shot from underneath the ramp.

Vid Day Monday

Great commercial.  Will have to give this beer a shot soon.
/drinks 24 PBRs
//passes out

Mar 11, 2013

Vid Day Monday

The 2013 pro ski season is off and running with the Moomba Masters running this past weekend.  There was some awesome skiing and some annoying announcing.  All in all it looks like it was a great tournament, I will avoid reading the ski flies and seeing all the bitching.  (do people still go to that site?)

And here is Freddy booting the winning jump.

Mar 8, 2013

2013 Moomba Masters

The 2013 Moomba Masters is rolling along in Melbourne Australia.  Well not rolling right now as its night time there, but you know what I mean, stop being such a stickler for accuracy jack ass.

Preview vid for 2013 Moomba.

At 4:30 PM EST / 3:30 PM CST click here to check out the first event of the day (Saturday in Australia) Women's Tricks.  Its Friday here in the US, so you know as well as I do that you are not doing anything productive at your desk so log in and get to watching.

Mar 5, 2013


Doesn't that look fun??  Yes?  Well, good news people, the Parker International Waterski Races are being held this weekend in Parker, Arizona!


Oh, you don't know where Parker Arizona is?  Its sort of right by Lake Havasu, which means spring breakers! Woo Hoo, wet t-shirts and booty shaking contests (?) and drunk people.

Oh, I know you are on the edge of your seat right now saying things like, "Holy Shit man, How can I partake in this fun" and "I need this in my life immediately!"

Us Too!  So, we are going to break out the Chevette from storage and fire that bitch up and get moving!

ooh, that fake wood paneling, so sexy
Remember the Chevette?  It is SO single and ready to mingle you guys, seriously, I don't know why y'all are still reading from the intertubes and get your ass's to CRB HQ now!  We are readying a cooler with ALL THE CHEEZ ITS and "numerous" smoked meats.

Its time to rage!!

Thats not enough for you?  Look at that picture above, shit like this could THEORETICALLY happen!!  Boats crashes!  Ski Racing!  Possible overdoses of meth!!  Its RIGHT HERE FOR YOU!

*bleep boop bop bop poooob*

Oh my, what is this?  BREAKING NEWS!!  Lets go right away to our action 5 massacre news team!

nice hat dickhead

Male News Anchor : "This just in to the news desk, Parker International Waterski Race is going on this weekend in Parker Arizona, Pam?"

Female News Anchor : "Shit is going to be CRAAZZYYY"  *rips off shirt, slams a Busch Light, Punches out kangaroo*

So, Lets do this folks!  This starts March 9th!  And Parker Arizona is AT MOST 5 hours from ANYWHERE in the United States.  GET ON IT!

Officer Buck?  What do you think about this???

shit is thirsty

Mar 4, 2013

Vid Day Monday

If the Harlem Shake with wakeboarders was not your style then maybe a version with college skiers at Bennetts is more to your liking.

Its not?  You don't like the Harlem Shake meme?  ARE YOU A COMMUNIST?  IS THIS RUSSIA?  GO BACK TO SIBERIA YOU RUSSIAN SPY!!

//loud noises

Vid Day Monday - Crazy Edition

I just watched this entire video...Please shoot me now.

Vid Day Monday

I have no idea where this Harlem Shake meme came from but its everywhere now and it would seem that even the water sports industry is not immune from it.

Mar 1, 2013

So, about June's foot...

In case you missed it, and/or been living under a rock, June Fladborg hasn't been skiing in quite as while as she recovers from a foot injury.

Not just any normal foot injury either, but....


Waterski Magazine has an article on their website, waterski mag, that goes into more detail about the injury, recovery, etc, its certainly worth a click over, its only a few days old too!

But, here is one of the interesting parts that we are trying to figure out, from June about how the injury happened...
“My heel slipped when I was off in the air, and I pushed into my lean a little early,” she says. “I wasn’t used to the high incline. I went into a flight position, and with my heel out of the boot a little bit I didn’t have enough control to get the skis back. I thought I got the ski back and by then didn’t have time to roll before I landed.”
So, basically, her foot came out of the binding?  We aren't super clear on it, but, man, ouch.

One of two scenarios is how we thing, she hit the ramp so hard that her feet broke on the ramp and then wiped out, OR with the wind pushing the skis it sort of pushed her foot a bit out of the binding and then with the height she was at, upon landing it messed up her feet?

Option two seems more probable, I swear I wish I was good enough at watersking to be going so damn hard core that the wind pushes my skis off, if you have seen any of us jump, with a strong enough gust of wind we just land right back on the jump.  #lol #waterskijoke

As the global leader in all waterski news its surprising that we haven't learned more about this sooner, but, as it turns out being the only news provider in this economy is tough.

That all being said, do please click on over to the waterski magazine article, its a good read and details a bit more about her road to recovery, we all certainly do wish her good health and look forward to seeing her back on the water.

Its to Dang Cold!

Enjoy this weather you hot piece of ass! Dispatch from the CRB weather desk Guess what???  ITS COLDER THEN A WELL DIGGERS ASS OUT THERE KIDS...