Feb 24, 2007

Carl was good too..

There was an interesting exchange Friday on the Dan Patrick radio show in which him and Keith Olberman discussed if Dennis Johnson’s death would in effect catapult him into the NBA hall-of-fame.

Their reasoning, very sound, was that sometimes people who really stood out in their sport, somehow get lost in the shuffle after they retire. This could happen for a number of reasons, be it a less then galvanizing personality, not super showy game, or just existing in the world of a super-nova. In DJ’s case, it would have been Larry Bird during the great Celtics run of about 20 years ago.

So, their point was that in a case like this, people all of a sudden remember that ‘Hey! that guy was pretty awesome!” Or “What happened to him anyways?"

So, in death, their life takes on a grander hue then it had.

Its something that strikes you because, in all of their brilliance you never actually stopped and fully digested their accomplishments in the same way you think of defining careers in sports like you do Larry Bird or Michael Jordan or Shaq or someone in that ilk.

They never seemed to capture the imagination or somehow became bigger then what they actually did. It’s a strange situation to be in. Think of someone like Vince Carter who really hasn’t done any to warrant any of the kudos that he gets, but, he has captured the imagination of viewing public with amazing displays of athletic talent, read dunks.
Then, someone who consistently performs at a higher level but never has had that defining moment, or raw athleticism or charisma to capture the hearts, someone like Ray Allen or maybe Mike Bibby.

This is a shame too, in that people who really deserve the praise and admiration get left by the wayside because something more exciting but with less substance comes along.

Think about the world of waterskiing for a second, are their people like this that slip under the radar of the collective consensus/

Granted its entirely different then a much, much, much more popular sport like basketball, but, those in the know forget the folks who really set the bar for our current stars.

We all know of someone like Sammy Duvall, who burned hotter then the sun for his career in waterskiing. Even ask someone who only has a cursory knowledge of the sport and chances are that they have heard of him.

Its of course well deserved, as he brought the sport to heights that it hasn’t reached since, but riding with him right there in the shadows was Carl Roberge. One of the most amazing skiers ever but no one seems to remember him.

He accomplished things in the ski world that haven’t been duplicated to this day…other then the records part of course, but, I don’t think that he is regarded with the same reverence or given the same due that he is…well…due.

Of course, he hasn’t died. So, that after death catapult hasn’t happened to him yet.

In a sport such as ours that is so niche anyways, its funny how some people may fall by the wayside despite their excellence.

Feb 16, 2007

Got Wood?

Big wood, little wood, wide wood...to each their own!
If you haven't made that old wooden ski in the basement into a step-off ski yet, or for that matter burned it in a fire, made a team-shot glass thing out of it or generally destroyed the damn thing, these guys want it.

Wooden Skis (clearlakeindiana.org)

Feb 14, 2007

Lonely Waterskiier - Flickr Series

YO! I could use a pull over here!

A fun picture in our little on-going Flickr picture series. This is a picture taken by freeborn and in looking around his profile, he doesn't really seem to be the waterski type, taking more artistic type pictures.

Some of them, the artistic ones, are pretty cool really. I particularly like this one of some girl in a big hallway thing.

Feb 12, 2007

You Kneeboard Obsession Could Pay Off

Being a famous wakeboarder does NOT suck!

When we unleashed our photo minions to scour the microfiche for the latest photo of Dallas Friday they came across an interesting article from Wakeboarder.com.

Sort of a how-to guide on getting sponsored. Who knew it was that easy? Besides, the Wakeboarder.com peeps say you don't have to be THAT good...but it helps.
"However, it's not necessary to have any certain number of tricks or skill level to start getting sponsored by a local shop or as a regional team rider. What's truly important when trying to get sponsored is your attitude towards wakeboarding and you're ability to promote the shop or company in your local area. Nobody wants to sponsor a jerk who is full of themselves and their wakeboarding skills, so don't be that person. Be nice to others, modest, complimentary, and truly try to get others excited about wakeboarding and you'll be on your way."
Not to be a smart-ass either its really sort of an interesting read, not sure when it was published or anything, but, its kind of cool. Not sure either if it applies to any other discipline other then Wakeboarding but I am sure for all you aspiring kneeboarders out there....umm...your screwed, but, for other people its a starting point.

...or something.

How to get Sponsored (wakeboarder.com)


I only need one leg to kick your ass...and not fall down!

I guess you wouldn't call this breaking news, but, a couple days ago Dallas Friday said screw it, sawed off her own leg, strapped on a wooden peg leg and went wakeboarding.

This marked the first time on a board since she tried a no-fin to Whirley Bird to beating the shit out of the wrong side of the wake trick that resulted in the CRB crew getting to play doctors somewhere outside of the bedroom. HI-OOO!!

Ok, so she didn't really saw her own leg off, all though that would be cool, and fine...it was more like a week ago this happened (six days since it was posted on wakeworld if you want to be a dick about it), but, our healthy fixation with Dallas is totally justified and its nice to see her back on the water.

Peep this from the Wakeworld scribes.
"Dallas edged back and forth on the cable trying to get a feel of the water flowing under her board. It didn’t take her long before she was smiling and giving us a thumbs up.

Her leg wasn’t bothering her at all, but she did get a little winded after several laps. If you’ve ever been injured or taken a long break, you’ll know how difficult it is physically and mentally to get back in the swing of things."

Like the kids say, "Ride or Die".

Combine that with the CRB resident philosopher, Andy Dufresne, who said, "Get busy living, or get busy dying."


You live to ride, and if you die if you don't ride. So, she must have been dying just sitting around doing nothing and not riding...Right?

Dallas Rides (Wakeworld.com)

Feb 9, 2007

Ben Greenwood's derogatory hint or reference to a person or thing.

Here you have part of the Alliance Wakeboard video entitled "Innuendo". The rider in this part is apparently some dude named Ben Greenwood.

Not sure how a "derogatory hint or reference to a person or thing. An implication or insinuation" applies to wakeboarding, but, we are glad it does.

Thanks to skrilla for the tip.

Alliance Myspace (myspace.com)
Ben Greenwood (wakeboardcamp.com)
Innuendo (wiktionary.com)

Feb 7, 2007

Look Out Below!! - Flickr Series

This is going to SUCK!

Here is photo from Flickr taken by Tirau Dan, this is from his photo set Water Sport NZ.

There are some pretty cool pictures in that set, including a few variations of this gnarly wipe-out from a guy named Garth.

Doing a bit of searching on the google, it looks like Garth is this guy. Scroll down, he is the 341st ranked slalomer guy in the world.

However, thats nothing to sneeze at seeing as he doesn't seem to be real old. Peep this from Wintec.com.
Garth Milicich (Waterskiing)
Garth won the boys' overall title with seconds in the jump and slalom and fourth in the tricks and also made the open men's slalom final at the New Zealand Water Ski Champs in Wanganui.
Garth won the Junior jump, slalom and overall titles at the Waikato Regional Waterski Championships on Lake Karapiro, 19 and 20 March.
Garth also came 5th Overall, (4th in the Jump, 6th in the Tricks) in the Junior Moomba Waterski Championships, Melbourne.
Anyways, thats a cool as balls picture. Good work Tirau Dan...or Dan Tirau. Oh, Tirau Dan said in a post beneath the pic or one of the pics:
Just a nasty black and blue ligament injury they thought but took him to hospital for an xray:) I sent him the pics and the the link to these.
So there you have it. Check it out, dude.

Jump Pictures (flickr)
Sports Achievements (Waikato Institute of Technology)
05 World Ranking (Slalom.hu)

Feb 5, 2007

Dial up pretty much sucks

Thats about right
Moving slowly through the internets via a dial-up is like trying to drive a damn Prius in the snow. Slow and painful. On the bright side, the CRB has become aware of the greatest chip ever.


Its to Dang Cold!

Enjoy this weather you hot piece of ass! Dispatch from the CRB weather desk Guess what???  ITS COLDER THEN A WELL DIGGERS ASS OUT THERE KIDS...