Feb 4, 2022

Wet Leg - Chaise Longue VS George Washington

This song is so ridiculous and there is no reason why we should like it as much as we do, but then ag...

"excuse me"


"excuse me"

Oh...ha.  playing into the song joke.  gotcha. 

Wet Leg (awesome name) have a song that is this now.   look below at video or whatever.  

Right?  that is some catchy tunes right there and somehow, your dad is pregnant! 

But, we were talking in the board meeting this morning at CRB HQ and someone brought up an interesting point. 

Is the verse part not eerily similar to the weirdo George Washington with his far to many dicks song?

Have a listen. 


Enjoy your Friday kids. 


these guys kinda rule live!  Enjoy your weekend children. 

also, eat a god damn burrito once in a while.  put some guac in there.  live a little

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