May 10, 2010

Vid Day Monday

We here at the CRB have much love for the old school skiers. And here is one of the best ever.


  1. Patrice was a true phenom, even inventing some tricks that were officially approved through the years. Add his running slalom into mid 39, and jumping in the 180s, and you have a heck of a skier and a true legend. And a really nice guy, I might add.

  2. Patrice would is a top contender for the "CRB Best Skier Ever" award

  3. would is? hmmmmmmm. proof reading is lame

  4. this guy is 1b or 1c of crb favorites. anyone know if he is still skiing or what he is doing now days?

    Did nick leforiestier eat him to get his powers??


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