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Growth Opportunity? Nah, Lets Sit on our Hands

**Editors note: ODBF seems to have woken up from a three year slumber and returned to the keyboard to yell into it.  What follows is our attempt to make sense of it" The sport of water skiing is missing a HUGE opportunity. How should we take advantage of this crisis?  DO NOTHING YAY Yes, there are lots of great people in the sport, but JFC, how hard is it to at least let those of us that give a shit about the sport know what is going on? Post some useful info, ideas, something...anything really that helps keep those of us that try to follow this sport in the loop.   Seriously, is the end goal of our sport to be a couple rich people skiing in their backyard lake with no one watching?  Cuz that's where we are right now, so  YAY WE DID IT, NO ONE GIVES A SHIT ABOUT OUR SPORT ANYMORE.  Champaign all around! We have killed the sport, lets party Or...we could try to get people to watch our sport again, bring money into the sport instead of bleeding all