Oct 26, 2007

Jump > Trick Ski

The trick ski event is done at Nationals. No biggy right? Running order as such:

1: Alaksei Zharnasek ULM 6560
2: Adam Sledmajer ULM 5970
3: Storm Selsor ASU 5180
4: Kevin Melnuk ASU 4620
5: Tomlin Wilson ALA 3970

Ok, well, peruse down further and you stumble across:

Ryan Norwood ASU 1260
Ross Rettler MAD 660

WHAT? How does that happen!! How awesome!!!

Oct 23, 2007

Hot, Dirty, Nationals Action

Hey, it says so right in the title of the post!!

The Ncwsa.com has a post stating, "Get All Your Hot, Dirty, Nationals Action Right Here!"

Guess maybe the Girls Gone Wild or something bus will be down at Bennett's this year, not a bad way to draw some hits huh?
"Well NCWSA will do it's best to bring you action all day. Check here in the news section for play by play and also check the results section of our Nationals page for updated score books."

Whatever, its looking like they will have all the necessary information right there are your fingertips for all you losers people just like the rest of us that won't be there this year.

If the CRB monkey fails to post before the Nationals, best of luck to all.

Plus, if you are looking to read up on the teams that are competing, check out their team previews on the ncwsa...you won't be disappointed, with the best quote so far, "My Face!"

as pointed out in the comments, the MCWSA.com also has the previews, so, if you are so inclined go there...and those pix are great.

Nationals Action: NCWSA
Front Page: NCWSA

Oct 22, 2007

Ham and Cheese Pocket = $2.75

The image you see on the right is the snack bar at the Orlando Watersports Complex.

The OWC, located in...duh...Orlando is a huge cable ski complex that looks pretty damn awesome.

Most impressive, besides the two cable parks, nautiques, awesome water, hours of ski time, probably not-unattractive girls and the like, is the amazing deals on grub!! Check it out!!
Hamburger with lettuce, tomato, onions, pickle $3.50
Cheeseburger with lettuce, tomato, onions, pickle $4.00
Hot Dog $2.50
6 Chicken Wings HOT!!! or BBQ $3.50
Turkey or Ham Sub with cheese, lettuce, tomato, onions, pickles $4.75
Pizza pocket $2.75
Ham and Cheese Pocket $2.75
Chicken Cordon Bleu $3.50
Chef Salad $5.00
Garden Salad $4.25
Pizza Slice - pepperoni or cheese $2.75
Half pizza - pepperoni or cheese $8.50
Whole pizza - pepperoni or cheese $15.75
Popcorn $2.50
Fries $2.50
Pretzel $2.50
Onion Rings $3.50
Chips $1.50
Candy $1.50
Cookies chocolate chunk or white chocolate macadamia $1.50
Soda or Bottled Water $1.50
Gatorade or Energy Drink $2.00
Hook Us UP!!!!

OWC: orlandowatersports.com

Oct 18, 2007

Community Service - Looking for a Boat

In an effort to help out of fellow skiers, and hopefully, loyal CRBer, we post the following "Wanted" Ad.
Dearest contact Chevette,

I was hoping you would be able to help me. It was just recently that I relized I had such a problem. This problem has been plaguing me for many years now and I didn't even know it. It seems to me that with your great grasp of the interpornodirectorynet you might me able to help me. I don't own a boat. This is a big problem. Seeing as I know close to nothing about boats or what a good price would be I need help. I don't want to pay a whole lot but I would really like a ski boat. Something that I could possibly sell in a few years without losing my ass. Less than $20,000 would be a must and even less than that would be even better. Let me know if you can be of assistance.

I love you.


Translation, dude is looking for a ski boat, under $20,000 that is in decent shape. Help a brotha out!!

A good place to start, Frank, is the team mastercraft board...good a place as any we suppose....oh, and we love you too.

Oct 17, 2007

The New Hotness

Anyone here get Waterski Magazine?


Well, we don't either, but, we happened to catch one at a corporate event* and couldn't help but notice a picture of a dude wearing a very interesting pair of jump skis.

As it turns out, they are the new HO Wakeskis. The wakeskis are basically twin-tip jumpers, sort of a free-style version of your traditional jumpers that are identical in the front and in back.

You can pick yourself up a pair of these bad boys at waterskis.com and will run you about $400 blank.
"Twin-tipped water skis designed to be ridden wake to wake, rails and winch Wakeboard based shape Compression molded construction for stiffness and durability Polyurethane core 100% fiberglass wrap Category-first 3D bottom contours Category-first kick tips Goemetric top contours for reduced weight and maximum torsional stiffness True twin-tip shape for perfect switch takeoffs and landings All HO Waterski bindings mount direct to Wakeskis."
Yeah, what they said!

Well, we would love to do some testing for our good buddies over at HO. Maybe some viral marketing, all we would need in payment would be a couple pairs of these bad boys and you got yourself a deal!

Besides, wouldn't it be great to be able to tricks like this:

Now, if only we could do something about those dreadful graphics and we would really be on to something!!

*not really

HO Wakeskis: waterskis.com

USA Waterski has a new Overlord

Looks as though after a search that seemed to go on as long as the former head man, Meatloaf, was actually in charge, usawaterski finally got themselves a new leader.

His name is Steve Locke and he was most recently served as CEO of something the International Peace Garden and was the proprietor of Steven M. Locke Marketing LLC, an aptly titled marketing and event management firm in Colorado.

More important to our world, besides of course the peace garden, is that he sat on the USOC Board of Directors and ran USA Triathlon from 1991-2004, and on the USOC board from 1996 - 2004.
"Locke served as the chief executive officer for USA Triathlon for 12 years between 1991 and 2004. He led growth initiatives that increased membership from 9,000 to 53,000; grew the organization from an annual budget of $300,000 to $6 million; initiated new sponsorship relationships resulting in millions of dollars of budget relief over a 12-year span; and created a reserve fund of $2 million through generated profits."

Looks like USA Waterski really has some wood for this Olympics connection, remember our boy Andy Jugan said how he always aspired to be part of an Olympic level organization?

Well, now the usawaterski people actually nabbed themselves someone who actually was part/is part of that whole operation!
“It is a huge privilege for me to become involved with USA Water Ski,” said Locke, who also has served on the board of directors for the United States Olympic Committee (1996-2004) and as president of USA Taekwondo (2004-2006). “Through my involvement with Olympic and Pan American sports, luminaries such as Tony Baggiano and Steve McDermeit kept me up to date with the pulsating action of all the diverse disciplines of USA Water Ski. Their enthusiasm along with everyone else I have met has me enthused about going to work for USA Water Ski and growing the sport of water skiing across all nine sport disciplines. It should be a lot of fun.”
Thats not all though!

In doing a little searching around the internets for info on our boy, check out this opinion piece he wrote about people bitching about USA Triathlons involvements with the Olympics:
"Inbreeding" creates weakness within an organization. Witness that any animal or plant species with a limited gene pool becomes weaker over time and may eventually disappear. The similarity in goverance is strikingly the same. If a sport's governance is "purebred" within the sport, it tends to weaken as little fresh thought is introduced from the outside, and the business side frequently does not flourish. This has been evidenced time and again within NGB governance. The model is just wrong for these times of a needed higher grade of business sophistication."
Well, thats pretty good. Welcome aboard dude.

Locke Named New Director: usawaterski.com
Opinion Piece: slowtwitch.com
Take me to your leader: the CRB

Oct 16, 2007

Western Regionals - Cal Poly San Luis Obispo....what?

Serious, is there a better name out there then Storm Selsor? We can't decide if thats a great porn name or that of your local weather dude with the doppler 5000 mega-graphing technology, but, either way, this dude can freaking ski.

He took fourth in slalom, bested by we are guessing his bro Ryan Selsor, while taking first in tricks...with his doppler 5000 buddy Ryan getting fourth this time, and finally getting second in jump.

For the women, lets just say that Jenna Sligar is pretty good and kicked everyones ass besides her teammate from ASU, Jessica Long, who won tricks.

Here, check out the scores for your damn self, western regionals scorebook

oh, and HEY!!! They got themselves some pictures too!! Pictures

But, the real fun is that a college called "Cal Poly San Luis Obispo" made it to nationals. Holy Cow that is an awesome name for a school. I can just picture the wild parties and promiscous loving with various people of questionable love-a-billity that must go on there!!

wow, we are fucking stupid, its Cal Poly Tech located in San Luis Obisbo.

anyways, Cal Poly Tech did make it to nationals, check it out:

Division I
Wisconsin - Madison
Missouri State
Louisiana - Lafayette
Louisiana - Monroe
University of Texas
Arizona State
Sacramento State
Cal Poly

Division II
UNC-Chapel Hill
Texas State University
Texas A&M
San Diego State

Division Kick Ass
Hope College

Congrats everyone! But, on a completely side note, why is Rollins in D2....didn't they used to be super awesome? Just wondering.

Scorebook: NCWSA.COM
Pictures: NCWSA.COM
Nationals Field: NCWSA.COM
Cal Poly Tech: CalPolySanLuisObispo.org

Oct 11, 2007

Florida Southern, DQ'ed?

From the NCWSA website comes this little ditty about the Eastern Regionals and Florida Southern being disqualified due to an ineligible skier.
"Following Florida Southern Colleges disqualification from Regionals due to sking an ineligble skier the following is the revised scorebook. The Alabama Crimson Tide are now your 2007 Regional Champions."
Woo Hoo! Roll Tide, we guess.

But, what gives? What happened? How does someone slip through the cracks like that? Was it a simple mistake or something more sinister, like, a plot to take down the Hope Machine?

Inquiring minds want to know.

Well, we ventured over to the skifly, with predictable results. but, its worth a shot if you can handle a bunch of bitching.

Howevs, there were a couple of good posts..including this one from an actual NCWSA person!!

As a NCWSA Board member, I'd like to try and add a little insight to this conversation and clarify a few points in this thread. I think Mich skier hit our goal as an organization pretty much right on the head in his above post.

Also I'd like to preface this by saying I was not at the Eastern Regionals. I can only comment on what has been sent to me. Saying that, I think the Eastern Region representatives made the right decision when they DQ'd FSC for an NCWSA rules violation. FSC did make an appeal to the NCWSA Board. It was given very careful consideration and discussion before the ultimate decision to deny it was made. The Eastern Region did allow them to compete without having their eligibility letter on site at tournament registration, something we would not have done here in the west. While a copy of it was emailed during the day Saturday, it was unrealistic to expect it could be read immediately at a lake with no internet access by board members who were working as officials. While I believe that no attempt was made to cover the fact that their skier was ineligible and that it was an honest mistake, it would have been caught had the letter been turned in on time for that event, and an email does not constitute an eligibility letter per our rules.

The board did conduct a thorough review of their appeal, and everyone feels bad about these skiers not participating in Nationals. Contrary to what others have posted, the University involved had nothing to do whatsoever with our decision. I did not care at all which school was involved. While we are not an NCAA sport, the NCWSA strives to maintain our reputation as a legitimate collegiate sports organization, and the integrity of our rules and desire to promote an equitable playing field for all teams. In fairness to the 65 programs or so nationwide that did follow the rules, we could not allow the team that did not to go to Nationals, regardless if it was intentional or not.

I sincerely hope that this does not hurt the FSC program long term, as they do have a strong history in the NCWSA and I hope to see them rebound from this in 2008. I sympathize with the rest of the team who feels they are being punished, but compare it to the NCAA, where a violation can cause future postseason suspension and loss of scholarships that damages programs long term.

I hope everyone realizes that there was no agenda to punish an elite team, or a Florida team, or some of the other misconceptions I've seen on this thread. I wish we had the ability to set up the appeals process and have the staff positions available in the NCAA, but the reality is this is a volunteer board that gives every appeal and voting issue fair consideration and ultimately has done it's best to make decisions that are fair to all programs. Each region elects a board of directors annually, and the NCWSA has created many new committees in the last year to try and give teams greater opportunity to participate in and help run this sport. I encourage anyone who does not like the decisions being made or feels they can help benefit the sport to get involved.

Congratulations to the 15 programs qualified for Nationals and the 5 more from the west that will be decided next weekend.
Harley Wallace
NCWSA Western Director, NCWSA Vice Chairman

Revised Score book : NCWSA

Oct 10, 2007

Olympic Thoughts

If you click over to the US Olympic Committee site you will catch a little post, well, actually not quite that little post about Freddy and Karen being named water ski athletes of the month.

Which by itself isn't really that noteworthy, seeing as they both rule.

However, it begs the question, why or what does the USOC have to gain, and/or whats the purpose of having that post and watersking listed on that site?

Waterskiing is not an official Olympic sport last time we checked. A few years ago it was an exhibition sport but nothing more. The understanding that we have at the CRB is simply, since the sport requires a motorized vehicle to provide the athlete to means to compete it is inherently against the values that the Olympics stand for.

This is the reason why something like ballroom dancing can be considered an Olympic sport, while something like skiing is left out in the cold.

But, we understand this right?

And, lets be honest, see all the bullshit that goes on with this sport, especially on various chat boards and the people who instinctively rip the sport to shreds because of some timing bullshit or whatever.

Anyways, the question remains, why is waterskiing even listed there?

Is this like the pretty girl that is slightly out of your reach, but, enjoys the attention so she leads you on? You are sitting there thinking that you may have found the dream girl, only to have your hopes crushed? But hey! she calls you the next day, so you beat your head against a wall again. Why not! It may work this time!

But, then again, do you really want to cut ties? Not really, and the waterski world it seems that they are intrigued by the possibility it may work out, so, they keep forging ahead.

Because, there is always hope right?

Well, for the waterski community and the USOC, we certainly hope so.


Oct 8, 2007

Community Service - Looking for Jumpers

In an effort to help out of fellow skiers, and hopefully, loyal CRBer, we post the following "Wanted" Ad.

WANTED.......80-82' Jump skis in good condition. Goodman or Connelly preferrered but would consider others.
Contact Jimmy at jmillsendo@bellsouth.net

Find our man some jumpers!

More Video Fun

Here is a vid of Freddy Flying. Damn this guy is good. This site looks familer, but, not sure where or what it is...anyone know?

Oct 1, 2007

Collegiate Nationals Fun

Well its only what, 23 days 10 hours 57 minutes and 27 sec...wait...26..., well you get the idea till Collegiate Nationals.

Yes, there is a fun little countdown clock on the ncwsa website. Of note as well, the nationals site was UNLEASHED on the public.

Full of pretty bright yellow colors and a clock and OH SNAP!! a link to the registration packet!!

Of course, it opens up in the super fun and friendly pdf format. Whatever.

Anywho, the past weekends tourneys saw a number of familer faces qualify for the big dance...ugh...that was lame...meant to say, some familer teams qualified for Nationals, Purdue, Udub-Madison, ULL, ULM, Michigan, Illinois, Don't mess with Texas, Don't mess with Texas A&M and....Missouri State?


Hell yeah. Get some!

Ncwsa stuff - NCWSA
Unleash HELL!! - NCWSA

edit: we messed up the missouri thing. fixed now. our bad. that intern has been beaten and fired.

Its to Dang Cold!

Enjoy this weather you hot piece of ass! Dispatch from the CRB weather desk Guess what???  ITS COLDER THEN A WELL DIGGERS ASS OUT THERE KIDS...