Jun 22, 2006

Straight up and down like six o'clock

Mandy meet Regina...Regina meet Mandy.

Never let it be said that the Boathouse people aren't first with breaking news in the waterski world.

Like, two weeks ago Mandy Nightingale set two pending Women's trick records, While at the same time, THE EXACT SAME TIME...or more likely the same week-end, Regina Jaquess (pronounced Jaquess) set a pending slalom record of 3 at 39.5 off.

In doing so she bested or pending besteded her own world record of 2.25 bouys at 39.5.

***Side note - Would it kill usawaterski.com to put some pictures with their stories? Its much harder to write funny waterski stuff and put in pics if we have to do all the work ourselves.***

If you remember we made a big deal about the guys at collegiate all-stars and their performances, but, dudes you best step it up, Regina and Mandy just mopped the floor with yo bust ass trick ski and slalom ski attached to a mop and dipped in that nasty water they use at fast food restaurants and then clean the floor with it using your trick ski and....ugh....*dizzy*

Why didn't I go to Devry and get that sweet computer tech degree? Geek Squad in the house playa!!

So, want to feel even worse about this nonsense? Mandy isnt just a great skiier, but also was a member of the University of Colorado basketball team.

While I think she looks more natural in her ski gear then in a basketaball jersey, its still impressive none the less.

Messed around and got a triple-double

Around here though thats nothing, see, every summer when I break out my street ball gear and go by the name "The Professor", even Skip to my lou himself....thats playground legend Rafer Alston fo all y'all bitchs, won't step his game to my level.

Not to be outdone, if you check out Regina's Bio, its states that not only was she a star point guard for her high school team but also has the nickname cheese.

She seems like a tough girl not to like, here are some highlights from her website. With our hysterical and accurate thoughts in {these things}.

Pet: Stoney, Chocolate Lab, born on the Bayou DeSiard, August, 2002 {Dogs Rule}

Favorite NASCAR Nextel Cup Drivers: Jeff Gordon and Jimmy Johnson; Kyle Busch, Brian Vickers, and Dale Jr. (With these guys, one of my drivers wins more often than not) {Kyle Busch? No Way, one demerit point on Regnina}

Favorite Cuisine: Mexican {Damn straight!! Demerit point removed!!}

Least Favorite Food: Hamburgers {Ugh...demerit point put back..unless she meant only if she meant she loves cheeseburgers...then no points lost.}

Favorite Beach: Beaches of South Walton, FL (Destin) {.....o.k?}

Best Vehicle: Anything with a Chevy logo, but an SS Silverado is pretty cool, then again, so is a Corvette Convertible. {CHEVY KICKS ASS...two points!!}

Best Ski Boat: MasterCraft Pro Star 197, without question the best tournament ski boat on the planet {$20 bucks she is sponsered by them. Shameless.}

Just checked and yes she is sponsered by Mastercraft along with...Holy Crap...
//Blink blink...

MasterCraft, Chevrolet, GM Vortec Engines, GOODE Skis, Indmar, Wiley Bindings, Speedo, Performance Ski & Surf of Orlando, Intensity, Cory Pickos World Ski Center, Masterline, Bunkaps, Smith Optics, Girls4Sport, and Red Bar.

Does Vortec just ship her engines in crates? YO!! QUIT HOGGING THE MOTORS!!

Hi Ho, Hi Ho, its off the Regina Jaquess (pronounced Jaquess) house I go!

Meanwhile, Mandy goes for quality over quantity with Mastercraft, O'Brien and O'Neil...That was taken from the USAWaterski page, however, it looks like she skis for D3 now...

Also, and for the god's sake, leave some accolades for the rest of us...get this.

Career Basketball:
Finished University of Colorado Basketball Career 9th in points scored (1,386), 2nd in 3-point field goals made (224), 3rd in Free Throws made (420), 5th in Free Throw Percentage (.825), 3rd in assists (483), 5th in Assists Average (3.9), and 10th in Steals (169)

2003 - Colorado Sports Woman of the Year (basketball)
2003 - Voted #6 in the University of Colorado Women's Basketball Best Buffaloes Ever

2002 - University of Colorado Female Athlete of the Year
2002 - Colorado's 18 th 1,000 point scorer
2002 - Drafted 3 rd round to the Portland Fire
Well played ladies, indeed.

Pickos International Cup (Usawaterski.com)
Scorebook (Usawaterski.com)
Regina Jaquess (Reginajaquess.com)
Mandy Q & A (Gballmag.com)

Jun 14, 2006

The Sun Online - News: Skier goes showboating

I was so proud of the "Take me to your leader" post that I really didnt want to put anything else on top of it.


This is just awesome. Some dude in not-America decided to take a set behind a cruise ship.

Skier goes showboating (The Sun Online)

Jun 13, 2006

Take me to your leader

A mysterious pod was seen over the night sky just outside of Orlando the other day. It swooped low over Church Street in downtown Orlando. It was spotted again just over Pleasure Island.

Then, it flew away heading west.

It landed with a chunk or a ploosh in Polk City. People from miles around stared in awe at what was coming.

"A celestial occurrence right here in our back yard!!" they said.

Is the proof that Fox Mulder was looking for, will this prove life on other planets? The assembled masses stared in whispered to each other in hushed tones.

The door opened...

Steps appeared...

A light shone through the darkness...

The crowd of now close to 30,000 people drew a collective gasp of breath as they fixed their eyes on this man!!

Paradise by the dashboard lights
A mighty voiced boomed...
"USA Water Ski has announced that it has named Andy Jugan as the organization’s new executive director."
The crowd erupted into what can only be described as a riot-like, jubilant, testosterone filled mass of sweaty bodies as they cheered their newfound leader.

Andy emerged from the craft head held aloft in pride and took in the spectacle.

As the newly minted Executive Director of the fearsome USA Waterski organizationn, Andy is now to be welcomed to our world with open arms and a cold beer.

So, lets take a look at what we have here in our new man.

He was most recently the head of the Greater Louisville Sports Commission for the past six years. Prior to that he was the executive director of the Lubbock (Texas) Sports Authority and the Syracuse (New York) Sports Corporation.

He has a Bachelors degree from Western Michigan and Master’s from Bowling Green.

O.K, so know you you a little about the guy and what he has done. Lets take a peek at what he has to say about his new post.
"Although I have enjoyed a long and successful career in sports as an athlete, coach and administrator, I have always aspired to work for the United States Olympic Committee or one of the national governing bodies,"” Jugan said. "“USA Water Ski has presented me the opportunity to achieve that. My wife, Kathy, and I see this as a tremendous, exciting professional opportunity with a strong organization that has limitless potential for additional growth and development. I look forward to a long and successful tenure as executive director of USA Water Ski."”
Sounds pretty good so far. Basic stuff really. All thought, he should learn to speak in better sound bites.

What would be a shock or newsworthy if he said something like

"Crap, I really wanted that Olympics gig, but this will have to do, I guess we have some limited...oh...I meant Limited growth...errr...unlimited and and...screw it."

My only real gripe with that is simply that instead of saying that he was interested in running the sport of waterskiing and bringing it to new heights, you know something like...

"I have always loved waterskiing and I want more then anything to see this sport succeed on a national and international level with the television, internet and other media exposure that it deserves and gives the athletes the events, sites, money and exposure that they deserve."

Imagine this in the near future...

Why won't these ho's just back up off me?

Instead what we got was how he always wanted to run a national governing body and USA Waterski will do.

Note: This is not a slam on the man, nor am I upset in the hire. I hope he does well and grows our little sport. However, I just not really inspired.

That goes along with his personality and judging by this article in the Courier Journal in Louisville, seems to be his M.O as he addressed his successes as a member of the GLSC.
"He noted the city has hosted three national USA Volleyball championships for boys and girls, the BMX World Cycling Championships and the National Masters Road Championships for bicyclists."

"His crowning jewel," Bisig said, "has to be the National Senior Games, which are headed to Louisville in '07."

Commission member Harold Workman said that some of the events Jugan brought to town "may not make the top line of the sports page, but they are really great events for the sports enthusiasts, and I think Louisville is well known for those type of events now, and we weren't before."
Maybe thats the idea, what USA Waterski was looking for. Maybe they are more realistic about the sport then I am. Its what I hate about things in general when I can't control them. I don't like being told that we are building for the future, or the foundation is being laid or other such trivial things.

I like Action, Emotion and Results.

BUT!! They did not contact me in regards to this search so maybe he is planning a big strategic shift in the culture of the sport where it will build slowly in the way that maybe something Arena Football did.

Ugh, dude, these acid trips are getting really literal

Arena Football was a fledgling organazation untill their golden goose, Kurt Warner, get hot and provided some juice for the league. But, they had built a strong foundation, a strong following and were able to jump on that opportunity, shuffle a few teams around with the previously Warner led Iowa team flee the corn and head to New York (I see you Rykert!) and secure a lucrative T.V deal out of it.

So, here is to our new head honcho, Andy Jugan, and here is to hoping that you kick butt.

Welcome to our world.


This rounds on us.

Andy Jugan Named Executive Director (usawaterski.org)
Greater Louisville Sports Commision Staff (louisvillsports.org)
Louisville sports commision chief Jugan leaving to head ski agency (Courier-journal.com)

Jun 12, 2006

What you listen to

Music and Waterskiing goes together like Burritos and Hangovers, like Jack and Coke, like Page and Plant, like Me and Mandy Moore.

Basically, they are perfect together.


Everyone in someway shape or form has music interconnected with their skiing experiance in some way. Either a specific song they listen to to get pumped, something they listen to post-run to chill, something that reminds them of a great moment.

What we are looking to do is put together the ultimate mix-tape of music and the reasons why.

Think of that one song you hear prior to a run that makes you kick-ass, or the one that brings you back down, or the one you have in your head when you are out.

Think these songs and post them in the comment section.

Here are my favorites (edited from initial post):
1) Bubble Toes - Jack Johnson
I don't know why, but the la da da da part keeps my in the right frame of mind.
2) Dyers eve or Damage, INC - Metallica
Always good to get pumped
3) Black Betty - Tom Jones
This is when I take myself to serious
4) I need more love - Robert Randolph and the family band
5) Drum Trip - Rusted Root
Basically there whole album that everyone owns is pretty good

If you would rather not post in comments, email us at greenboathouse@gmail.com

Send this link to your pals and ski buds. Post all your thoughts.

Don't be afraid, one song, ten songs, whatever the reason. What gets you off?

Jun 5, 2006

A place for everyone

FINALLY! A place where I can show off my 74 dyne. Sweet.

As you can tell by the logo that I totally stole off the main page, the Hydrodyners website is a place devoted to Hydrodyne, Crosby and Calabria boats.

The website it pretty slim, with basically the front page, a chat board (which looks just like skifly and about 8 million other generic chat boards) and a page with video clips of old Dynes doing very Dyne things. Like, drive around in circles.

I have never heard of Croby boats before, so, here is a picture.

Early modeling shots from Crosby, Adriana Lima is not worried

On the other hand, everyone knows what Hydrodynes look like. Basically, if a little kid drew a boat on a piece of paper with crayons and they made boats out of it...well, thats what it would look like.

Circa 1974. I will own show skiing soon!

So, for all of you out there with wicked cool old dynes collected dust in the garage or out in the front lawn on blocks here is your salvation. Dust it off and show it off to the world!

Also twin-rigged

Umm, what were we talking about?

Hydrodyners boat and ski club

Jun 1, 2006

Boathouse put on BLAST!!

Iowa's finest

Rykert, the patron saint of the Waterski, etc blog, and our friend over here in the boathouse recently served notice that as a proud resident of Iowa he won't take kindly to our goofing on his state.

As we so eloquently put it a few weeks ago, in the preview to the Collegiate All-Stars, that Iowa was basically all corn fields.

So, he responded in kind with picture evidence showing that Iowa is in fact not all corn-fields.

So cute as a baby

In fact, he provided pictures to that effect.

You are right my man, Iowa does kick ass and don't let the idiots on skifly say otherwise. But there is a lot of corn.


Its to Dang Cold!

Enjoy this weather you hot piece of ass! Dispatch from the CRB weather desk Guess what???  ITS COLDER THEN A WELL DIGGERS ASS OUT THERE KIDS...