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Its 2021. Lets Ring In The New Year.

Ok then, 2020 sucked and we are now in a new year, hell yeah, time for all the good shit to happen.  You are probably like, "hey, crb idiots, its almost the middle of February...2021 didn't just start and it is still kinda shitty!" To which we reply, that is true and you are a god damn pessimist and we would no longer like you on our pontoon boat out here in the middle of the lake.  In the middle of a northern state.   Where it is SO COLD.   Audience: "HOW COLD IS IT?!?!" so cold Audience: "hahaha, a Lazlo Holmes reference, I get that and that makes me chuckle...but, seriously, how cold is it??" Its so cold even the mountains are putting on their snow caps! Audience:  /Groan Its so cold the Mail carriers watch out for both dogs and polar bears!! Audience: "we paid for this shit?" Fine fine whatever.  No more jokes about the weather.  Turns out though, nothing really changes from one year to the next, we have a different presiden