Apr 20, 2015

Vid Day Monday

Cool way to start wake surfing.  Not cool hair.

Chain of Records

So a bunch of show skiers got together in Florida about a week ago and tried to break a bunch of show ski records.  While at first I thought this was kinda lame I have come around on it.  Mostly because this looked like a fun time, don't really care about the records as much as having a good time on the water.  I did notice they did not try to challange Rowboat Abides record of most beers drank while clearly too drunk to get out of his rocking chair while waving a shotgun at young whipper snappers or ODBF's record of most time spent doing nothing of any value while getting paid.

Thats a lot of footers!

And some swivel yard sales

//flip flip
///flips while flipping

40 people on the pylon of a triple rig...looks like a smooth ride.

Apr 13, 2015

Mar 24, 2015

Mar 4, 2015

Moomba Webcast Looks Good

You said it andrewhill393, bring on the jump!

How good does the scenery look at Moomba!  If you aren't watching the webcast, you need to get on it.  Its awesome.

Its the later part of winter for most of the U.S and its miserable, and any break is awesome.  Its also, nighttime and we are watching it on a big ass TV and it makes us feel like its summer time.

Waterskiing > snow

watch it now here L i N k