Sep 9, 2014

Show Ski Worlds

This coming weekend is the 2nd show ski worlds tournament.  Somehow Janesville Wisconsin won the bid for the second time as well, winning out over a site in China and a different one in the US.  Somehow = half of the voters are current and former members of the show ski team from conflict of interest at all...

The same teams that competed at the inaugural event 2 years ago are back again this time.  Australia, Belgium, Canada, China and the USA.

You can watch the webcast starting Saturday morning at 10am EST right HERE

And here are a few highlights from the last worlds.

Sep 8, 2014

Vid Day Monday

The record for most guys throwing a front flip off a standard size jump ramp at once is 7 completed by the Tampa Bay Show Ski Team at show ski nationals around 2000 or so.  The US show ski team practicing for the worlds tournament next weekend just tied that record.

7man front flip from Poser Inc. Productions on Vimeo.

Vid Day Monday

I blew out my knee when I was about 19 or so and remember thinking how much it sucked to sit on the shore and watch everyone else skiing.  As I sat there I saw a guy in a wheel chair and felt sorry for him that he would never be able to enjoy the feeling of riding on top of the water.  Later that year at a 3 event tournament I saw a blind guy slaloming and then saw a guy with 1 leg jump.  How wrong I was about what the barriers to skiing really were.  In the years since then I have been involved in several adaptive ski events and have seen many more.  If you have never been a part of one of these events you need to strap on your big kid swim suit and go track one down.  They are very fun to be a part of.

Sep 3, 2014

Wake Board Wednesday

Darin Shapiro's comeback to wake boarding after 9 years.  Cool vid.

Dude sticks a speedball and some line over tricks which tug at my trick skiers heart.

RESURGENCE from Sidewayz Films on Vimeo.

Sep 2, 2014

Vid Day Tuesday?

So we are a day happens a lot around here.  Its possible we just had a week of booze cruising to celebrate the coming of labor day.  Its possible we misunderstood how labor day works...

But to make up for it we have a vid with some bad ass freestyle jumping, wakeboarding and a bit of back footing. The song in the vid is shit so we suggest pulling up something you like and playing that instead.

Seth Frase Summer 2014 from Seth Frase on Vimeo.