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CRB Updates / WTF

No, thats two for me bar keep.  make em strong.  So, what the hell is going on with the CRB you may be asking yourself as you drift off to sleep.  Live your life, as we are not ones to tell you what to think or do, but....wondering about the CRB is real low on the things we thought you would think you thought.   never the less.  what sort of waterski poltergeist would we be if we didn't infect your brain and send a tree in through you window to try and kill you.  What?  Thats a movie huh?  Ok, sweet, well lets figure this shit out somehow then. This is a post to help explain what is going on with CRB and where we are now, where we are going and if being silly in our current world still has a place at the table.  We aren't for sure at the moment and for sure we don't know at the end, but, lets see if we can't figure it out a bit along the way.  What say you?   Do you want you?   DO YOU????  BITCH.  ANSWER ME!!!!! Your right...that was to aggressive...lets tr

Growth Opportunity? Nah, Lets Sit on our Hands

**Editors note: ODBF seems to have woken up from a three year slumber and returned to the keyboard to yell into it.  What follows is our attempt to make sense of it" The sport of water skiing is missing a HUGE opportunity. How should we take advantage of this crisis?  DO NOTHING YAY Yes, there are lots of great people in the sport, but JFC, how hard is it to at least let those of us that give a shit about the sport know what is going on? Post some useful info, ideas, something...anything really that helps keep those of us that try to follow this sport in the loop.   Seriously, is the end goal of our sport to be a couple rich people skiing in their backyard lake with no one watching?  Cuz that's where we are right now, so  YAY WE DID IT, NO ONE GIVES A SHIT ABOUT OUR SPORT ANYMORE.  Champaign all around! We have killed the sport, lets party Or...we could try to get people to watch our sport again, bring money into the sport instead of bleeding all

Happy 4/20 From Your Friends at CRBaked

Hi Everyone! Hey, how about that.  We remembered to pay our internet bill and the man let us have our website back!  Our accounts payable department* is awesome. Hope everyone is having a great year and nothing weird or bad or terrifying has happened to affect anyones life in any way what so ever!! CRB - "Whats that?" CRB - "Oh, I see, could you be a little more specific?" All seeing being:  /gestures broadly at everything. CRB - "Well, fuck" Light one up then, enjoy this while we still have it.

We Don't Know How To Pay For Our Domain Name

Yeah, no shit.  100 years ago we bought the domain with  somehow that shit got sold to google who wants us to pay like 200 a year for some g-suite ass nonsense.  I've paid for a G-suite and all it got me was weak ass cocaine and genital wart. I suppose, we will figure this out, but, maybe not.  Either way. I had to come out of my cabin in the woods to handle this bullshit for these morons. Rowboat out. here.  enjoy this you pigs

Indiana Beach is Closing Down

Strange and suprising news coming out of Indiana. Indiana Beach to close after 94 years. — (@WTHRcom) February 18, 2020 Not going to lie, didn't know they had strong enough electricity in Indiana to actually power a roller coaster over your mom. From a personal level, they could use a bomb to explode that place and we would be fine with it, back in the day, we had a significant other who went to ski at the ski show there.  They were no longer that, post, that. So, fuck that place.  Fuck your state. Fuck your roller coaster.  May you melt into the sea with your shit basketball and your shit corn. Oh, and your race track sucks. 

Maybe....we should relax a bit.

Its going to be a stressful year or so coming up....we have been able to make it through before...but... its not quite the original band, but, wow, is there any band in the world that plays better music and is that incapable of harmonizing worse? Yeah yeah, fine.  Cannibal Corpse.  sure.  but, second?  Didn't think so. 

Yum, Chicken

That's it, that's the post. Eat Chicken.  Its good.