Apr 21, 2007

The Most Ridiculous Waterski Video Ever

There is not much more that needs to be said. Note, the audio is not real loud, so turn it up...plus, about 3/4 of the way through it there is a nice shot of the "Blue Crush" girl....provided you aren't blinded by what comes before.

Apr 19, 2007


So, if you are a very astute reader of our site you may have caught our tribute article that was written for the VT this morning. However, I removed it. It’s a struggle to justify writing a “tribute” post for the people of VT and not have it sound like some internal justification for the sorrow you are feeling.

Its tough, you want to say the right things, you want to express your sorrow to the students and families, but, how?

What can you say that hasn’t already been said a million times by a million other people?

Nothing really.

That’s what makes it worse, the words are there and the sentiments are real, but, on paper or on a computer they come out as hollow.

We don’t want that.

But, what really made the original post and what is making this one, is that speech above by the VT professor. The last two minutes pretty much sums up what we feel. You can sense the anger and frustration and venerability in every word she spoke.

It comes across so strong.

These poor souls didn’t deserve this, they didn’t ask for it, and only god knows why they were choosen.

The collegiate world is such a unique place in every persons life, there is such a tight bond of community within your campus. It doesn’t matter that you don’t know the person walking next to you on the way to class, you are part of something bigger then yourself. Oh sure, you are there to get a degree and better your lot in life, but, you can’t tell me that on vacation, or at a job or anywhere else that if you ran into someone and you both went to the same school you wouldn’t swap a couple stories, a few drinks or a few lies about the girls you hooked up with or the beers you drank.

There is a bond that exists for everyone who ever went to a school with everyone else who went there.

We all know this in our little waterski world, you feel part of something. Its silly sometimes sure, but, you are part of something.

That’s why I think this tragedy resonates with us all, it’s a shot right to the core of that community. Its right there in your face, someone taking your most prized possession, in your most venerable and exciting part of life and smashing it right there in front of you.

That’s the pain we can share with the students and the families.

For these poor souls who lives were ended so abruptly, they didn’t do anything wrong, they had their entire lives ahead of them. Families to raise, jobs to go to, friends to have fun with….there was so much more for them to do.

One of our favorite sites…ok, our fav, is the Dugout, which is run by three dudes, one of which goes to school at VT. Nick has written the last week or so some pretty moving posts for the AOL fanhouse blog, basically detailing what the community is going through, their feeling and frustrations.

But, in the wake of Cory Lidles death a few months ago they had a post and in it explained how heaven is basically a really big hotel / airport sort of thing. It was by far the most insightful and touching thing that I have read concerning someone’s death.

It was so silly, but, so good at the same time. But, I hope that there is a place like that for these poor souls. In fact, I am pretty sure there is, and they are probably up there chilling out at the hotel bar knocking back a beer or 20 and doing what they can to ease the pain that their families and friends are going through.

God knows that’s the only sane explanation for something like this. People want to believe that God always has a plan for our lives, why ours revolve around waterskiing is beyond me, but, that there is a plan.

Maybe God swung by there room to impart some words of wisdom and maybe give them a bottle of Jack or something, who knows?

But, part of that post was that everyone is responsible for prayer duty, they all have to answer the phone and prayers are routed to them. If that’s the case, send yours to them. Maybe they will hear it.

Now THIS is a slalom course!!

Perfect pass better be set this time!

From a loyal reader comes this great picture of a person taking a run on a relatively famous body of water.

There are a couple important questions that need to be asked. 1) Where do you put the boat in? Is there a landing there somewhere? and 2) Is this course controlled by any underwater contraption whereby Jenny's (thats the skier above, we are told) score would be artificially improved?

Either way, thats a pretty awesome scoop, I bet no one else in the world was aware there was skiing allowed there.

However, we weren't 100% sure this picture was real*, so we turned to our resident expert on everything relating to everthing...the following was his response.


*Its photoshop. orly?

Apr 17, 2007

Wear What the Pros Wear

Its a never ending cycle really, the pro athletes that everyone looks up to say something, do something or wear something and we all think its cool and do the same. I mean, I cant get enough Gatorade now that Kevin Garnett is my Gatorade-man in the morning.

As it goes, now comes Nicolas Le Forestier and his wearing of, and sponsorship of Alpina Watches. Check out their site if you want, or see his website if you need your fix.

Better yet, just take a peep at what the man has to say.
"Je suis extrêmement heureux de vous annoncer mon tout nouveau partenariat avec la marque de montre Suisse Alpina, déjà bien connue du milieu du ski alpin Alpina se tourne maintenant vers le nautisme avec des produits d'une qualité remarquable qui feront le bonheur des skieurs nautiques. Pour de plus amples informations vous pouvez visiter le site d'Alpina"
"I am extremely proud to announce my newest partnership with the Swiss watches manufacturer Alpina. Well know in the snow skiing industry Alpina will now be present among the waterski community. For more info visit Alpina's website"

Nicks Site (nicolasleforstier.com)
Alpina (alpina-watches.com)

Apr 14, 2007

Ken White = Waterski Stud

Check out this video. This is a tribute to Ken White put on the youtube by a guy named Scott Brown.

This is an amazing video. Its a well done "memorial" for a guy, but, whats more, take a look at the old boats, the old cars and the old equipment.

We think we are all bad-ass with our new fangled gear and I bet the majority of us would walk away if someone said, "Here, wear these shorts, this life jacket and these wooden skis and go throw some heli's."

What we find the most fun though, is, look at the show skiing parts. Its the same nonsense that show teams do now. Nothing has changed, really.


Ken White (youtube.com)

Apr 12, 2007

Help Wanted

Hey, looks like there may be a spot open in the USA Waterski headquarters!!

As you may know the fearless leader Andy Jugan decided to leave his post as head of USA Waterski like a month or so ago.

There is some speculation as to the circumstances surrounding his leaving USA Waterski (here to for referred to as usaw, because capitalizing is hard).

If you happen to gander over to skifly.com and look at the message board, which is ripe with speculation and theories as to his departure.

anyways, Andy bailed out of the usaw world, amid either controversy or some very sad family affairs and is no longer apart of what goes on, so its time to look further to find someone new to run this ship.

So, click your ass on over to the usaw website and take a peep at their criteria for a leader...no, really, do it. here, link this...job criteria

now that you have read that, lets break it down a bit.

Primary responsibilities include:
-Manage headquarters staff and the operation of USA Water Ski, Inc.
-Implement and maintain programs to develop and support participants and
-Financial reporting to the association’s president and Executive
oh...really? YO, tech school calling.

Thats not fair, lets dig a little deeper. There has to be something here for the established pro to dig into.

-Seven-plus years’ business experience, including senior management
-Demonstrated history of the successful development and implementation
of strategic plan
-Strong financial management, budgeting and administration skills
-Proven track record of motivating and managing key personnel
-Experience with not-for-profit organizations and national governing body is
a plus
-Exceptional communications skills
-Bachelor’s degree in business, sports management, or equivalent
Hmm...seven years biz experience, strategic plans, financial management, non-profit..blah, blah, blah....


Bachelors in business, sports management or equivalent?!?!?

look, we here at the worldwide leader of CRB understand that its not easy to nab a big-wig to run a part of society like USA Waterski, where big money deals are discussed over breakfast, huge money deals over lunch and mercenary shit is carried out on a routine basis, but, cmon...

Bachelors or equivalent? What is equivalent to a bachelors degree? A bachelorette?

Our interns have tougher job qualifications then this, including asking them to jump on a desk and dance around like a monkey with cymbals glued to his nuts.

You want to make a real coup, want a real hire, someone to take this sport mega? Hire freaking Andy Mapple.

He of the shining star that was world waterski pros (despite the goofy name) had good ideas and actually pimped our sport out to the man and got us places we haven't been before...or at least for awhile

Thank god that the collegieate all-stars is one the OLN - Versus - whatever the hell its called. (Update - the outdoor channel. Thats different)

But here was someone who rocked the house, got our shit a little bit of play...a slight sac tickle if anything, but then bailed out of the WWSP for some reason or another..

Here is a man who is legendary in this community, and is seemingly full of good ideas and marketing prowess.

DO IT!!!


Apr 9, 2007

Damn Interwebs

Received a email today from a frustrated, but loyal, reader wondering where the hell the Jack Travers post was in our 5-part ski school rundown.

Good question as it was posed, realizing that it hadn't been posted yet, even though it was done.

Or so we thought.

Turns out some damn intern in the CRB headquarters (me) deleted the fucking post before hitting the damn publish button.

So, at least for awhile, its in limbo.

Suffice to say, its an awesome place. Trust us.

Apr 4, 2007

Everyone Knows Waterskiiers Drive Chevy's

I am NOT impressed with your Cadillac

Our favorite tournament just keeps getting better. This year at the Collegiate All-Stars there will be a special Night Jump added to the festivities.

Night Jump, as you may know, is that very special time in a womens life when she and her mate take that special stroll down....wait.....I was thinking the Night Jump Yer Bones event. Thats totally different, and doesn't last as long.


Anyways, Bellevue Cadillac is sponsoring this event, which will be Saturday night, May 19th and is dubbed the "King of the Night".

Look, we all know who the King of the Night is don't we?

The surreal life? Yeah, I hit that.

So, lets just leave that alone. BTW, just for kicks, Google Image search this guy...ugh...not attractive.


//pours glass of Jack Daniels to take away sting

///Readies bowl of brain bleach to clear thoughts

////Bash head against table

More to the point, this event is brought to you by Bellevue Caddy, Seattle's PREMIER Cadillac, Pontiac, Buick and GMC Truck Dealer.

They will be showcasing their tow-vehicles at the tourney. Which means a couple 'Scalades rolling on 24's and maybe a Yukon thrown in for good measure. I mean, what self-respecting collage student doesn't have a spare 50-80 grand floating around waiting to be spend in a moment of beer-induced weakness.

Of course, we are all prepared for that right? Just take away the grand part, and who out there hasn't had a beer-induced moment of weakness where 50-80 dollars were spent on some random at the bar. Ha, thats how we met your Moms!!


Hey Buddy, this baby runs like a fucking top...oh shit, you got my scotch?

For real: Thats pretty awesome that they hooked that up, hopefully it goes off without a hitch. Plus, being on TV combined with night time beer drinking should hopefully lead to some fun audience behavior.

Not saying sex sells or anything, but, ladies don't be afraid to dress like this girl

Tee-Hee, look at my boobs...oh, and I work for Sports Illustrated, what up?

Dudes, don't be afraid to...ummm...do whatever it is that girls like.

Why do you think I blew up your condo? BECAUSE ITS A CONDO!!

Or whatever, either way its bound to be rad.

Night Jump (ncwsa.com)
Western Wash University (wwuwaterski.com)
Bellevue Caddy (gmcarsnorthwest.com)

Thats More Like It!!

It looks like Carol Chase is doing better, almost ready to breath on her own!

Again, the following is cut and pasted from the NCWSA website.

"Here's a little update on Carole:

Her heart has been beating on it's own since they revived her on Saturday. She is on a ventilator but is bucking it i.e., breathing on her own over and above the ventilator rate. They actually tested her without the ventilator today and she breathed on her own for 15 minutes before they put it back on.

Tonight she was moving around and fighting the straps on her wrists. I held her hand and spoke to her and she
squeezed it, opened her eyes and looked right at me. These are all positive signs and a miracle in themselves but we've got a long, long way to go yet. Tomorrow, they'll do an EEG and get a much better idea on the prognosis. It's been estimated that her heart had been stopped for a minimum of 10 minutes before they revived her with CPR. That's from when the EMS arrived so we really don't know how long it was stopped before that.

I'll keep you posted as best I can. Thanks for all the support and prayers.

Damn, thats gotta be some rough stuff to go through. Things are looking up though!

Apr 2, 2007

Yikes...sad news.

From the NCWSA site, looks like Carol Chase, wife of former NCWSA Chair Phil Chase, was badly hurt in a very odd accident. The following is from the NCWSA website.
"The wife of former NCWSA Chairman and current Honorary National Director Phil Chase needs your prayers now more than ever. Please take a few moments out of each day this week to pray for the Chase family in their time of need.

Carole was in a serious accident yesterday and is in critical condition in intensive care. She was at the drive-through at Walgreen's and her debit card got dropped when they were giving it back to her. She pulled the car forward, got out to pick it up and somehow the car rolled back, knocked her down and ran over her. She was pinned for quite a while and her heart stopped beating. EMS were able to revive her with CPR and get her to the emergency room but so far it doesn't look very good.

As of this morning, she is going through a process where they cool the body way down to try and prevent as much cell damage as possible. Doctor says we really won't know anything until they start bringing the temperature back up in about 24 hours. Miraculously, they did a CAT scan and didn't find any internal damage or any broken bones so at this point all we can do is pray that she comes out of it.

The lastest from Phil as of 6pm Sunday:

I just got back from the hospital. They have had her temperature at 92 degrees for nearly 24 hours and she is in an induced coma. They will start bringing it back up at midnight and that process will take another 24 hours. by then we will hopefully start to see brain activity.

The one thing I am clinging to is that, there had to be a reason why god guided those EMS guys hands when they got her heart beating again after it was stopped for 10 minutes. She's real tough and has been through a lot of medical problems so if anybody can come through this, she can.

Thank the NCWSA for their prayers.


Phew...requested prayers are ongoing. Lets hope for the best.

Carol Chase (NCWSA.com)