Oct 31, 2012

Only The Rich Ski?

Mitt Romney has taken guff for the following video. Some pundits said it shows he is too rich to understand regular peoples needs or some shit like that. He may be hella rich but how does skiing behind a fishing boat prove you are to rich to understand societal problems? Most of our readers (all 4 of them) know that skiing is an expensive sport but we all love it and find ways to pay for it. Most of us are not in the 1%, the 5% or even the 10% but we still ski. Is water skiing really considered a sport for just the uber rich?

Oct 29, 2012

Vid Day Monday

Good high school football teams are often made up of a couple decent players that might make it on a crappy college team somewhere and a bunch of chumps.  This team apparently is made up of a bunch of crappy blockers and one good gymnast.

/flips while flipping

Vid Day Monday

There is something in the water in France that turns everyone there into bad ass trick skiers.  This girl is probably 3 years old but got really big after fallout from Chernoble turned her family into giants.  Not only is she big for a 3 year old she is also a solid enough trick skier to stomp all over me if she were given 10 seconds and I was given 17 minutes or my run.

Vid Day Monday

This is a Go Pro edit from the Min-Aqua Bats ski team in northern Wisconsin.  Some pretty sweet shots in there, plus a bunch of dancing to Call Me Maybe...god I hate that song.  Bad ass flyover by an old WW2 era plane with barefooters underneath.  Hella cool.

Vid Day Monday

Show skiers do lots of crazy stuff, the around the boat act (ATB) is up there in the crazy list. Never smart to be in front of a moving boat, but the Sarasota show ski team does it well. 5 guys skiing backwards around the boat and an 11 man ATB are both very impressive. Somewhere in the CRB archives we have a vid of a 13 man ATB also performed by Sarasota.

Oct 25, 2012

Oct 24, 2012

Awesome Animals (14 pics 4 gifs)

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Wakeboard Wednesday

Blast from the past?  It is from 2009, most wakeboarders and wakeskaters have fried their brains on ginger snaps and sugar cookies or something like that.  This vid is almost 10 minutes long with is about 9:33 seconds longer then most wakeboarders or wakeskaters can focus on anything.

Oct 23, 2012

Nature Kicks Ass (20 pics)

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This Family Is Better At Everything Then You Are

The Font Family is much better at trick skiing then anyone that reads the CRB.  After watching Patricio Font, who looks about 8, stomp his run I walked to my garage and cut my trick ski to pieces on my table saw then took the pieces and threw them at kids walking down the street.  I have also sent an email to the Font family asking them to adopt me and see if their hella trick skis rub off.

Oct 22, 2012

RIP Herb O'Brien

Herb O'Brien passed away this morning at the age of 68.  No other person besides Ralph Samuelson has had as much impact on our sport.  Many people are leaving messages on his Facebook page HERE.

O'Brien founded O'Brien skis and turned it into a power house in the market before moving on to HO and doing the same there.  In the past few years anyone that pays attention to the sport knows that Ronix Wakeboards and Radar Skis are the hottest things out there, Herb led the way at both companies.  Lets just hope his innovative spirit carries on in the industry.  

Vid Day Monday

The NHL may be in the middle of a "labor dispute" (PLAY THE FREAKING GAME!) and the season is probably a lost cause, but at least the ice girls are still around. Enjoy!

Vid Day Monday

Earlier this year Jason Elam tied the NFL record for longest field goal with a 63 yard boot, this kid...this high school kid kicks from his teams own 43 yard line and nails a 67 yard bomb.  Crazy kick.

Vid Day Monday

Watching videos like this makes me think about how much sitting at a desk at an office job is lame and saps our will to live.  So instead of doing this anymore I am going to win the lottery and head off to a tropical island with a perfect lagoon and a slalom course and a jump.  Yep, that is my plan.

Vid Day Monday

Oct 19, 2012

NCWSA Nationals Day 1 Recap

Yesterday the D-1 Mens and Womens slalom events were held.

The day started off with Womens slalom and as was expected the Florida Southern College(FSC) women came out strong placing 3 girls in the top 5 and all 4 scores were in the top ten giving them 1st place after one event with 2,190 points.  ULL took second without putting a girl on the podium and only had one in the top ten, but all 4 scoring girls placed well enough to give them second place with 1,925 points.  ULM is tight on their cross state rivals tail with 1,880 points led by a 3rd place finish by Makayla Haw.  Rollins College took 4th with 1755 and just 40 points behind is Alabama led by 1st place finisher Carolina Hensley with 1715 points.

Womens slalom scores
FSC  2190
ULL 1925
ULM  1880
ROL  1755
ALA  1715
ASU  1540
PUR  1325
KAN  1090
LAX  910
MOH  795
CIN  710
IWS  420

While Florida Southern College was the power in the Women's slalom event that dominance did not continue into Men's event, instead perennial power house ULM dominated the event taking 4th-7th place with their 4 scoring skiers and putting up 2,215 points, a full 235 points ahead of the second place finisher ULL.  ULL took second in both slalom events on Thursday on the back of event co-champion Ben Stadlbaur ending the event with a team score of 1,980.  3rd place went to the Sun Devils of ASU on the strong 3rd place finish of Stephen .  Alabama Neveu.  Alabama's highest placement was 10th with two 'bama skiers tieing.  FSC took 5th place led by the strong 1st place finish of KC Wilson.  KC won the first runoff in NCWSA Nationals history, the runoff was only for the medals and does not affect the scores.

ULM  2215
ULL  1980
ASU  1955
ALA  1835
FSC  1695
PUR  1400
ROL  1370
IWS  835
MOH  835
LAX  765
KAN  690
CIN  620

The big story leading into nationals this year was the new seeding format for D-1 and D-2 where only the regional champion was guaranteed a spot in D-1 while each region sent 5 teams and then 3 more wildcard teams were selected.  All 3 wildcard teams came from the Midwest.  If you have not noticed there are 6 midwest teams in division one, which is a testament to the strength of the midwest schools skiing programs.  But the question is will any of those midwest schools be able to knock off one of the traditional power house schools.

So far Purdue is the only midwest team to have beaten one of the "big schools" in an event, in this case it was Rollins falling to 7th with purdue taking 6th in Men's slalom.  We will see if any of the midwest teams can push their way up above 7th place in the final standings.  University of Wisconsin La Crosse won the midwest regional with a team that had the ability to possibly get into 6th place but from the looks of the running orders their top skier did not make the trip so they will not be a contender.  Purdue is perhaps the Midwests best hope.

Day one team combined scores.
1st  ULM  4095
2nd ULL  3905
3rd FSC  3885
4th ALA  3550
5th ASU  3495
6th ROL  3125
7th PUR  2725
8th KAN  1780
9th LAX  1675
10th MOH  1630
11th CIN  1330
12th IWS  1255

You can watch all the action on the webcast at http://ncwsa.skibennetts.com/
Tony Lightfoot announces all the action with quite an entertaining style.  Starting around 11:00 Eastern time will be the Women's D-1 jump event.

For a bit of Tony's announcing style check out this vid that went viral from the 2011 nationals.

Oct 18, 2012

NCWSA Nationals

The NCWSA Nationals have started today.  This is by far my favorite event of the year, not because the level of performance is all that high or any cool night jump or anything like that.  But because it is the future of our sport.  The NCWSA is full of skiers from all aspects of our sport, those that will or even currently are pro skiers all the way to those that may never ski another tournament after college.  But many of the skiers that you see at collegiate tournaments had never skied a tournament before joining a little known club on campus and heading out for a weekend event they probably knew little about and they were hooked by the excitement and camaraderie of this great sport.

NCWSA Nationals is also the best event because it is a team event, this levels the playing field a bit and leads to more exciting events to watch overall.  Also, what other sport would have an announcer like Tony Lightfoot getting all excited for every competitor from someone getting a few buoys up to the pros running deep shortline.

You can watch the live webcast HERE

Oct 17, 2012

Wakeboard Wednesday

We at the CRB are big fans of the trend where wakeboarders set up cables in crazy places or use random stuff as rails.  Wakeboarding offers possibilities that are just not available with slalom or jump.  You can wakeboard (or trick) almost anywhere there is water.  I have tricked in flooded ditches and ponds pulled by a car.  If you have not tried it grab a board, skate, trick ski or anything you can think of and go find somewhere crazy and tear it up.

PALLETS from Andrew Adams on Vimeo.

Oct 15, 2012

Vid Day Monday - Lego Edition

You think jumping from 128,000 feet is awesome, how about a few hundred feet and instead of a flesh and blood Felix we have a dare devil lego guy?

Vid Day Monday

Felix Baumgartner tweeted yesterday "I just jumped out of space.  What the fuck did you do with your day?".  He jumped from 128,100 feet to set new records for highest ever skydive and the fastest freefall ever clocking in at mach 1.24 or 833 mph.  But not to split hairs here, Felix was nowhere close to space, he would need to go another 36 miles up to reach space.  The project was called Red Bull Stratos for a reason, he was jumping from the stratosphere.

*ODBF is splitting hairs

Felix was not the only person of note to break the speed of sound yesterday, as Chuck Yeager, who is now 89 years old, went up in an F-15 and broke the sound barrier 65 years to the minute after he became the first man to break it in 1947.

Vid Day Monday

Just because.

Oct 12, 2012

In Russia, The Pedestrians Hit You

If you are looking for dash cam crazyness in the world, just look up russian people.  Every crazy thing on the roads that is captured by a dash cam seems to come from Russia, and apparently for good reason.

Apparently there is quite the rash of people pretending to get hit by a car in order to get insurance money, so, people have started putting cams on their cars as a way to prove they didn't actually hit the person.

Whats great about this video, though, is the brazen way in which some of these dopes do this, just, run right out in front of someone, hop on their hood and go all, "what the hell bro??"

I was sort of hoping in one of these that someone would just blast one of these people into the hospital or something, does that make me a bad person?  I say no.

Oct 10, 2012

Wake Skate Wednesday

Wakeboarders and skaters in general are fucking morons, but at the same time they do some badass stuff.  This vid is well done and kinda funny, worth the viewing.

Wakeboard Wednesday

UFC fighter Cowboy Cerrone out on a Malibu Wake Setter talking wakeboarding.  Talks being about being a pro wakeboarder, then does only 2 inverts and struggles with a 540...BRO YOU ARE TOTALLY READY TO GO PRO /does metal hand  \m/

Oct 9, 2012

2012 NCWSA Nationals

We were wrong yesterday when we said the wildcard show would be hosted by CRB fan Cris Kodiak and Jeff Surdej.  Surdej was there, fresh off running 4 1/2@39off for a new PB, but replacing Kodiak was Regina Jacquess and Cory Pickos.  Cris will need to step up his skiing game if he wants back on the set of NCWSA Tonight.

No one is all that surprised by the fact that two midwest teams took the two wildcard spots as the midwest is not only the largest region by number of teams but also the have a very level playing field full of above average teams.  The midwest is far from breaking into the top echelon of teams but they do have well balanced teams.The big surprise from last night was the fact that there are 6 Midwest teams in Division One, that was a surprise to many of us.

The usual suspects from the South ULM and ULL are in D-1, FSC from the East is of course in D-1 and looks to have a good shot at winning it all this year, FSC is joined by fellow instate rival Rollins as well as Alabama to give the Eastern region the second most teams in D-1.  The Western region was victorious at All Stars this past spring but was only able to get the Regional champion Sun Devils of ASU into D-1.  Three regions, West, East, South Central altogether are sending 6 of the 12 teams, while the Midwest makes up the other 6 teams.  Wisconsin La Crosse  who made their first nationals last year, won the Midwest Regional to get the automatic berth and is seeded 3rd, is accompanied by fellow midwest schools Purdue, Miami of Ohio, Kansas, Cincinnati  and Iowa State.  The Midwest is balanced but does not have the top talent that it takes to get on top of the leader board.

It will be interesting to see if the other regions are happy with how this has played out this year and if this system will continue next year or if we will go back to the top 3 from each region making it to D-1 and the rest going into D-2.  I would bet that the Western Region at the very least is unhappy with how this has played out.

Division One listed in seeding order
Louisiana Monroe

Florida Southern


Arizona State

Rest of the D-1 teams and D-2 after the jump.

Oct 8, 2012

NCWSA Wild Card Show

Jeff Surdej and Cris Kodiak will be hosting the Wild Card Selection show again this year.  Lets hope they up their game a bit this year as this screen shot from last years show really just looks like we photo shopped them into a shot from ESPN Sports Center.

The 6th-8th place teams from each regionals will be scored in a mock tournament to find the two wild card teams to fill out the 22 team 2 division roster for the NCWSA nationals. From a brief look at the scores it looks like the Midwest Region has a good shot at sending both Wild Card teams.  Teams in the midwest are probably pretty excited about this and it appears that even Bill Clinton himself can not contain his excitement.  
At least he kept his pants on this time

The CRB would like to offer a suggestion for how this show should look.  Scratch the Fox Business in the background...hell scratch the lame dude as well...

Stocks get me so hot

The show begins at halftime of Monday Night Football tonight, they estimate that will be about 7:00PM Central Standard Time.  So don't run to the kitchen or start your usuall MNF halftime orgy until after the show.  Catch the show here

Vid Day Monday

This vid is hella crash tastic.  Yes it is snow skiing, but I am cold, maybe I am a sissy but I am still cold so I'm thinking snow sports.

Vid Day Monday

Radar posted this vid as a tribute to Mark Rossi who passed away recently.  The Radar skiers talk about how they got into skiing and what keeps them on the water.  Very cool.

Oct 3, 2012

Wakeboard Wednesday

The title of the video is off a little as this looks like a double front flip with a nose grab but whatever, its bad ass.  At some point the freestyle jumpers are going to figure out that kickers are better for flipping then standard ramps, they are also much cheaper to build.  A beamans traveling ramp runs something like $30k, while you can make a kicker for just a few thousand.  Just I say, like the CRB has ever made any money...Oh, that may be because we keep saying we will sell t-shirts and we don't do anything.  Oh well, whatever, enjoy the flipping while flipping.  

Oct 2, 2012

Fall Colors Means No Skiing /Sad Face (20 pics)

The colors of fall are awesome to see, it makes the world look like a painting, but it also means ski season is wrapping up for the year, unless you live in Florida.  If you live in Florida and ski year round I hate you and hope you die in a fire.  

Fall beauty continues after the jump.

Lets Go Skiing (26 pics 1 gif)I

China and Janesville Rock Aqua Jays WR pyramid 55 people

Tons of ski pics after the jump.

Oct 1, 2012

Vid Day Monday

While I am on a snowboarding kick we will go with a sweet Red Bull vid from BC.  Red Bull has shown they know how to promote their products and be bad ass at the same time.  The sports videos they kick out are always well done and worth watching.

Vid Day Monday

This video was filmed in the dead of night using only an LED suit for lighting.  Also it was -15degrees when they filmed this.

Its to Dang Cold!

Enjoy this weather you hot piece of ass! Dispatch from the CRB weather desk Guess what???  ITS COLDER THEN A WELL DIGGERS ASS OUT THERE KIDS...