Sep 23, 2013

Vid Day Monday

The following is from a Belorussian (White Russia) news website. Its good to see some countries major news stations actually cover skiing. The video player is strange so to see the vid you have to go to their site HERE.

Hey, theres a beverage here!

Sep 18, 2013

Wake...SurfBoard Wednesday (15 pics 1 gif)

Usually today is wakeboard wednesday, but I liked these pics and I'm the one posting them so deal with it.  If you want wakeboard pics google them yourself, damn slackers.  

Lots more awesome surfing pics after the jump

Sep 16, 2013

Vid Day Monday - Big Pull Edition

This past weekend saw 5 show ski teams from Wisconsin and Illinois join forces to put up a 60 person pyramid consisting of 5 four tier pyramids behind one boat.  They had a specially designed dock and a triple rigged tow boat powered by triple 300 HP Evinrude engines.  Evinrude supported the event and posted these vids and pics on their Facebook page here.

View from the tow boat.

View from top of the pyramid.

View from chase boat.

Final video

Sep 11, 2013

Wakeboard Wednesday

Red Bull is great, not the drink, I can't drink that stuff without bouncing off the walls, but the company.  They dump money into putting on fun sports events.  This time sending wakeboarders soaring off an awesome ramp.

Sep 9, 2013

He Must Be Stopped!

That is the video from Goode Skis w/ Nate Smith and his pending record breaking run of 2.5 at 43 off.

What the Hell??? How is this possible? Is this dude a cyborg? Possibly an alien type version of a humanoid being? There are many questions that we need to ask here about this so called human being waterskier person.

The first thought that pops to mind is, the most obvious of all, is that he was created in a top secret government lab to create a genetically superior slalom ski athlete.  To What End???

This is where we need some Ed Snowden type shit to help us out, release some documents showing that the head chemistry professor at Hope College has long been secretly crystalizing all the various life forms and forces in the universe, probably in a beaker of some kind, and then injecting that straight into archaiec creatures from the prehistoric era to cross splice DNA and eventually make a frankenstieniest waterski orb product.

Thats of course, the reasonable explanation.

Yeah, that seems reasonable

But why?  You would think that this sort of evolutionary altering madness could be put to better use outside of the world of waterskiing, no?  Maybe, maybe not.  Maybe quit asking questions.  The answers go so high up that you would be scared by the reasoning.  The President of the United States isn't even clued into all the reasons.

Its the Illuminati.  Probably.  or something even more nefarious?

Lets set that aside for a second and instead, lets focus on a short term solution to our Nate Smith Humanoid Robot Slalom Ski Form.


sup bro, im fiending for a hot pocket
We place alligators at strategic locations in AND around the slalom course.  That way, it will provide a natural and effective defense against the ever encroaching specter of Nate Smith slalom destruction.

Its really the best way.  And its eco-friendly.

Alligators do a number of things, photosynthesis, eat things, look creepy as shit and most importantly, regulate fools.

Lets set the scene.

"Nate Smith" is on his ski going to run the course, we activate the "alligator project" and they come snapping to life and maybe, bite the ski? or float by the buoys so he would have to ski over the alligators?

What if, hear me out on this one, what if the alligators jumped up and chomped down on the rope itself.  Not breaking the rope, just making it really heavy and unwieldy!  Nobody can ski with an alligator clamped onto their ski rope!

Its the perfect solution for one of our now, nay our nations, biggest threats.

Perfectly engineered humanoid waterskiers.

Its our only hope of survival, you guys.

Vid Day Monday

A blast from the past.  When these guys were all in their prime 3 event skiing was at a point when we could pull sponsors like Budweiser, then we sat on our hands and now...well shit, now our tournament organizers only option is to cannibalize companies in the industry.  We will never make it if we continue to expect the boat, ski and wetsuit companies to fund the sport.

A couple bad ass crashes in this one as well.

Sep 5, 2013

Songs and Wake Surfing

Donavon Frankenreiter is a pro surfer and a singer song writer, also a budding weekend wally slalom skier and shoe skier.

Sep 3, 2013

Water Cars

I have seen many amphibious vehicles over the years on the lake, but this one is the first one I have seen pulling someone. Yea, they are using it for tubing and wakeboarding :( and picking up hot chicks :) but its still pretty cool. Looks about as useful as a PWC, not at all useful, but would be fun for a couple hours.

Its to Dang Cold!

Enjoy this weather you hot piece of ass! Dispatch from the CRB weather desk Guess what???  ITS COLDER THEN A WELL DIGGERS ASS OUT THERE KIDS...