May 17, 2010

Vid Day Monday - Off Topic

Some people need to die slow and agonizing deaths in fires. In that group I would put rapists, NAZIs, morning drive time DJs (seriously STFU and play music), mimes and local news anchors.

Why local news anchors you ask...well, because I really dont want to have to watch some jack ass named Stormy Wetdry take 10 minutes making bad jokes and showing me nothing that my phone could not tell me in 15 seconds. Or Mike Shatter telling me about the great new bullshit that someone is doing in town and saying it with a smile while the story is smashed between 3 stories about murders and fires.

I could probably go for about 30,000 words about my unending hatred for all things local news...but I'll spare you my unrequited hatred for them and instead show you some vids of news anchors that just need to go do a job they would be good sleeping on railroad tracks.

Yes...she got the "G-shot" because she likes the penis. Seriously dude? I mean could a story about that make you think anything but I need to keep my mouth shut?

...errrr...Can I pass? Is that an option?

Only people I hate more are morning drive time DJs. And if you dont understand my hatred for them then I hate you to.

Oh I cant lie, I love you.

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