Oct 28, 2013

Vid Day Monday

Jumping is by far the coolest of the 3 events to watch, slalom is fun to do but boring as hell to watch, tricks is a blast to ski and fun to watch.

Oct 24, 2013

I Want To Live There and There and There... (20 pics)

I would be willing to discus trading the CRB mansion (doublewide trailer) for any of these homes.  I think a straight up trade would be fair.

Lots more sweet ass sweet homes after the jump.

Oct 22, 2013

Ski Season Is Over In CRB Land (12 pics)

 This is how our ski lake looks today, so it would seem our season has reached an end.  No there is no ice on the water yet, but we are gigantic pussies here at the CRB world headquarters and have no interest in freezing our balls off.  

So until we see the lake look like this one we will have our gear locked up and hidden. 

Please come back summer!!

Lots of pics of places we would rather be right now so we could go skiing after the jump

Oct 11, 2013

Snow Sharks...Yep

If you were looking for the movie that is going to win ALL OF THE OSCARS look no further than Avalanche Sharks, cuz it is that good.  This years oscars should just cancel the voting now and just ship a crate with all the trophies to SyFy and call it a day.  This movie will sit atop the pedestal of great movies for all time.

Random Reader:  But!! But!! What about these great movies? Surely one of these is better than Avalance Sharks!

ODBF:  Give me your list, and don't call me Sherly!

RR:  Ben Hur?
ODBF:  lol
RR:  Silver Linings Playbook?
ODBF:  Nope
RR:  Gone With The Wind?
ODBF:  yea...no
RR:  The God Father?
ODBF:  Sure, if the Don was played by a shark
RR:  Citizen Kane?
ODBF:  F off
RR:  Schindlers List?
ODBF:  Nazis have nothing on the Snow Shark
RR:  The Wizard of Oz?
ODBF:  Follow the yellow brick road to NOPE
RR:  Jaws?
ODBF:  Now finally you come up with a decent rival, but those water sharks are pussies compared to snow sharks!

Just watch this and enjoy its magnificence.

Oct 7, 2013

What Are You Doing Tonight at 7PM? CLICKING THIS THING

Your going to fire up your google box and www.click over to ncwsa.com and watch the wild card selection show!  Thats what you are going to do tonight hombre!

I have killed more people in one night over bad french fries then you can imagine, son
What is the Wild Card Selection show?

Glad you asked, i just so happened to have copied into my mouse and will now paste-barf some info.  Take it away comment box thingy.
The show will kick-off by determining the two remaining schools who will get an invitation to the National Championships at Imperial Lakes in Imperial, California October 17-19. The show will start with a simulated tournament of the top three teams in each region that did not make Nationals by placing top 5 at their own Regionals. 
Out of that tournament, the top 2 teams will get an automatic invite to the NCWSA National Championship. Once the 22 team field is decided, each regional champion will get their automatic slot into Division 1. 
The remaining 18 teams will be thrown into the hopper for another simulated tournament to determine who are the top teams. 8 more teams will be placed into Division 1, making a total field of 12 (4 Regional Champions + 8 next at-large teams). 
The remaining 10 teams will make up Division 2. This does indeed mean that a wildcard team, could be placed all the way up in Division 1, based on their full season performance. The simulated tournaments will take the individual skier’s best scores of the fall season and put them all together.
Im tingling with excitment. Aren't you? Click this thing, 7PM Central Time. DO IT!  C L I C K

Vid Day Monday

Sick vid from MasterCraft showing the new prostar.  Bad ass skiing and bad ass boat.

Vid Day Monday

Cypress Gardens may now be a LegoLand and the ski show may be a shell of what it once was, but we still have some awesome vids to remember what and how Dick Pope Sr and Jr brought waterskiing to a world stage.  Much of what skiing would become in the 60s, 70s and 80s was largely build on the foundations that Cypress Gardens laid.

Oct 1, 2013

Doorway To Hell

A few things happened in the 1970s, The shah of Iran was overthrown, the US built a shit ton of crappy cars and Japan started making better cars, the Vietnam war ended, and a gas well in Turkmenistan collapsed creating this awesomeness.  They call it the Doorway To Hell, and its freaking cool.  Not good for the environment for natural gas to be burning for 42 years but it still looks awesome.

Its to Dang Cold!

Enjoy this weather you hot piece of ass! Dispatch from the CRB weather desk Guess what???  ITS COLDER THEN A WELL DIGGERS ASS OUT THERE KIDS...