May 24, 2010

Vid Day Monday

So there are a fair number of barefoot vids out there right now. Most are bull shit cheater vids with the boom set 10 feet high so it looks like the footer is doing cool stuff when in fact any average footer with basic boom skills could do most of it. So I will not post any of that sally sissy weak stuff. Instead we here at the CRB like to keep things INTENSE...or so I've been told.

First Up today we have some sold old school footing.

Toe ups in an old Casad suit were not easy. Let me* tell you!
*not me as I would break my leg then cry like a baby for 6 weeks

Now this next vid keeps the boom at a legit height and does not try to pull any of that fake crap. Not only does this vid have Keith St. Onge who makes his turns look so easy he could be on a pair of tricks, but it has two girls back footing in bikinis at the same time. So you may not hear from me for awhile as I may just watch and rewatch this whole* video for the rest of the day.
*only the parts with girls


  1. Anonymous6:31 PM

    I'm a wimp. I won't do toe tricks without my Robbins release and somebody really sharp to let the rope go when I fall in the toe harness. These people are tough! I couldn't stand the falls - even if I'm not in the harness!
    That couples skiing did look fun...

  2. well depends which couples skiing your refereing to there E lee. now the solid missed step off face plant with a girl in your arms may sound like fun but at 45 mph...its still freaking funny to watch! TAKE THAT ST ONGE YOU SHOW OFF!!


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