Jul 25, 2008

вода лыжа

Wondering what the hell the title of this post is? It is Water ski in russian! Why you ask, what a dumb question it is the CRB. The '08 World Cup is being held in Dubna Russia. Whooaaa back up. Russia, as in formerly known as "back in the USSR," Russia?

Well it is good to hear that communism is getting involved in sports again. All the pros are there, with there bottle of vodka and German shepard...don't ask me why those are the two things that come to mind when I think of Russia. As well as those goofy castles with the domes, and now water skiing.

Live results can be found at: comunistwaterski.com

Here are the results as of this AM:

Women's Trick

1) Mcclintock Whitney-8130
2) Bennett Danyelle-7300
3) Churakova Tatiana-6450 (a real live Russkie)
4) Sergeeva Karina-5710
5) Aynaud Marion-5560
6) Briant Michale-3150

I would just like to take this opportunity to say two things. First, Danyelle, I still love you and always will Mcclintock is cute but shes a Canuck. Second, I would like to thank Communism for everything they have given us: Lenin, Marx, Stalin, the great wall of China, hollywood, South Korea, mail order brides, cheap flavored vodka, the name Tatiana...it just sounds hot, hot models who don't speak a lick of English and of course wetsuits. So here is to you communism and waterskiing may you live a happy life together!


  1. In Soviet Russia the three events Ski YOU!!

  2. Anonymous9:48 AM

    sounds painful

  3. further more mr. minion, I believe that i called dibs on danyelle long ago (can you do that in a fake blog sense?)

    and secondly, please expound on the cheap flavored vodka. does it taste cheap? is it cheap vodka? or is the flavoring they use cheap? I DEMAND ANSWERS!!

  4. The minion is a vodka snob. appearently the $6 cheap stuff is not good enough for him. cuz flavorless clear liquids are all so very diferent tasting....

  5. oh yea, and stoli is actually a pretty good vodka. Russians know there vodka, insulting their vodka could possibly start WW3 so I would watch myself. Or Stalin...I mean Putin might just send the NKVD after you.

  6. grey goose gets me loose.

  7. You mean North Korea. Das Vidana comrades!


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