Sep 28, 2012

Even World Record Waterski Pyramids Are Made In China

So apparently everything is now made in China, my underwear, my shirt, my sandals and probably even my pants if I was wearing any.  Now the world record waterski pyramid was made there too.  In the last month or so this record has been broken twice.  We posted about it after 3 teams here in the great US of freakn' A, Badgerland, Beaverland Must-Skis and Mad-City, set a new record of a 54 person pyramid breaking the previous record of 48 people which stood for about 6 years.

Well last week that record was broken again.  This time by the Rock Aqua Jays and some Chinese skiers. So this is what is crazy, the Chinese government actually shipped the Jays triple rig over to China to beat this and also sent like the whole team.  In the  last month we have heard about 4 different groups of skiers being sent to China to ski with Chinese teams, most of whom are overlapping.  Hey Presidential Candidates, you want the CRB vote, throw money at watersking guarantee with the pull we have it will win you the election.

So now to get down to the nitty gritty of this all.  The 54  person record is what is known as a 4-2-4-2-4-2-4 (4 tiers, 2 tiers, etc.) it was done on the first try with one boat.  Then they attempted to pull 60 people which was 5 4 highs.  They got this off the dock but weren't able to build the pyramids.  Now with the current 55 person record there is a bit of controversy, many believe the two boats were actually used to pull off the record.  (one tandem in front of the other.)  Bellow is the video, you can see the wake of the front tow boat and actually see a inboard appear of to the side randomly.

The 55 person attempt was supposed to be a 2-4-2-4-2-4-2-4-2 however one of the 2 highs fell.  I don't know how I feel about this world record.  Obviously it is one but I really like the fact that the 54 person was pulled by just one boat.  Now the two boat thing is not confirmed because I don't even think the Jays are back from China.  My guess is the Chinese will never let them leave (this comes from personal experience).  Now the argument can be had that the 54 person pyramid is staggered on the start but that is just intelligence.  Apparently they had a architect there who figure that shit out, and we all know they are good at math and geometry, all we know is a pyramid is like a circle or some shape.

So in the end 55 people is the record, but I am gonna have to give it up to Badgerland, Beaverland and Mad-City.  They used one boat and were not funded by a government to do it.  It was simply 54+ water skiers who got together on a cold windy day and broke a world record for the fun of it.  That is what makes watersking awesome, not some government basically buying a world record.  So congrats to the Peoples Republic of China and the Rock Aqua Jays on there world record, but I am willing to bet a case of Pabst and some Cheese-its that it will only stand for a bit because those Wisconsin teams aren't giving up.  For gosh sakes Wisconsin is the capital of showsking and where Pabst is made!!!  So next time you buy Chinese remember they are using that money to steal our world records.  Plain and simple.... 'MERICA!!

*editors note: this photo is just funny...

National Geographic Barefooting

National Geographic takes a look at barefooting. They look at what makes footing, and really what makes all watersking, possible.  Then they learn how to get up on barefoot trainers.  Teaching someone how to foot is always intertaining because they have no idea how to fall properly.  The first thing we all realized when learning to foot was to tuck, these guys dont tuck.  Faceplants are fun.
Also, I know this is National Geographic but there are no shots of half naked women in the jungle or anything fun like that.

Sep 27, 2012

Ill just chill here in the grass

Bro, just leave me alone.  Im not bothering anyone.  I just had a long day and I was tired so I stopped here to mellow out for a bit.

Whats that?  I can't nap here?  why, is this some sort of new policy you have in place?  oh oh, I see, its because I am white isn't it.  HOHOHO, looky here you say, you have a i/o and not a real inboard motor thing and I am now somehow a second class boat.

NO NO, You can watch your mouth my good man, you are the one who is looking down on me because my unit is different then others.


Why are you attacking me with your whistle and fists?

You are so dumb, im made of fiberglass and shit dude, you are way more breakable then I am.

No, that is not a threat.

God, seriously, leave me the F alone bro.

Trailer?  yeah, i used to have one of those, i dont need it anymore, i get around based on balls and gasoline.  and/or i fell off a trailer.  pick one.  I dont care.

yeah, fine, jesus, i fell off a trailer a little while ago.

I dont make that decision, go talk to Otto or whatever my owners name is.  He is the dope who forgot to attach me to the trailer, he was more concerned with showing off in his stupid tahoe.

I can't move you idiot, i am a boat sitting on grass.  do you not understand how these things work???

See that?  i could be doing cool shit like that, racing around, making rooster tails, but, no, the gods of boating saw fit to have some dude named Otto buy me and treat me like both an ashtray a spitoon, a garbage can and...nevermind its to depressing.

so, im here now, and I am happy, quit bothering me.

no? you won't leave me alone, I have to leave??  fine, check this out dick.

Now I am on fire.  deal with that.  im going back to sleep.

Sep 26, 2012

Blues for the Hell of it.

So I would usually post some stuff about wakeboarding, pictures or another video or other lazy crap. But instead here are a few Gary Clark Jr vids. You may ask what does this have to do with skiing...Well nothing but I don't care, this dudes music is bad ass. It is starting to cool down and my ski season is wrapping up which means I hate everybody that lives in a place where they can ski year round. This hatred is also why my flag only has 48 stars on it, because fuck you Florida and I will never admit that Missouri is in the union.

Wakeboard Wednesday

Amber Wing and Melissa Marquardt are two of the top female wakeboarders out there right now.  I am better of course, but that is because I am a man and men are better at everything ever.  Women should just stay in the kitchen and make me sandwiches while I do mans work, like napping on the couch or drinking beer and watching football.

ODBF: /falls on a 180

Damn it

Sep 24, 2012

Vid Day Monday

Hella show ski jumping here.  This team probably has more talent then any regular show club I have seen.  Team USA from show ski worlds beats them but...well duh.


So I know it isn't Wednesday but screw you I don't care.  A little while ago we posted a wakeskate video by a dude name Sean Kilgus, turns out the guy has mad video producing skills.  He recently won wakeboard video of the year for Defy the Danny Harf Project.  Pretty cool video so here is a preview.

*Update* The minion is an idiot and posted the wrong video so here is an extra one....

Vid Day Monday

Holy crap is this awesome...just watch it, I have nothing more to add.

Sep 20, 2012

Wakeboard...Thursday? Yep

So this is a day late, but its pretty cool.  This is a bootleg of the 2012 Wake Awards and the boarders threw some awesome shit this year.  Not sure how my 180 to face or toe side front side 180 to face did not make the list this year, I think the system is rigged.

Sep 19, 2012

Wake Ski Wednesday (18 pics)

Usually today is Wakeboard Wednesday, but I slacked off and did not find many good wakeboard pics for this week, so instead today is Wake Ski Wednesday.  Wake skis have been slowly growing in popularity and are revolutionizing freestyle jumping as they become more popular. 

Wake ski pics continue after the jump.

Sep 18, 2012

Jeff Rodgers Sets Masters Mens Record

Jeff Rodgers set a new masters mens record of 1.25@43 off.  Dude is still a bad ass skier and will probably push this record further along in the next few years.

Places I Want To Ski (13 pics 1 gif)

This was supposed to just be places I wanted to go skiing, but sometimes you have to hang out in a jungle or on a beach as well.  We can't ski all the time...well we can try at least.

Places I would rather be continues after the jump.  

Sep 17, 2012

Vid Day Monday

And to the best part of show skiing...the jump!  Each team had some incredible skiers on their teams, but Team USA was stacked.  They had girls throwing helis off the ramp, guys throwing gainers, front flips, mobes, 720 mobe (fell), a front flip over a heli being towed by a barefooter (awesome!!) and even a Twisted Sister (heli on the ramp into a front flip).  This vid does not show everything that was done out there but its a good teaser.

Vid Day Monday

Five countries sent teams to the world show ski tournament this past weekend; Australia, Belgium, Canada, China and the USA.  It kinda looks like the person in charge of contacting teams to come ski only made it through the first 3 letters of the alphabet.  Slacker...

The following vid is a promo vid the Belgian team put out.

Vid Day Monday

This past weekend a couple of the CRB crew members hopped in the CRB corporate jet and flew off to the land of cheese for the third time this summer. We have been there so many times that we might as well change our diets to brats and cheese and root for the packers. We went to check out the World Show Ski tournament and it was well worth the trip. As usual the beer tent was where we spent most of our time, which should not come as a surprise.  But we did also catch a lot of amazing skiing.

Show skiing is not as developed in other countries as it is in the US.  In the US their are show ski teams all over the country, from Florida up to NY, a few scattered around the deep south, a couple teams on the west coast but show skiing is predominantly in the Midwest.  This could be seen with the makeup of Team USA.  They had a skier from Oregon, another from South Carolina, a bunch from Florida (including the free style jumping legend Scott Clack) and then the rest were from Midwest states.

We will post a couple more videos from the tournament later but here is a cool one of Geno Yaucler of Florida rocking the sky ski and then the whole team performing a double top 4 tier pyramid.

Sep 15, 2012

First Ever Show Ski Worlds

So this weekend the first ever show ski worlds is taking place in Janesville WI.  Teams from China, Canada, Australia, Belgium and the US will be competing.  We have some CRBers at the event and as long as they are not passed out in the beer tent they may even tweet some stuff.  If you can't make it to Janesville for the shows the next two days check out the webcast.

The running order for Saturday is:

Sundays running order will be determined by the score of the show from Saturday.  Should be interesting to see how China they don't speak English and announcing is part of the score.  Make sure to check out Worlds if you are in the Janesville area.  Should be pretty cool.

CRB Brings The Sexy (23 pics 1 gif)

Sexiness continues after the jump.

Sep 14, 2012

Solar powered pontoons, we need one of these - On Aug. 21, the Tamarack Lake Electric Boat Company opened its Rome, N.Y.-based boat building facility with one market-ready product: A solar-powered electric boat model titled the Loon. The Loon is an electrically powered 22-foot pontoon with solar panels lining the roof, which offers a “free fill-up” while the boat is at rest.  
Currently, its range with a full single-celled battery is 35 miles; however, that is dependent on how much sun is available to contribute, said Montgomery Gisborne, president of the company. 
“When do you go boating? You go typically when the sun is out, so why not trap that energy?” Gisborne said. Before bringing the boat to the open market, Gisborne said he and his family tested his first model on a six-day excursion in 2005, which he deemed a success. Today’s Loon is a pontoon with a twin-displacement hull. 
Gisborne said many people prefer the pontoon due to its stability and easily accessible, larger deck. From a business perspective, Gisborne said he hopes to tap into the current popularity of the segment. “I believe that these are the general characteristics which attract people to pontoons, optimization for the human, not speed,” he said.
How cool is this??  We need to get one of these immediately!

Montgomery Gisborne, the dude who owns this company, is 100% correct with his assertion that pontoon boats are for driving around slowly and drinking beer.  Maybe thats not an exact quote, it was actually, "optimization for the human, not speed", but, come on, we can read between the lines.

When I am on a pontoon, i want putt around slowly, have it be quiet, drink beer, get some sun, and peep babes 24/7 you guys.

The only concern that I have with this is, with the big canopy full of solar panels, do you get sun?  How does that work?

Can you retract the panels to get full and awesome UV exposure?  or, and maybe more fun, can you climb up on the roof and get some sun up there?

Whatever, we want one.  An electric boat.  Powered by the sun.  Harmony with nature.

NOM NOM NOM (18 pics)

More tasty NOMs after the jump.

Sep 11, 2012

No Egyptians Were Injured in the Building of This Pyramid

I pick on show skiers because they wear funny spandex costumes and dance around on stage but the shows are actually fun to watch and some of the skiing is really cool.  This past weekend they went out and decided they wanted to set a world record for most people behind one boat building a human pyramid.  They pulled 54 people off the dock with a monster of a boat, triple 300 outboard engines, 900 horse power.

Sep 10, 2012

Professional Tube Team

No you did not miss read that title.  The CRB has brought you many great things over the years...OK so nothing truly comes to mind, but now we finally have accomplished somthing.  We have stumbled across a professional inter tube team.  They are called the Renegades tube team.  They were previously the tube test team for Obrien, but are now the official team of Radar.  They head of the team appears to be Jeff Burley, he is "the first ever professional sponsored tuber."  Yup you heard that right.  Below is a video of these guys. They seem to like to do Jackass like schenigans as well.  After indulging further into the website I found this...

Why hello there Sarah.  She is apparently a crew member of the Renegades tube team.  No matter how rediculous this may seem these guys have my respect.  We here at the CRB would like to invite Sarah and any of her hot friends to join our team.  The CRB sit around drink beer and hang out in shitty boats team.  We have some fine PBR maybe even a High Life or two.  Check out the renegades video below and the website.

Vid Day Monday

This video reminds me of a snowboarding vid.  The guys are grinding, jumping, bonking, flipping, etc off random things all over the place.  I would kill myself on the first rail, but I also suck at wakeboarding, so that is not really news.  In here the rider hits a rail, jumps off the rail and grinds a wall into a tantrum...freaking insanity.  So bad ass you guys.*

*dad boner joke

Vid Day Monday

The title of the vid says all you need to know.

Sep 6, 2012

Time to Take A Lesson From Kite Boarding

This is kinda like that wake brothers show on MTV, except its done by Redbull who actually gives a shit about producing sports related shows instead of pure shit that somehow relates to a sport.  These guys are kite boarders which looks pretty fun, may have to give it a shot.  This show is an example of what skiing should try, follow around a few of the big names and make a fun show.  Right now there are not all that many crazy guys in the sport to follow, maybe Zach Worden and the Mommer clan would work.  Those guys seem like big enough idiots to create a pretty good show and they just happen to all be bad ass at skiing.

Now with that said, I hate reality TV from the bottom of my heart, but this country is full of dip shits that watch it and it makes money, so lets sell our souls and dive right in!  I would be awesome on "The Real World Butte Montana", I would roll in dressed all cowboy like and start knocking drinks out of peoples hands with my whip.  Then I'd ride my horse in the pool while all the city folk bitch and moan, what, like a pool is not a perfectly reasonable place to park a horse?  What is this Russia?

Sep 4, 2012

I Want All of These Houses (20 pics)

Yesterday was Labor Day, a day when we are supposed to celebrate the working man of this country.  I was asked how I honored the blue collar workers, I honored them in the only way I could think of, by building a multi million dollar house in the middle of a formerly pristine wilderness and then drinking Johnny Walker Blue while shooting lions on my private wild game reserve.  

All of the houses in this post are on my list of bad ass places I will build just to rub in that I am crazy rich and they have to work for a living.  Inheritances are sweet and blue collars are so ugly anyways.  

Awesome houses continue after the jump.

Sep 3, 2012

Vid Day Monday

This vid is named "People are Awesome", and they certainly are. Of course it would be 500 times more awesome if there was some skiing in here!

Its to Dang Cold!

Enjoy this weather you hot piece of ass! Dispatch from the CRB weather desk Guess what???  ITS COLDER THEN A WELL DIGGERS ASS OUT THERE KIDS...