Dec 20, 2009

CRB Off-Topic: Pawns

We are once again revisiting, by far, the greatest tv show ever.  The Wire.  Any list out there of the best shows of the last decade, and there are a lot, but if they don't have The Wire at number one, well...just ignore the idiot that did it, because they are clinically fucking insane. 

Anyways, our previous post concerned how both Bunny and String met their "professional" ends with the phrase "Get on with it motherfu.."  and then they were either shot or cut off (link).

Today, we dissect Bodies life.  Well, not entirely, but, more how his arc as a street person was, and always will be now that he is dead, a pawn.

Before we get any further, know that Bodie is one of those characters that plays a more important part within the story arc of the show, in that, he is sort of a representation of the various power struggles that go on within the street drug world. 

Bodie is, basically, a street thug throughout the show, he may or may not have his sights set on running things, but in reality, he is happy running his corner and making money.  In the first clip when he is introduced to the game of chess by D'angelo Barksdale, it is described how the pawn is always the quickest to go, as that is the piece that does the work, does the street level work for the people up top.

However, Bodie says that isn't true if "they are some smart ass pawns", which is what he is.  He is a smarter version of a pawn, in that, he is able to go from however is in charge, to whoever is in charge and still run his game.  Going from the Barksdale crew to the Stanfield crew. 

Now granted, he does assume more responsibility within the various crews, but, ultimatly, he is not the brains but more of a, well, a pawn.

He is allowed to do what he does and the people utilize him in such a manner to get what they need out of him, until, it is thought that he is working with Mcnulty..which makes sense in that Bodie finally got tired of Marlo Stansfields brutal tactics and lack of honor and sort of went off following the discovery of the bodies within the row houses in Baltimore.

Here is the clip from Season One.

There you get a sense, a foreshadowing, of what Bodies life is. At the time you think nothing of it, because Bodie is nothing more then a street thug, along with Wallace...who Bodie ends up shooting.

Here is the scene from Season 4...which when i saw it, I was pretty pissed, Bodie was one of my favorite characters, but, yet in the realm of the show it made perfect sense. Watch it all the way through, its a few minutes long, but worth it.

If you haven't seen this show, then, get on it. Its best to start right at the beginning, get on your netflix box and load up season one. Go from there. You will never be disappointed. Well, maybe a little, in that the god damn mail man is slow as hell getting you the new dvds.


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