Oct 24, 2006

Yeah, maybe not

HELP!! I need D2 love!!

Note to all the 4 people that pay attention to this little blog and/or those who were looking forward to the D2 nationals update. Its coming....eventually.

Don't know when, or how.

The member of the CRB crew who is in charge of taking care of our "live" update of various waterski endeavors just, somehow, got herself a job and is slacking on the highly lucrative work of blog updating.

...to be continued.

Oct 17, 2006

Your Essential Nationals Re-wind and Re-cap

Yea, put that new one over there on the kitchen table or something.

Hey everyone, we just got back from Sac-Town, and let me tell you, our arms are tired!!

That was a really long paddle!!

Thank you, will be here all week!!

Anyways, as you allready know, the University of Louisianna at Layfaette or Monroe won the title this year. Does it really matter? They have swapped the title back and forth more then...well...someone who swaps stuff back and forth from each other.

Right, we get it, you guys are freaking good.

We aren't asking for much, you know, not something major like take a couple years off or anything, but, just hang back for a year or two and somebody like Florida Southern or Arizona State get a taste.

YO!, Let the Mocs LIVE A LITTLE!!

Clementine in pink...Slalom ski covered in stickers

So, ULM won, ULL got second and Florida Southern got third in division one. Thats fine, good for them. Not real suprising, especially if you read our post leading up to nationals in which we totally and accuratly predicted the outcomes.
Purdue University 13975
University of Wisconsin, Madison 13695
University of Illinois 12275
Florida Southern College 8270
Arizona State University 7335
University of Alabama 6960
California State University, Sacramento 6060
The University of Louisiana, Monroe 5365
The University of Louisiana, Lafayette 5140
University of California, San Diego 4775
Auburn University 3950
University of Texas, Austin 1190
See? Spot on accurate. If by Spot On we meant not in the right order and by Accurate we meant completely false.

Moving on, in D2, (much love) the always classy San Diego State threw a trident and killed the upstart Marquette Warriors, thereby snaring the top honors in the D2.

Boy that escalated quickly...I mean that really got out of hand fast!

On a side note, do you ever wonder if people who live in San Diego, or at minimum, people who talk about San Diego, ever get tired of using or hearing Anchorman references?

Great Odin's Raven me either.

But anyways, the Whale Vag denied the human torch the bank loan and took the 500 mile or so trip back south with their pride, which is something to be very proud of when you find yourselves in a vicious cock fight.

Good lord, thats enough of that.

Here we go!!

Mens Slalom:
1 Cale Burdick (Purdue)
2 Felipe Miranda (ULL)
3T Brody Reid (ASU)
3T Kole Magnowski (ASU)

Not real suprising, seeing as we have all ready called for Cale to go pro after collegiate all-stars last year. However, we also told Brody to do the same. But Cale and Felipe are not seniors like Brody and Kole so look for those two cats to hook up again in the future.



Mens Shortboard:
1 Tomlin Wilson (The Tide)
2 Adam Seldmajer (ULM)
3 Ryan Dodd (ULM)

Well, well, who would have thunk it? ULM and ULL in the top three. But, they got rolled by our main man Tomlin Wilson. ROLL TIDE!! Oh yeah, Ryan Dodd is a good waterskiier. I am sure he will show up again.

And to whomever decided to "rename" trick skiing, turning it into some wakeboard wannabe (Spice up your life!!) I would think that there may be an inferiority complex. But, probaly not.

ugh...what? Forget it.

Mens Jump:
1 Ryan Dodd (ULM)
2 Steven Critchley (ULL) Fr
3 Felipe Miranda (ULL) So

Two notes here.
1) Ryan Dodd succesfully defended his title, for the third time. However, in 2004 he jumped 187, in 2005 he went 183 and this year he went 180. Must be getting old!! However, in fairness...and for gods sake, he is freaking good, narrowly missing out on sweeping his collegiate career in jump by placing second in 2003 losing to Tom Asher by one foot at 177.

Chevy Power Baby!

So, to recap Mr. Dodd's collegiate career on the ramp.
Freshman = 2nd at 177
Sophomore = 1st at 187
Junior = 1st at 183
Senior = 1st at 180

Well played you magnificent bastard!!

2) While Dodd is a stud, and has evidently jumped 201, I left the class year of the two ULL guys, Stephen and Felipe. A freshman and a sophomore. Shit, watch out for ULL next year. And while we are at it, ULL has the market cornered on long crazy names. Actually, so does ULM. Look at the scores sheet. Turns out those two schools are heavily recruiting for the coveted GBH...or...CRB Trohphy.

Womens Slalom:
1 Clementine Lucine (FSC)
2 Breanne Wagner (ULM)
3 Kate Adrianesen (ULM)
4 Danyelle Bennett (ULL)
5 Mandi Williams (ULL)
6 Mandy Nightingale (ULL)

Posted the top six just to reinforce what the hell everyone else is up against. Clementine is sick, but, christ the Louisianna teams come in freaking waves. But, also, to emphasize how good Clementine is, look at the names of the girls she beat. Thats not like a couple chicks on a tube behind a Bayliner there. Bennett? Nightingale? Wagner? That shits tight.

Womens Shortboard:
1 Clementine Lucine (FSC)
2 Mandy Nightingale (ULL)
3 Danyelle Bennett (ULL)

So, Clementine Lucine (note: everytime I type that name I think I spell it wrong) is pretty good. Again, Mandy and Danyelle aren't chopped liver, plus, if you have monitored this page close, you would have noticed that a certain member of the CRB crew thinks Bennett is..umm...nevermind.


But, Lucine rocked the house in this event, posting a pending collegiate record of 4570, which would put her ahead of none other then Reginna Jaquess's (pronounced Jaquess) record of 4440 from last years all-stars.


Womens Jump:
1 Natallia Bernikave (ULM)
2 Alex Lauretano (FSC)
3 Clementine Lucine (FSC)

For gods sake, where have all the Katies and Megans gone? These names are hard to spell!!

But, yo, FSC coming on strong!! Natallia is a senior while Alex and Clementine are, what we like to call, not. Watch out for FSC next year. By the way 153, 151 and 145 took the top three spots!! DANG! These girls are sick. In a good way.

Additionally, here is some stats to freaking chew on. To find a girl that didn't go over 100 feet at nationals you have to go down to freaking 18th place! Mel Cyra (the crayon) went 94 feet to place 18th. Are you kidding? Remember when we went all serious about how hard it is to jump far?

To put that in perspective, Natallia's 153 would have placed her 13th in the mens division last year. Placing right ahead of Purdue's stud Cale Burdick with a 152.

Who would then become 15th?

Our main man KURTIS THRELKELD!!!

It all comes full circle baby!!

Division 2 later in the week.

Scores 2006 (NCWSA)
Scores 2005 (NCWSA)
Skifly Thread (Skifly)
plus a bunch of others.

Oct 13, 2006

Friday Update

I see London, I see France.

This is taken directly from the blog portion of the Alliance Wakeboard website. Turns out Dallas is cruising around on crutches and is itching to get back on the board again.
10/12/2006 Good news out of Singapore -- Dallas Friday is talking and walking (with the help of crutches) today, after a 10-day scare following post operative complications for a broken femur. Doctors have finally removed the ventillator tube from Dallas' lung, and she is well on the road to recovery. I was talking to Lauren Loe today, who went to dinner with Emily Copeland-Durham last night, who said that Dallas called from the hospital in Singapore to thank Emily for staying with her for a few days after the accident. Emily said that Dallas' voice was raspy from having the tube down her throat for so long, but that her she was awake and aware and looking forward to coming home and starting her recovery. In fact, one of the first things Dallas asked her father upon being able to speak was, "Would you mind if I wakeboarded again?"
Their Blog (Alliance Wakeboard)

Oct 12, 2006

2004 Collegiate Nationals Jump

Here is a little clip that was unearthed from the youtube from 2004 collegiate nationals. This is a video of Tom Asher busting out a 182, props to the camera guy for showing the digital readout thing.

However, Tom didnt win, as Ryan Dodd went 187 to win. But, everyones excited so thats good!
So, thats the top three that year. Just an FYI

Live Scoring Update

Huh? Jenna Sligar did what?

In lieu of re-updating, again, the Nationals Preview post, below is the actual working links for the live scoring from nationals.

Division 1
Division 2

Or, if you want, go to the ncwsa page and do it that way. Whatever, we won't be mad.

Screw it, go here the skifly thread.

Live Scoring (NCWSA)

Oct 11, 2006

Complete and Total Nationals Preview

Holla at Marquette : Yo, D-Wade never made it to nationals!!

If you are reading this right now and you are a member of any of the teams listed below...I strongly suggest you quit reading this and get in your car and get moving.

For gods sake, its wednesday afternoon and you have to be skiing tomorrow or something!!

But for the rest of us, either not a part of one of these schools, or floating around in a freaking rowboat, we can view the events from afar...or on some website.

The NCWSA has set up some website to view results live...I guess. Click here for D1 or D2

Anyways, the CRB crew has to plead ignorance on the majority of the teams that are competing, we all know the normal power teams (ULM, ULL, Purdue, Hope, Etc) will be placing pretty high.

I look for the spirit of Kurtis Threlkeld to rage strong and push Purdue to the top in division one, while in D2 don't sleep on Cal-Poly. Allthough San Diego was the only D2 team to finish in the top three in any of the regionals. Hmm...

Just a note here:
East regional
1) Florida Southern
2) Alabama
3) Clemson

1) ULM
2) ULL
3) Texas

1) ASU
2) Sac-Town
3) Whale Vagina

1) Purdue
2) UW-Mad
3) Illinois

So, I was actually going to take all the teams scores from their various regionals and place them in some sort of order to in a way try and predict future results.

However, either Purdue is the best team ever assembled or shit doesn't translate from tournament to tournament. Why is this? I don't get it. Is it number of teams entering and thats how points are divided up or is it subjective, like, if you run 38 off and I run 38 off but I am rocking a speedo and a bra while you are wearing board shorts and a life jacket, then, the judges will obviously score my 38 off better because I did hit the double up at the end of this freaking long run-on sentance?

Did you see me hit that wake 180 at 28 off? Sick!

But, in the interest of complete and total journalistic integrity, here is the teams with scores from their regionals. They are sorted by their score from their regional tournament as an attempt to predict their future perfomance (read: Nationals).

This will end poorly.

Division I

Purdue University 13975
University of Wisconsin, Madison 13695
University of Illinois 12275
Florida Southern College 8270
Arizona State University 7335
University of Alabama 6960
California State University, Sacramento 6060
The University of Louisiana, Monroe 5365
The University of Louisiana, Lafayette 5140
University of California, San Diego 4775
Auburn University 3950
University of Texas, Austin 1190
See? Does that even make sense? What the hell? Like somehow ULL and ULM hired the football team and strapped skis on their feet? Or they decided to make it more difficult on themselves and they all went slaloming on old pizza boxes or had a team-wide meeting and thought it was in their best interest to all ski blind folded and without ropes?

Its stupid and maybe the CRB crew is dumb and doesn't know how to take the different tournaments and fix the scoring to make it the same from team to team and tournament to tournament...but...that doesnt matter now...its time for all the kids to get a move on....California love....Its the freaking weekend baby 'bout to have me some fun!!!


***UPDATE - The links above to live scoring don't work. Awesome.***

Nationals Line-Up (NCWSA.com)

Oct 10, 2006

...and then its real

Lets hope its not the last one

Normally, on these pages anyways, I am loathe to be serious about anything. Its much more fun to poke a little fun here and there as the CRB crew yak about this sport.

But, as I am sure most everyone has heard, Dallas Friday got seriously hurt a little bit ago at a tournament in Singapore. At first you thought, thats pretty crazy. Breaking your leg and having some water in your lungs is never anything to sneeze at, but, you figured that everything would be ok and she would be back on the water before we all knew it.

Well, this is still hopefully the case, but, as it turns out it has been rougher then normally anticipated.

From the Orlando sentinel Newspaper.
"The doctors will do an assessment once she has been off the breathing tube 12 hours and will release an official statement about her condition," the Friday family said in an e-mail Sunday morning. "We are encouraged by this latest news."

The 20-year-old developed acute breathing problems after surgery Monday to repair a broken left femur, which she fractured in several places while performing a "whirlybird" during the final event of Sunday's 2006 Wakeboard World Cup series in Singapore.
Wow, that's some serious stuff right there. Hey, a broken femur is pretty serious, and breathing trouble is even worse, but, throw out the 'breathing tube' into the conversation and things take on a bit of "bite your nails" sort of vibe.

Additionally, here is a couple posts from both girlslearntoride.com and alliancewake.com.

The latest on Dallas is that she is breathing 60% on her own. They are going to take x-rays tomorrow morning of her lungs and may be able to take the tube out of her left lung. The right lung has shown significant improvement. In the next couple days if she continues to progress, they are going to take her out of her sedated state to see if she can breathe on her own. However, they will leave her breathing tube in when they bring her out of the sedated state to make sure she can breathe 100% on her own instead of removing the breathing tube and finding she cannot and have to sedate her again and put the tube back down her throat.

They apologized to Robin Sr. for having to tie her down but every time she hears her father's voice her body begins to flail. This says to me she wants to be cognizant and come out of the state she has been put in. Robin Sr. told them, "you don't know my daughter and that when she does come out of the sedated state they are going to need a straight jacket to keep her down!"
Dallas Friday remains in a Singapore hospital today due to post-surgical complications for a broken femur she suffered during last weekend's World Cup event. I talked to Drew McGuckin, Dallas' boyfriend, today, and he said that doctor's still have Dallas on a respirator for her collapsed lung. He added that she was supposed to be off the respirator yesterday, but the recovery is taking longer than expected. Doctors are keeping her sedated during the recovery process, so she was not available for comment.
Its weird in a way, we all compete, play, enjoy a sport that always has the potential for terrible injury but balanced out by the potential for such exhilaration that it seems to make it all worth it.

We all pay a price in various different levels, from sore bodies, to blown out knees, to personal sacrifices and the like. So did she, but, this is something that no one ever expects nor wishes on anyone.

Additionally, it goes beyond the realm of individual personal sacrifice and pain in this instance, it travels into the territory of "I don't want to think about that, it can't happen anyway".

We all have that thought, buried in the back of your mind, that at some point something ugly could happen. Matter of fact, most of us have had something happen that we wish didnt. Maybe it kept us off the water for a couple days, a week, a month...a year?

Its not all fun and games, the possibility exists and in this case it did as well. So, if you are the religious type, shoot her a prayer for a speedy recovery, if you aren't, shoot her an email saying get better soon (at any of the pages listed below).

"Like that will keep me down!!"
Nabbed from wakeworld.com

Its doubtful that any of us have had the chance to meet Dallas in real life, but that doesnt matter. One of the greatest things that exists in the waterski world is the incredible feeling of community that exists. Every discipline, ability level and age is all under one big umbrella of love. You can't say that 90 some percent of all the waterskiiers you have met aren't the coolest people ever.

There may be petty fights and moronic controversy's (see last years collegiate nationals or Dr. Jims roving slalom course) that deviate peoples attention from the vast majority of people within the sport that at its core is made up of some of the best people on the planet.

We all work so hard for really nothing more then a little personal pride and maybe a trophy here and there. So when one of our own gets thrown into something like this, and not to be preachy but its important that we all take a second or two and send out some positive vibes.

At a time like this, she can probably take all she can get.

Wakeworld discussion (Wakeworld.com)
Alliance wakeboard (Alliancewake.com)
Friday breathes on own (Orlandosentinal.com)
Girls learn to ride forum (Girlslearntoride.com)

Oct 4, 2006

We made it!

Yes, that goes in the bedroom!

Well folks, we finally made it. We are now the Creaky Rowboat.

It was a long arduaous journey, but, that old boathouse was in need of a new paint job, some deck work and there was a racoon or six hanging out in the ceiling. Couldnt get those little guys out of there.

So, we have taken it to the high seas, we climbed in our creaky rowboat and have set out to discover new lands and take our super up-to-date reporting and compleatly non-biased journalism in a new direction.

Hope you find us and aren't to scared with change.

Good, because its the exact same, but with a new title.


P.S - Katy Eagen from the world destruction crew of Hope College posted a little comment on a previous post that was deleated in the move. Sorry. We will still pimp Hope College.

Oct 3, 2006

Oh, my timing was way off

"Whoa, look at that babe over there, got to get there quick!"

Looking around for interesting pictures to use in for the title banner the GBH crew ran across this picture, err more specifically google searching for pictures, the GBH crew came across this picture of Scot Ellis.

For all of us novice type jumpers who really have no realistic expectaion of jumping the distances that guys like him or Freddy or whomever go, its very interesting to see a picture like this as he begins his cut towards the ramp.

For those of us that, for whatever reason, be it age, site, equipment, desire, skill or whatever it may be that limits us from reaching these distances it is very weird to see a pic where you can sort of see where they cut from.

Not that this will really make any of us, or most of us, or some of us, or just me, have the light bulb flash over my head as to what to do to go far. I can see myself trying this and faceplanting into the side curtain and maybe still going like 30 feet, but body parts would be littered everywhere.

But then again, we all start like this (the above picture) and progress to anywhere from 60 or so feet to maybe mid hundreds or so. Thats basically where we all end up. There are a select few that have whatever it takes to really launch. Our man Rykert seems to be one of those guys who is right at that cusp. If you read his blog he mentions he is right about the 140-150 range.

So, what does that mean?

Well nothing really, and thats the point I guess. Basically, its an interesting point of reference to know where those of us who jump to compare ourselves to.

Which means = dang, I got a long way to go.

Scot getting after it (Somewebsite)

Oct 2, 2006


"Hey guys, need a third?"

In the final scenes of the Shawshank Redemption, Red is riding along in the bus as he is heading south of the border to meet up with Andy where they are going to work on a boat and look at the ocean.

Red was bursting at the seems with anticipation and excitement as he prepared for this exciting new phase in a life that he had all but given up on. But, thanks to Andy he is full of hope for what may come.

"I find I'm so excited, I can barely sit still or hold a thought in my head. I think it the excitement only a free man can feel, a free man at the start of a long journey whose conclusion is uncertain. I hope I can make it across the border. I hope to see my friend, and shake his hand. I hope the Pacific is as blue as it has been in my dreams. I hope."

That brings us full circle to our world domination team of Hope College, the Mid-West collegiate regionals is now over and the expected apocalypse of water ski domination didn't come to pass from the Hope College crew. Purdue contiunued to remember that they are Purdue and nabbed first place, while UW-Madison was just a scant 300 or so points behind in second.

But, look close at the standings and you will see the Green Boathouse picked domination crew Hope College claimed 12th place.

Much like Red, they have now embarked on a journey whose future is not known and conclusion is uncertain. But on the road they rumble.

"Psst, yo, I got the hook-up"

Thats right, a newborn puppy barked at me and said that most of the teams that competed breathed a huge sigh of relief knowing that at least for one more year they were able to at least compete. It won't be long until they will have to rename the conference, the division and maybe even the entire ncwsa something like, HWSACS, the Hope Waterski Association of Collegiate Skiers.

But, thats not whats important now, lets do a quick recap of the top three placings in the various different divisions.

Here we go.

Mens Slalom:
1 Cale Burdick (Purdue)
2 Dave Mahoney (Purdue)
3 Chris Carr (Kansas)
25T Matt Carlson (Hope)

I suppose that goes without saying that the Purdue boys kicked some ass here.

Mens Trick:
1 Sergio Uribe (Purdue)
2 Cale Burdick (Purdue)
3 Cole Kalkbrenner (Missouri State)
31 Scott Langille (Hope)

Hey Cale, leave some recognition for everyone else! But, here again Purdue takes the top two spots, with Sergio Uribe nabbing first. Cole Kalkbrenner is in the running for the Kurtis Threlkeld award for crazy name. Just an FYI

Mens Jump:
1 Cale Burdick (Purdue)
2 Sergio Uribe (Purdue)
3 Brett Mommer (Iowa State)
56T Matt Carlson (Hope)

The 1-2 punch of Purdue again...blah blah blah...Yo! Where is the rest of the team? By the way, I am sure that Brett Mommer never, ever, gets any momma jokes.

Womens Slalom:
1 Kerbie Reader (Michigan)
2 Abby Schmitt (Purdue)
3 Corynn Cassidy (Illinois)
22T Laura Meeker (Hope)

Hey look! The top three are big-ten schools and finally Michigan comes to play. However, the Purdue dominance is in effect, while our Hope crew is creeping.

Womens Trick:
1 Christie Madden (Illinois)
2 Corynn Cassidy (Illinois)
3 Abby Schmitt (Purdue)
16T Laura Meeker (Hope)

Corynn and Abby are back here in the top three but Christie Madden claims the top spot, but, can you hear the pitter patter of feet behind you?

Womens Jump:
1 Christie Madden (Illinois)
2 Corynn Cassidy (Illinois)
3 Mel Cyra (UW-Madison)
15T Katy Eagen (Hope)

The gap is closing kids. But, those two Illinois girls ruled. Isn't Cyra some weird color from your crayon box?

So there you have it, five teams from the Mid-West made it to nationals. Purdue, UW-Madison, Illinois, Michigan and Marquette.

Where is Hope? The buzz on the street is deafening, the viral marketing campaigns are in high gear and the long jouney to domination has begun. You heard it here first.

Results (mcwsa.com)

Its to Dang Cold!

Enjoy this weather you hot piece of ass! Dispatch from the CRB weather desk Guess what???  ITS COLDER THEN A WELL DIGGERS ASS OUT THERE KIDS...