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Yeah, maybe not

HELP!! I need D2 love!! Note to all the 4 people that pay attention to this little blog and/or those who were looking forward to the D2 nationals update. Its coming....eventually. Don't know when, or how. The member of the CRB crew who is in charge of taking care of our "live" update of various waterski endeavors just, somehow, got herself a job and is slacking on the highly lucrative work of blog updating. be continued.

Your Essential Nationals Re-wind and Re-cap

Yea, put that new one over there on the kitchen table or something. Hey everyone, we just got back from Sac-Town, and let me tell you, our arms are tired!! That was a really long paddle!! Thank you, will be here all week!! Anyways, as you allready know, the University of Louisianna at Layfaette or Monroe won the title this year. Does it really matter? They have swapped the title back and forth more then...well...someone who swaps stuff back and forth from each other. Right, we get it, you guys are freaking good. We aren't asking for much, you know, not something major like take a couple years off or anything, but, just hang back for a year or two and somebody like Florida Southern or Arizona State get a taste. YO!, Let the Mocs LIVE A LITTLE!! Clementine in pink...Slalom ski covered in stickers So, ULM won, ULL got second and Florida Southern got third in division one. Thats fine, good for them. Not real suprising, especially if you read our post leading up to nationals

Friday Update

I see London, I see France. This is taken directly from the blog portion of the Alliance Wakeboard website. Turns out Dallas is cruising around on crutches and is itching to get back on the board again. 10/12/2006 Good news out of Singapore -- Dallas Friday is talking and walking (with the help of crutches) today, after a 10-day scare following post operative complications for a broken femur. Doctors have finally removed the ventillator tube from Dallas' lung, and she is well on the road to recovery. I was talking to Lauren Loe today, who went to dinner with Emily Copeland-Durham last night, who said that Dallas called from the hospital in Singapore to thank Emily for staying with her for a few days after the accident. Emily said that Dallas' voice was raspy from having the tube down her throat for so long, but that her she was awake and aware and looking forward to coming home and starting her recovery. In fact, one of the first things Dallas asked her fa

2004 Collegiate Nationals Jump

Here is a little clip that was unearthed from the youtube from 2004 collegiate nationals. This is a video of Tom Asher busting out a 182, props to the camera guy for showing the digital readout thing. However, Tom didnt win, as Ryan Dodd went 187 to win. But, everyones excited so thats good! 1 DODD, RYAN ULM SO 187 2 ASHER, TOM ULL JR 182 3 SIEMERS, JIMMY ASU SR 181 So, thats the top three that year. Just an FYI

Live Scoring Update

Huh? Jenna Sligar did what? In lieu of re-updating, again, the Nationals Preview post, below is the actual working links for the live scoring from nationals. Division 1 Division 2 Or, if you want, go to the ncwsa page and do it that way. Whatever, we won't be mad. ***Update*** Screw it, go here the skifly thread . Links: Live Scoring (NCWSA)

Complete and Total Nationals Preview

Holla at Marquette : Yo, D-Wade never made it to nationals!! If you are reading this right now and you are a member of any of the teams listed below...I strongly suggest you quit reading this and get in your car and get moving. For gods sake, its wednesday afternoon and you have to be skiing tomorrow or something!! But for the rest of us, either not a part of one of these schools, or floating around in a freaking rowboat, we can view the events from afar...or on some website. The NCWSA has set up some website to view results live...I guess. Click here for D1 or D2 Anyways, the CRB crew has to plead ignorance on the majority of the teams that are competing, we all know the normal power teams (ULM, ULL, Purdue, Hope, Etc) will be placing pretty high. I look for the spirit of Kurtis Threlkeld to rage strong and push Purdue to the top in division one, while in D2 don't sleep on Cal-Poly. Allthough San Diego was the only D2 team to finish in the top three in any of the regionals

...and then its real

Lets hope its not the last one Normally, on these pages anyways, I am loathe to be serious about anything. Its much more fun to poke a little fun here and there as the CRB crew yak about this sport. But, as I am sure most everyone has heard, Dallas Friday got seriously hurt a little bit ago at a tournament in Singapore . At first you thought, thats pretty crazy. Breaking your leg and having some water in your lungs is never anything to sneeze at, but, you figured that everything would be ok and she would be back on the water before we all knew it. Well, this is still hopefully the case, but, as it turns out it has been rougher then normally anticipated. From the Orlando sentinel Newspaper. "The doctors will do an assessment once she has been off the breathing tube 12 hours and will release an official statement about her condition," the Friday family said in an e-mail Sunday morning. "We are encouraged by this latest news." The 20-year-old developed acute b

We made it!

Yes, that goes in the bedroom! Well folks, we finally made it. We are now the Creaky Rowboat. It was a long arduaous journey, but, that old boathouse was in need of a new paint job, some deck work and there was a racoon or six hanging out in the ceiling. Couldnt get those little guys out of there. So, we have taken it to the high seas, we climbed in our creaky rowboat and have set out to discover new lands and take our super up-to-date reporting and compleatly non-biased journalism in a new direction. Hope you find us and aren't to scared with change. Good, because its the exact same, but with a new title. -CRB P.S - Katy Eagen from the world destruction crew of Hope College posted a little comment on a previous post that was deleated in the move. Sorry. We will still pimp Hope College.

Oh, my timing was way off

"Whoa, look at that babe over there, got to get there quick!" Looking around for interesting pictures to use in for the title banner the GBH crew ran across this picture, err more specifically google searching for pictures, the GBH crew came across this picture of Scot Ellis. For all of us novice type jumpers who really have no realistic expectaion of jumping the distances that guys like him or Freddy or whomever go, its very interesting to see a picture like this as he begins his cut towards the ramp. For those of us that, for whatever reason, be it age, site, equipment, desire, skill or whatever it may be that limits us from reaching these distances it is very weird to see a pic where you can sort of see where they cut from. Not that this will really make any of us, or most of us, or some of us, or just me, have the light bulb flash over my head as to what to do to go far. I can see myself trying this and faceplanting into the side curtain and maybe still going like


"Hey guys, need a third?" In the final scenes of the Shawshank Redemption, Red is riding along in the bus as he is heading south of the border to meet up with Andy where they are going to work on a boat and look at the ocean. Red was bursting at the seems with anticipation and excitement as he prepared for this exciting new phase in a life that he had all but given up on. But, thanks to Andy he is full of hope for what may come. "I find I'm so excited, I can barely sit still or hold a thought in my head. I think it the excitement only a free man can feel, a free man at the start of a long journey whose conclusion is uncertain. I hope I can make it across the border. I hope to see my friend, and shake his hand. I hope the Pacific is as blue as it has been in my dreams. I hope." That brings us full circle to our world domination team of Hope College, the Mid-West collegiate regionals is now over and the expected apocalypse of water ski domination didn't