Apr 27, 2011

Developing a Better Practice

There is a story that we ran across via thebiglead website a few days ago, linky, where a guy quit his job and wants to become a professional golfer.  In the book Outliers, by Malcom Gladwell, is it theorized that it takes 10,000 hours of practice to be really good. 

So, naturally, this guy who evidently has the means to spend 10,000 hours golfing is putting that theory to work.

What we found interesting, was, within the comment section of that biglead post is discussion of not just doing something but actually practicing.  Meaning, not just playing basketball for 10,000 hours, but, working on specific parts of the game, i.e, dribbling, shooting, movement w/out the ball, etc etc, working on specifics to become better rather then just screwing around.

In a waterski context, lets say you are hypothetically a person who has distanced jumped for most of their life but never really became anything other then a moderatly competant jumper due to whatever circumstances, access to a site, or discipline or equipment, or whatever.  Over the course of time this person may have taken 100's of jump sets, but, there wasn't any focus as to what to work on.

Usually its as simple as go farther = cut later.  Right?  Pretty simple, more speed more pop more distance more burritos!

But, lets break it down into individual sections of a typical jump pass and in this scenario we are assuming a sort of traditional 3/4 type set up.  Follow along with our incredible mspaint skillz

Diagram 1- Drivers side before counter

Diagram 2 - Cut out

Diagram 3 - Crossing wakes
Diagram 4 - About to hit ramp
Diagram 5 - On the ramp
Diagram 6 - Flying

This is, admititly a very simplistic overall view of a typical jump pass as there are way more moving parts going on then just what we diagramed.

However, within the scope of that are there specific aspects that one could work on to become a better jumper then by simply cutting later, or cutting harder?

For example, if one were to concentrate on the pull-out (!) or cut out, diagram 2, soley, for a period of time...say, 20 cuts, to totally nail down the timing without ever hitting the jump, would that aid in ones ability to accuratly gauge a specific course towards the jump thereby improving ones performance?

The concept being, you master that particular aspect, knowing how far out on the axis you swing (right next to the driver?) and when you begin your pre-turn, how you progress into the wakes and this action was then firmly planted in your brain so you don't have to think about it, you could then concentrate on your body position or whatever else goes through your head while kicking jumps.

Or, you could soley work on your wake crossing, do you get bounced weird each time or do you get out of position each time or at random times?  Instead of take a number of jump sets you simply go out and just focus on that particular aspect.  Going back and forth across the wake as if you were doing your jump pass.

The idea being, breaking down the jump pass into little bits and focusing on those little bits until they become second nature.

From experiance the biggest hurdle to becoming a better jumper isn't guts or skill its the mental block that keeps you from accomplishing something.  For me its the unknown, all the different variables that go into a jump pass pile up on each other so when its finally time to cut towards the ramp you aren't 100% confident.

By breaking the pieces down and looking those in on their own, you could eliminate this mental block and, hopefully, by extrapolation become a better jumper.  Not just by going out and jumping more, but, developing a systematic approach to becoming a better jumper.

Maybe that, the 10,000 hour rule, is how it would be applied to something as seemingly simple as jumping.  You focus on the small pieces until they are second nature, developing your mental state along the way, leading to better results.

Apr 26, 2011


Wakeboarding knows where how to bring in the dollas, see following vid for proof.

This is a great example of fun ideas that waterskiing is missing out on. Instead of embracing the youth and talent of our sport we are fighting about adding masters mens slalom into pro events. Our sport continues to look backwards while wake boarding embraces change and innovation and brings in big bucks from outside the industry.

We attack slalom not because we hate it, we are all 3 eventers and slalom quite a bit, but because it is boring as hell to watch over and over again. We continue to push slalom while allowing jump to scrape along and have all but killed trick. Pushing slalom alone will never heal our sport alone, events such as the Malibu Open and the LA Night Jam are good starting points for what we could be. The Night Jam is fast paced with fun filler exhibitions to keep the crowd interested all while not dragging on so long that people get bored and leave. The Malibu Open brought thousands in over the 2 days and it had not only Mens and Womens slalom and mens jump but also had cool side events like freestyle jumping, barefooting and a show ski exhibition.

This year the first big US event (that the CRB crew will attend) is the LA Night Jam. And again it sounds like Amy Bing and the crew at Bennetts are raising the stakes by adding a freestyle exhibition to the already action packed line up of Mens and Womens jumping under the lights, a short line slalom run off, barefooting and a trick ski flip comp.

The Michigan pro tour stop has made the disappointing move of adding Masters Mens Slalom AKA Big Dawg to the line up. This is not to say that we do not love the Big Dawg concept, but they have proven that they can run a successful tour separate from the pro tour. Adding slower speed events such as MM 55k to pro events will confuse general public and dilutes the recognition that we should be giving to the best of our sport.

We in no way are saying that to compete on the MM 55k Big Dawg tour does not take incredible talent but a pro event is not the place for them to be competing. If you want to compete with the pros then step up and ski at 58k

Call Of Duty and Waterskiing?

Krista Rogers
@creakyrowboat NO WOW!!!!! COD on the other hand....
This world of ours has many monsters roaming its lands, many live in plain site and look like any other face in the crowd, indistinguishable from the masses. But today we will unmask one of these monsters.

The_Krista tweeted us the other day saying that she plays Call Of Duty, we have never played COD, as she disgustingly refers to this vile game. This vid we stole from the Ball Of Spray shows that COD and its evil empire of headset wearing assasins sitting in video game chairs around the world will do anything to destroy our great sport. COD is a game all about killing water skiers, that is something we simply can not allow to continue. So the CRB is calling for a boycott of all things Krista until she and her evil water ski hating empire renounce their support for games that promote killing of slalom skiers.

Krista and unnamed accomplice decked out in COD gear.

Well...guess it is just slalom skiers...hmmmm. Well Slalom Ski Mag might get angry but really slalom skiers have infested our sport so knocking off a few might not be to terrible.

Apr 25, 2011

Vid Day Monday


Vid Day Monday

Jaret: Tra la la
skis: /go fast
jump: BOOSH
Jaret: Woot

We were told this weekend that even though we have posted this in the past that it was time to show just how totally bad ass Ski Flying really was. Jaret is also a pimp as the video shows.

Vid Day Monday

This is not skiing, but it rules, so watch it and stop whining. A few of the camera shots are tough to understand how they were done. But they built bike ramps all over the place so maybe they built a track for the cameras as well. Or...I just know jack shit about cameras...

Apr 23, 2011

CRB Brings the Sexy

Heather Morris is on a show called Glee, apparently it is about a glee club in a school and they do lots of covers of tunes that are ban at the CRB headquarters. But who gives a shit about that as the following is proof that she rules.*

*does not wear much clothing

Trust me, you WANT to watch this video. If you’re a man, you’ll be transfixed by the way her body moves. If you’re a woman, you’ll want to take lessons from her. And if you’re a gay man, you’ll love those heels, sister!

NSFW pics that some prude made SFW

Apr 18, 2011

Vid Day Monday

A ski racing boat, ironically named "Blazen" caught fire and forced the rider and driver to dive out of the boat during the Southern 80 race. The driver suffered burns to 20% of his body. Ski racers are nuts but this is a somewhat unexpected accident. Of course his boat is named "Blazen" so...

Vid Day Monday - The Krista

Krista Rogers aka @the_krista sent us one of her sweet posters all signed and addressed to "the coolest guys in the world. Marry me ODBF"*.
*not an actual quote

The ODBF would have said yes, but then it snowed today and @the_krista posted this pic which led ODBF to add Krista to his list of people that he hates because they live in warm climates.

Dig Dug has graciously offered to accept Krista's marriage proposal. When the AP was able to track him down as he fended off 8 bit attacking beetles while digging a hole he released this statement: "Dig Dig yes Dig Dig Dig Dig girls Dig Dig Dug"

As this is Vid Day Monday here is a clip of Krista booting a 148 footer to win nationals in 2004

After watching that clip ODBF would like to reconsider her proposal. He also stated that everyone is more then welcome to send free stuff to us. We have no scruples and will promote you all over the place. So thanks to Krista for the poster and a big thanks to Radar for understanding what sells bindings. (making them awesome!!! and pics of pretty girls does not hurt either.)

Vid Day Monday

These fish are not conducive to water skiing. If they get into the great lakes they will be able to spread to many public lakes all across the Midwest and New England. So when you watch this vid and think "oh dear me, they should throw those nice fish back in the water", you need to realize your wrong. Asian carp (silver carp) are bad news. We here at the CRB are well known carpists, we hate all carp that are not natural to our environment.

Apr 16, 2011

CRB Brings the Sexy

We do not need to add anything beyond what John Mommer said about this pic.

John Mommer whoever took this shot gets a high five'
November 26, 2008 at 12:00am · Like

Apr 15, 2011

Spring Time Ahhhhh

Ski season is almost here...Hell yea!

Dig Dug, Rowboat Abides and Life Jacket...go suck eggs. Yea I got it, its warm in your locals and I hate you all for that.

CRB Minion, hows prison?

Apr 14, 2011

Go Pro Camera

Go Pro cameras have opened a whole new way of recording waterskiing and we must say the new views are awesome. You get right in there and can really see how someone skis. Zane Nicholson shows here what got him the win at the Junior Moomba and took him into the Open Mens finals at the same event.

It is raining and about 40 degrees here...So also we would like to point out that we hate anyone that is able to ski right now. Jerks

Apr 11, 2011

Vid Day Monday

Rip Curl is ramping up their marketing efforts in the build up to the 50th anniversary of the Rip Curl Pro, the longest running pro surfing competition in the world. They released this short but bad ass video of surfing on tidal waves created by the force of the tide coming and the river pushing out creating these bad ass waves. Or like I said tidal waves... And no tidal waves are not what you would call waves like the one in the movie Poseidon, they called it a tidal wave but that actually be called a rogue wave. Completely different type of wave, but who would expect Hollywood movie makers to do any actual research before making a movie?

But yea, this vid makes me want to go jump in random jungle rivers and get my surf on.

/hangs out with Life Jacket
/gets eaten by piranhas

Thanks to our boy Danny for the heads up on this video

Vid Day Monday

We used to post a fair number of barefoot vids but then they got way to lame with the crazy high booms that makes it just as easy as hanging onto the boom. That shit is stupid and does not deserve to join the rest of the stupid stuff we talk about on here... Wait...what?

Oh but this vid is freaking sweet! Some solid surface turns LONG LINE LIKE ITS SUPPOSED TO BE DONE!! And a barefoot jump with a cut under! Hella cool.

Apr 7, 2011

CRB Draft - Tow Vehicles

We all drive everyday to get somewhere right?  Go to work, go to the liquor store, go the empty train station and sit in your car and drink to dull the pain...we all do it.

One of the things that we kick around the CRB during the day sometimes is what you would buy with lottery money, or, money no object buy a car, and normally its either some crazy exotic supercar or just a really rad tow vehicle to get the ski masterby to and fro.

Which makes us wonder, if you go to the grocery store or the mall or wherever you see alot of sedans and smaller suv things and, if you live where we live, alot of boring ass bland cars that happen to say Acura or Lexus or BMW or, oddly enough, Kia on them.  We do live in a fake-ritzy area.

Anyways, today we were sitting at lunch at a cool outdoor cafe and looking at all the different vehicles in the parking lot, and what the hell is with people and silver colored cars jesus!, but, all these people just had various non-descript cars to get them from home to work to the Gucci store and then home.

There was no real utility in these things, just a sort of bland social status vehicle.

But, as a waterskiier, we need something to tow a boat around right?  Do you guys all have a second car to do that?  Do you not tow and borrow boats or belong to a consortium of waterski-ites?

In our life, if you see a Tahoe or a Pick-up or something that isn't dicked with to much you can bet they are prone to slapping on a trailer and towing shit around.  But, is that the best?

So, in the spirit of the KSK drafts we decided to have a draft of our own.  Our own ultimate dream tow vehicle draft.  Something that we would use to tow our Ski Masterbu around, or at least deposit and retrieve from some body of water.

Rules are simple, we can draft to be our own personal tow vehicle any actual vehicle.  Can't be a space ship or a rickshaw or the pretty girl at the mall, has to be a legit vehicle.  Thats it!!!!

We welcome you to play along as well, draft your ultimate tow vehicle.

Draft order is determined by total number of posts to the CRB by our various writers.  Meaning, I, the Dig Dug go second, with ODBF third, Minion fourth and Life Jacket fifth.  Yes, site originator Rowboat Abides goes first, if we can find the old drunk.

1) Rowboat Abides - Lincoln Town Car.
A man looks proper in a Town Car.  (ed note. christ, old people are redick)

2) Dig Dug - a 2500 Diesel Avalance
Diesels are cool and they aren't available in an Avalanche, which are bad ass as well. 

3) ODBF - A TANK!!!
pew pew pew, blow stuff up!

4) Minion - El Camino
Those are Mexican right?  yeah, gotta get me some Mexican hash brah.

5) Life Jacket - whatever my girlfriend wants
I wove my pooky wooky (ed note. your fired)

So, there you have it.  Our first round draft of dream tow vehicles.  Please tell us we can do better!

Apr 4, 2011

Vid Day Monday

One of the best parts of college tournaments is the jump event. Not like at pro events where jump is the best cuz the guys go huge, but because most of the skiers land on their heads. Not positive this is a college event but he says its his first attempt. Same thing!

The Dude: They are not NAZIs Walter
Walter: They threatened castration! Am I wrong?

And to youtube commenter teflon: You are a complete moron.

I was going to write more but Youtube commenter's don't think like normal people do. They just sit in their parents basements and eat their seventh ice cream drumstick of the day and call other people names and make dumb comments.

/Eats Dilly Bar

Vid Day Monday

Steven Critchley has been a powerful force for ULL these past few years and some have said he has the ability to break Ryan Fitz record of 193 feet. That record may be untouchable in todays era of second guessing the judges and the new video distance measuring programs, but the kid is damn good. This may not be the best vid to back up that statement as he almost goes out the front. Every jumper that has ever gone distance knows that feeling when you start to drift forward and the only thing you can think is "HOLY SHIT I'M GOING TO DIE". Well I think "I wonder if I remembered to file that extension on the 1040...Oh I must have because the accountant is..." /FACE TO WATER

Vid Day Monday

Is this waterski related? Hell yea it is! You mean you don't ski with a rocket launcher...while on pavement...in a jeep...in an awesome B movie?

Fine be a player hater!

Its to Dang Cold!

Enjoy this weather you hot piece of ass! Dispatch from the CRB weather desk Guess what???  ITS COLDER THEN A WELL DIGGERS ASS OUT THERE KIDS...