May 19, 2010

Lake Trout Carry Out

Lake Trout Carry Out is what we are currently calling the random link heap/dump/thing/whatever.

Its been awhile but I guess we can throw another link dump at you cats. And many of you may be saying "but why not write full posts about every one of these oh so interesting articles?" Well we say "Because we do this for free and don't really care about you lowly people. Now if you want to send us dolla dolla bills y'all* then we would be more inclined to do what you want.

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The Collegiate Wakeboard Nationals were held recently in some place much warmer then here. This probably deserves its own post but then I would have to delve into the whole mess that is the USAWB vs Empire Wake mess. And well that whole thing is just a mess.

Right back to the wakeboard nationals that it appears Chico State won. I would have known that if I had read the whole article from Alliance but reading alliance makes me think of reef girls. And well that leads to me watching the first CRB Brings the Sexy video about 14 times........WAIT ITS GONE??? SCREW YOU VIMEO!!!

Hi! My name is Amy Winehouse. I'm crazy and love cocaine, and I'm from Blakepool England.

Fun Sporting mag tells us that Blackpool in the north of England has a new wake park. Man these things are popping up all over the place. Nothing by me yet but thats cuz noone likes Al Gore so they wont put one here.

New contraption allows wakeboarding in swimming pools. Yea what he said. Crazy new contraptions "GET OFF MY LAWN"

New wake park in Ohio. What is this this wakeboard day on the CRB? Cuz if it is I'm going to need to bust out the knee braces and go kill some wicked sweet Fashion Airs.

go to 1:20 point in the vid. peeps = stupid

I love* to bass fish as much as the next guy and I'm guessing its bass fishermen and other assorted jack asses that don't have a clue how to drive on the lake that leads to stories like this.
*love = hate it with a passion

/reads random stuffs...
ODBF: oh a new guy over at JJ marine...wherever the hell that is...
//reads more random stuffs...
ODBF: oh and Seminol brand has a new manager of the Sailfish division...stupid sail boats
///reads more random stuffs...
ODBF: oh USAWS hired a new exec director...wait...HOLD ON ONE DAMN MOMENT!! I don't remember the CRB being consulted on this one. Who was in charge of this? Not us and that is a damn shame and a complete travshamocory!! yea I said it!!
/calms down
ODBF: ok, it was probably a very good idea not to seek our council as I would have suggested they hire whichever hot chick I was currently googling. oh and good luck to our new exec. Heres to hoping he can do some of that great growth and exposure that speed skating has seen in the past few years.

Figure 8 barefoot tournaments are a good time all around. Great parties, fun skiing and good people. And I hate them with a passion.../misses step off

Now here is some good news. A fund raising auction to help out one of our fellow skiers, Kyle Eade, who suffered a ugly back injury while training for Moomba. So go here and buy lots of stuff. Help a brotha out!!

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