Jun 19, 2010

CRB Brings the Sexy - Wakeboard WAG

So like we said in the last post tons of people have been complaining that we do not post enough wakeboard related material. Well guess what its the weekend so all your going to get is all this hot pics of Shawn Watson's girlfriend. SO TAKE THAT!!!

Tons = Zero

Excuse me miss, but it appears your shorts are malfunctoning...ok forget I said anything, carry on.

/looks at pic again...
Nevermind you win

Shawn Watson better watch out, once his girl hears my game she is totally jumping ship from that zero for this hero. Oh yes she will be mine! First I should probably move out of my parents basement...

and some YAY VIDEO

Check out more picks of Leslie on Maxim and vote for in the Maxim Hometown Hotty contest. If she does not win Shawn and I will blame all of you.

***note*** We have no idea if this contest is still going on, in fact it probably ended last year, but who cares. Just look at the pics and stop demanding unreasonable things from us like fact checking or spell checking.

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