Jun 17, 2010

Make This Person Rich

When the CRB first started operations a few decades ago, there was no interwebs, there was no Ipod, there was no sense of p.c normality.  We drank scotch during the day, smoked cigarettes like a real man, ate steaks for lunch, ran 43.5 off wearing a suit while having an affair with the receptionist.

Thats just how it was done back then.  If you wanted something, you just went and took it.  Like a man.  You needed to negotiate something??  You smoked and drank and maybe got into a fist fight, but at the end, with the slight overtone of homo-erotica still in the air, you signed on the dotted line and went home to your family, where you had your dinner and a cold beer waiting for you on the table.  Or, at least you better or someone was getting the backside of your hand.  It was done in love.

Now days, you do everything with a computer and the magic of the tube series.  Want to get a car?  hop online, want to get a date?  hop online (or talk to odbf's mom), want a job?  tough shit, the economy sucks.

Back in the day, when you had some stuff in your house that you had to get rid off, old furniture, car parts, dead bodies, glassware, bongs, etc, you would just pile all that shit into your garage..put a sign out front, and people would show up and throws many dollars in your face and walk off with your stuff.

So...EBAY.  good, we finally made it to the point.
On the ebays you can get a bunch of waterski stuff, and some dude is selling a wicked cool pair of O'Brien trick skis.

There are 6 hours left in the auction and they are only going for about 20 bucks.


Ebay Link to Trick Skis

These trick skis deserve a good home, it should be yours.  We know that your home would be a good place, we have already been there.  with your mom.

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  1. oh yea, well your moms so fat the last picture of her was taken by a blimp


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