Jun 7, 2010

Improve Your Reach - A CRB Tutorial

We will be posting the ultimate definitive re-cap and review of Night Jam sometime today or tomorrow, in the mean time, we have a quick tutorial to improving your slalom skiing!!

The Waterski Magazine Inside Edge email thing dropped into the CRB Mainframe email server machine today and as we devoured the edition we noticed one of the feature was how to maximize your reach.

Now, given that the CRB is a collective of the brightest waterski minds in the world, we did not need to click on the link, we already know the answers.

Here is the CRB 3-Step process for maximizing your reach.

Step 1.  Be Taller
Step 2.  ????
Step 3.  Profit

Boom thats it.  Now go out and dominate that slalom course.

/slaps ass
/tosses empty out of boat

1 comment:

  1. if i cut my foot on one of your empties I am going to drown you.


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