Jun 21, 2010


We have mentioned this a few times before but its worth saying again 'Australians freaking rule'. And also it seems they do not know what tooth paste is. But at least they are better then those dirty no showering, no shaving, love to surrender sissy French.*

*We kid France, we love you. In fact we would come visit but we are afraid you would surrender to us and then we would have to fix you screwed up employment system.

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Not only do Australians know how to 2 ski in big lines behind boats, but they are also hot.

exhibit A: Lauren Eagle

Don't really need an exhibit B, but we are gluttons for punish...hot Aussies.

Karina was a solid addition to the CRB girls roster! Now if only one of the CRB girls would actually drop in and say "hi" once in awhile. AM I ASKING TO MUCH LADIES??? HUH??? Well I will answer my own question with a 'yes, yes I am asking to much'.

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