Jun 1, 2010

Vid Day Monday - Masters

The Masters were this last weekend and we posted almost nothing about it. Well tough titty, the weather ruled and it was a 3 day weekend. So we dropped the CRB ski boat* in the water and got our ski** on.
*old truck tires

But we feel bad about it so here are some vids from this weekend. First up we have June showing us that she is a much better jumper then any of you are. And that is why when I want to watch jumping I don't go hang out at your lake and instead sneak into her dressing room and...wait *cough* I mean youtube search for vids of her jumping.

The second vid is Thomas Asher booting some solid 228s out there. Tom is not all hot like June so only the CRB Minion tried to sneak into his dressing room. The Minion is an odd cat.

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