Jun 1, 2010

Vid Day Monday

So I watched this promo twice and I have to say...ummm...I have no idea what is going on here. Whats with the little box in the vid? And whats it about? Does it follow their training all the way to the masters or is it just some video from the last chance qualifier and then the masters? I don't like to tear on any video that shows waterskiing, but I have to say the preview for it is weak sauce. Drop some of the wacked out graphic effects and lets see some skiing. Our sport rules on its own, getting a little flashy is not bad, but this seems to have taken it a few steps to far. Of course this is just a trailer so we will wait and see. Needless to say it is a ski vid, so you should all buy 100 of them and send them out as gifts to all your non skiing friends. Support the industry and all that jazz.

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