Jun 22, 2010

Regina Is Unstoppable

Womens skiing world records had been stagnent for years until last year ULM ski team alums Regina Jaquess and Natalia Berdnikava decided to take off their skirts ***(ed note: WOOOT)*** and dominate. Regina has long been a force in skiing but she has taken that to the next level now that she has graduated with a degree in drug making (or something like that). It is surprising she has enough time to train with all the time she has spent running around in The Rowboat Abides dreams.

Image captured from The Rowboat Abides most recent dream.

U.S. water ski athlete Regina Jaquess set a pending world overall record of 3,001.28 points this past weekend during the second round of the Cory Pickos Superstars in Santa Rosa Beach, Fla. If approved by the International Waterski & Wakeboard Federation’s Technical Committee, the record will surpass the mark of 2,934.6 points set by Jaquess last July.
Jaquess recorded scores of 4 buoys at 39-1/2 feet off in slalom, 8,370 points in tricks and 176 feet (53.7 meters) in jumping in accumulating the 3,001.28 overall points. The 176-foot (53.7 meters) jump also is a pending tie of the U.S. Open Women national jumping record. Brandi Hunt set the original record in 2002 at Sunset Lakes in Groveland, Fla.

So what they are saying is that Regina can pretty much dominate you in every possible way. We took an office poll today and got a 92% woot vote on that last statment. Enrique in the purchasing department gave only a semi woot rating. Human resources is currently processing his discharge paperwork.

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  1. That's DOCTOR Regina to you my friend.


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