Its about 100 degrees in the crb offices today due to a slight malfunction* of our A/C so I cant really process thoughts. So you get straight up shenanagens today.

*we have none

We constantly* get angry emails about our complete lack of wakeboard content, so here you go!

*no one emails us /cry

We also get alot of emails about our complete lack of Patrice Martin singing and dancing videos, so here you go!


  1. Anonymous5:57 PM

    That dog is SICK!

    -dig dug

    sent from an actual apple

  2. Time out, that video of Patrice is absolutely ridiculous!

    Was that on the french version of Hollywood squares or what the heck is going on there? GREAT FIND!

    PS - just because dig dug asks for wakeboard content, that doesn't count as numerous emails.


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