Jun 7, 2010

Vid Day Monday - Post Night Jam Edition

Sorry for the delay today. The Google man and his blogger were hate'n on poor lit'l ol' me.

But back to the proper subject.

Wait...this is not a blog about drunk drivers trying to relive their glory years as moonshiners in Hazard County?


So is it about lazy people?

Seriously...wtf? why is that even there?

/has 2 step escalator installed next to bathtub.

Oh...its a ski and dick joke blog. gotcha.

**ed note** so it seems that I am not good at video taping, so you get whatever I can find on the interewebz.

And note to Tony: if there is no new interview with Alex Laurentano in front of the bathrooms we will never talk to you again.

And not to Alex: shhhhhhhh

1 comment:

  1. Anonymous10:15 PM

    wait a damn minute. that was the production for the webcast?

    holy shit. that is awesome!

    -dig dug

    sent from your moms house


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