Jun 2, 2010

Lake Trout Carry Out

So it appears that I had no idea what day it was yesterday, DAMN YOU 3 DAY WEEKENDS!! With that said ON WITH THE SHOW.

Lake Trout Carry Out is what we are currently calling the random link heap/dump/thing/whatever.

The awesomeness that is youngin Erica Laings trick skills has lead her to be picked as the USAWS female athlete of the month. Need I remind you that we pointed out her awesome flipping skills a few weeks back.

I wanted to post the vid of Al Pacino saying he is a great judge of ability in the end of "The Recruit" but it seems that Youtube realized that movie sucked something awful, so instead I put up this vid from "Scent Of A Woman" cuz it rules.

Oh the humanity! Our hearts go out to you nameless San Jose ski team.

Alabama has some of the best political ads anywhere. We steer clear of politics on this site for good reason, but no matter what your leaning you have to admit this ads rule. Or are just plain strange. or both...neither...? ah screw it just watch them here.

Chuck Dees, a legand in our sport, passed away recently. Sad news indeed

The Oxbow ski team from Easthampton Mass, held a benefit show for a fellow skier who has a brain tumor. No matter where you look in waterski news you will always find signs of how we support our own. Its just impossible to hate on our sport...or to put a Cadillac in your nose.

So the other day I was mugged* and so I** have come up with some great ways to avoid getting mugged in the future.
1) as soon as you think your about to be mugged throw up on all of your money.
2) carry an atom bomb around with you, when you are in a dangerous neighborhood just set it off
3) shit your pants before you go out and push a shopping cart full of dolls around
*went to a bar and spent all my money, blamed it on a mugging
**Steve Martin

The Shermalot show ski team in central Wisconsin has made some agreement that will let them ski on their site. I did not read the article so I have no idea what that deal is. If you want to know then read it you lazy bum! Do I have to do everything around here?

Wake enhancements have been banned on a river in Milwaukee WI. This is proof that if your trying to fight a new regulation that just joining some facebook group is waste of time. If your really want to stop something get off your ass and go to the meetings where these decisions are made. I do have to say that I would not complain all that much about this on the lakes I ski on*. Most of the people that fill up the ballast and pile people in their wakeboard boats thinks it makes them better. But they are WRONG!!! HEY JACKASS, ALL YOU CAN DO IS HOP TO THE CENTER OF THE WAKE!! INSTEAD OF PUTTING 3000 LBS OF WEIGHT BACK THERE HOW ABOUT YOU PRACTICE A BIT AND LEARN TO ACTUALLY RIDE THE BOARD!!! /rant over Then once you get a little better and can do some stuff off the small wake you can start adding weight and throwing some bigger flips and all that.
*of course I know the whole slippery slope argument and all that. So don't go sending us 800 angry emails saying ODBF is an idiot. He already knows he is

This is the history of the Tits or GTFO meme. I think the rowboat abides invented this one at the bar back in '64.

Are boat sales improving? Heres to hoping so!!

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