Sep 6, 2012

Time to Take A Lesson From Kite Boarding

This is kinda like that wake brothers show on MTV, except its done by Redbull who actually gives a shit about producing sports related shows instead of pure shit that somehow relates to a sport.  These guys are kite boarders which looks pretty fun, may have to give it a shot.  This show is an example of what skiing should try, follow around a few of the big names and make a fun show.  Right now there are not all that many crazy guys in the sport to follow, maybe Zach Worden and the Mommer clan would work.  Those guys seem like big enough idiots to create a pretty good show and they just happen to all be bad ass at skiing.

Now with that said, I hate reality TV from the bottom of my heart, but this country is full of dip shits that watch it and it makes money, so lets sell our souls and dive right in!  I would be awesome on "The Real World Butte Montana", I would roll in dressed all cowboy like and start knocking drinks out of peoples hands with my whip.  Then I'd ride my horse in the pool while all the city folk bitch and moan, what, like a pool is not a perfectly reasonable place to park a horse?  What is this Russia?

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