Sep 17, 2012

Vid Day Monday

This past weekend a couple of the CRB crew members hopped in the CRB corporate jet and flew off to the land of cheese for the third time this summer. We have been there so many times that we might as well change our diets to brats and cheese and root for the packers. We went to check out the World Show Ski tournament and it was well worth the trip. As usual the beer tent was where we spent most of our time, which should not come as a surprise.  But we did also catch a lot of amazing skiing.

Show skiing is not as developed in other countries as it is in the US.  In the US their are show ski teams all over the country, from Florida up to NY, a few scattered around the deep south, a couple teams on the west coast but show skiing is predominantly in the Midwest.  This could be seen with the makeup of Team USA.  They had a skier from Oregon, another from South Carolina, a bunch from Florida (including the free style jumping legend Scott Clack) and then the rest were from Midwest states.

We will post a couple more videos from the tournament later but here is a cool one of Geno Yaucler of Florida rocking the sky ski and then the whole team performing a double top 4 tier pyramid.

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