Sep 15, 2012

First Ever Show Ski Worlds

So this weekend the first ever show ski worlds is taking place in Janesville WI.  Teams from China, Canada, Australia, Belgium and the US will be competing.  We have some CRBers at the event and as long as they are not passed out in the beer tent they may even tweet some stuff.  If you can't make it to Janesville for the shows the next two days check out the webcast.

The running order for Saturday is:

Sundays running order will be determined by the score of the show from Saturday.  Should be interesting to see how China they don't speak English and announcing is part of the score.  Make sure to check out Worlds if you are in the Janesville area.  Should be pretty cool.


  1. Team USA had some really sick skills

  2. All of the shows were pretty entertaining, the USA team was amazing, every skier was crazy good.


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