Sep 27, 2012

Ill just chill here in the grass

Bro, just leave me alone.  Im not bothering anyone.  I just had a long day and I was tired so I stopped here to mellow out for a bit.

Whats that?  I can't nap here?  why, is this some sort of new policy you have in place?  oh oh, I see, its because I am white isn't it.  HOHOHO, looky here you say, you have a i/o and not a real inboard motor thing and I am now somehow a second class boat.

NO NO, You can watch your mouth my good man, you are the one who is looking down on me because my unit is different then others.


Why are you attacking me with your whistle and fists?

You are so dumb, im made of fiberglass and shit dude, you are way more breakable then I am.

No, that is not a threat.

God, seriously, leave me the F alone bro.

Trailer?  yeah, i used to have one of those, i dont need it anymore, i get around based on balls and gasoline.  and/or i fell off a trailer.  pick one.  I dont care.

yeah, fine, jesus, i fell off a trailer a little while ago.

I dont make that decision, go talk to Otto or whatever my owners name is.  He is the dope who forgot to attach me to the trailer, he was more concerned with showing off in his stupid tahoe.

I can't move you idiot, i am a boat sitting on grass.  do you not understand how these things work???

See that?  i could be doing cool shit like that, racing around, making rooster tails, but, no, the gods of boating saw fit to have some dude named Otto buy me and treat me like both an ashtray a spitoon, a garbage can and...nevermind its to depressing.

so, im here now, and I am happy, quit bothering me.

no? you won't leave me alone, I have to leave??  fine, check this out dick.

Now I am on fire.  deal with that.  im going back to sleep.

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