Sep 10, 2012

Professional Tube Team

No you did not miss read that title.  The CRB has brought you many great things over the years...OK so nothing truly comes to mind, but now we finally have accomplished somthing.  We have stumbled across a professional inter tube team.  They are called the Renegades tube team.  They were previously the tube test team for Obrien, but are now the official team of Radar.  They head of the team appears to be Jeff Burley, he is "the first ever professional sponsored tuber."  Yup you heard that right.  Below is a video of these guys. They seem to like to do Jackass like schenigans as well.  After indulging further into the website I found this...

Why hello there Sarah.  She is apparently a crew member of the Renegades tube team.  No matter how rediculous this may seem these guys have my respect.  We here at the CRB would like to invite Sarah and any of her hot friends to join our team.  The CRB sit around drink beer and hang out in shitty boats team.  We have some fine PBR maybe even a High Life or two.  Check out the renegades video below and the website.

1 comment:

  1. Nick Redner5:57 PM

    hahaha this is funny. how the hell did you guys find this?


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