Oct 18, 2007

Community Service - Looking for a Boat

In an effort to help out of fellow skiers, and hopefully, loyal CRBer, we post the following "Wanted" Ad.
Dearest contact Chevette,

I was hoping you would be able to help me. It was just recently that I relized I had such a problem. This problem has been plaguing me for many years now and I didn't even know it. It seems to me that with your great grasp of the interpornodirectorynet you might me able to help me. I don't own a boat. This is a big problem. Seeing as I know close to nothing about boats or what a good price would be I need help. I don't want to pay a whole lot but I would really like a ski boat. Something that I could possibly sell in a few years without losing my ass. Less than $20,000 would be a must and even less than that would be even better. Let me know if you can be of assistance.

I love you.


Translation, dude is looking for a ski boat, under $20,000 that is in decent shape. Help a brotha out!!

A good place to start, Frank, is the team mastercraft board...good a place as any we suppose....oh, and we love you too.

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