Oct 10, 2007

Olympic Thoughts

If you click over to the US Olympic Committee site you will catch a little post, well, actually not quite that little post about Freddy and Karen being named water ski athletes of the month.

Which by itself isn't really that noteworthy, seeing as they both rule.

However, it begs the question, why or what does the USOC have to gain, and/or whats the purpose of having that post and watersking listed on that site?

Waterskiing is not an official Olympic sport last time we checked. A few years ago it was an exhibition sport but nothing more. The understanding that we have at the CRB is simply, since the sport requires a motorized vehicle to provide the athlete to means to compete it is inherently against the values that the Olympics stand for.

This is the reason why something like ballroom dancing can be considered an Olympic sport, while something like skiing is left out in the cold.

But, we understand this right?

And, lets be honest, see all the bullshit that goes on with this sport, especially on various chat boards and the people who instinctively rip the sport to shreds because of some timing bullshit or whatever.

Anyways, the question remains, why is waterskiing even listed there?

Is this like the pretty girl that is slightly out of your reach, but, enjoys the attention so she leads you on? You are sitting there thinking that you may have found the dream girl, only to have your hopes crushed? But hey! she calls you the next day, so you beat your head against a wall again. Why not! It may work this time!

But, then again, do you really want to cut ties? Not really, and the waterski world it seems that they are intrigued by the possibility it may work out, so, they keep forging ahead.

Because, there is always hope right?

Well, for the waterski community and the USOC, we certainly hope so.


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