Oct 23, 2007

Hot, Dirty, Nationals Action

Hey, it says so right in the title of the post!!

The Ncwsa.com has a post stating, "Get All Your Hot, Dirty, Nationals Action Right Here!"

Guess maybe the Girls Gone Wild or something bus will be down at Bennett's this year, not a bad way to draw some hits huh?
"Well NCWSA will do it's best to bring you action all day. Check here in the news section for play by play and also check the results section of our Nationals page for updated score books."

Whatever, its looking like they will have all the necessary information right there are your fingertips for all you losers people just like the rest of us that won't be there this year.

If the CRB monkey fails to post before the Nationals, best of luck to all.

Plus, if you are looking to read up on the teams that are competing, check out their team previews on the ncwsa...you won't be disappointed, with the best quote so far, "My Face!"

as pointed out in the comments, the MCWSA.com also has the previews, so, if you are so inclined go there...and those pix are great.

Nationals Action: NCWSA
Front Page: NCWSA


  1. Have you seen the pictures that accompany the "My Face" Quote?! They're incredible! But more importantly, clearly the MCWSA is an organized bunch as all the reviews so far are for the Midwest teams competing later this week...

  2. Oh yeah, the reviews are also posted on MCWSA.com as well.


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