Oct 16, 2007

Western Regionals - Cal Poly San Luis Obispo....what?

Serious, is there a better name out there then Storm Selsor? We can't decide if thats a great porn name or that of your local weather dude with the doppler 5000 mega-graphing technology, but, either way, this dude can freaking ski.

He took fourth in slalom, bested by we are guessing his bro Ryan Selsor, while taking first in tricks...with his doppler 5000 buddy Ryan getting fourth this time, and finally getting second in jump.

For the women, lets just say that Jenna Sligar is pretty good and kicked everyones ass besides her teammate from ASU, Jessica Long, who won tricks.

Here, check out the scores for your damn self, western regionals scorebook

oh, and HEY!!! They got themselves some pictures too!! Pictures

But, the real fun is that a college called "Cal Poly San Luis Obispo" made it to nationals. Holy Cow that is an awesome name for a school. I can just picture the wild parties and promiscous loving with various people of questionable love-a-billity that must go on there!!

wow, we are fucking stupid, its Cal Poly Tech located in San Luis Obisbo.

anyways, Cal Poly Tech did make it to nationals, check it out:

Division I
Wisconsin - Madison
Missouri State
Louisiana - Lafayette
Louisiana - Monroe
University of Texas
Arizona State
Sacramento State
Cal Poly

Division II
UNC-Chapel Hill
Texas State University
Texas A&M
San Diego State

Division Kick Ass
Hope College

Congrats everyone! But, on a completely side note, why is Rollins in D2....didn't they used to be super awesome? Just wondering.

Scorebook: NCWSA.COM
Pictures: NCWSA.COM
Nationals Field: NCWSA.COM
Cal Poly Tech: CalPolySanLuisObispo.org


  1. Rollins is in Division 2 and they are lucky to be there. Actually they got 6th at Eastern Regionals, but due to the unfortunate FSC issue, they got in. They only have two guys on the team, both who don't jump, and 4 girls, and only one jumps (but she did boot a 131). Yes this is the same Rollins College that had a paid coach, and a boat and lake right in front of the student union on campus. I don't get it either.

  2. Anonymous8:49 AM

    appearently living in florida and having a lake on campus is not enough encouragemet to go skiing. "I mean, come on, its like 150 feet to the lake. and I would have to go thru all the trouble of putting on skis and, ugh, a life jacket, and I would have to breath. I perfer to let my parents pay 30 grand a semester so I can sit here and do nothing all the time"


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