Community Service - Looking for Jumpers

In an effort to help out of fellow skiers, and hopefully, loyal CRBer, we post the following "Wanted" Ad.

WANTED.......80-82' Jump skis in good condition. Goodman or Connelly preferrered but would consider others.
Contact Jimmy at

Find our man some jumpers!


  1. Anonymous7:57 AM

    I don't know how you're going to transport 80 ft jumpers, let alone ride them over the jump.

  2. Jimmy, check out this post on the MCWSA message board: there's a lot of equipment floating around there, he might have something you're looking for

  3. Anonymous2:12 PM

    I like the "community service" idea. I need a new slalom ski, looking for a 67 in connelly F1 or a KD CR7

  4. we are more then happy to help out. shoot an email to the contact chevette.

  5. Anonymous1:58 PM

    anonymous....if you didn't know about them already, there are several good sites to look for skis and related equipment.... is a good one....the classifieds on is another....and there is "ski bay" on good luck

  6. Anonymous8:29 PM

    Wiley's has some pretty sweet deals on different slalom skis....check out their website.


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